AST 1694 - The Change of events, Spirit Fish, Revival Pill

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1694 - The Change of events, Spirit Fish, Revival Pill

“Did you think that I could understand it that well?” Qing Shui smiled at Qing Hanye.

“That isn’t important. I’m willing to let you play,” Qing Hanye said seriously.

But she quickly realized the faulty wording of what she had said. What she had meant was that she was willing to let Qing Shui figure it out, willing to let him become the protector of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, and continued quickly, “Understand that I am willing to let you become the protector of this place”

“I get it!” Qing Shui said to her with a smile.

Before, he was really shocked by what she had said, because that sentence was too full of trust. Until now Qing Shui still had a surreal feeling. The charm of language was so strong. He couldn’t believe that it could be used to provoke a response to this extent...

Qing Hanye’s face was extremely red. She also knew that they couldn’t overanalyze this. The more they would talk about it, the more they’d try to hide it. It was best to just change to another topic.

Qing Hanye looked into the distance, saw the faraway clouds like smoke and fog, and lightly said, “What is your answer?”

“Yes, I’ll agree with you. Here in this dangerous North Ocean Domain, we can only go further by uniting with each other. I’m glad you agreed.” Qing Shui smiled. Although Qing Hanye did not explicitly say that she would ally with the Sunset Sea King Palace, it was implied.


When Qing Shui returned to the Sunset Sea King Palace, he told them about how he met with the Head Palace Mistress, making the three women sob, especially Yiye Jiange. After all, Qing Hanye was from the Greencloud Continent.

“This is too good. Oh, right, Qing Shui, isn’t the Head Palace Mistress beautiful?” the Sunset Palace Lord laughed loudly.

“She is very beautiful. You have a point,” Qing Shui looked at the Sunset Palace Lord questioningly.

“I don’t have much to say about women, so you don’t have much to say about her.” The Sunset Palace Lord normally would joke around with Qing Shui like this. For some reason she had been able to increase in strength by a lot, and was also able to do things with Qing Shui with extreme ease. If he let Qing Shui know that she liked him, he wouldn’t deliberately try to keep her from him.

“No way!” Qing Shui said decisively.

“Did Elder Sister Qingcheng want us to go in order? We can’t let someone else take her place,” Muyun Qingge joked.

“Yes, even following the order, Qingge is still in front,” the Sunset Palace Lord said.

Muyun Qingge decisively refused to talk. There wasn’t a single time where she was easy going with the Sunset Palace Lord, especially with the situation at hand.

Although Qing Hanye knew that the situation at the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace could be solved by herself, Qing Shui wasn’t at ease with that, because he didn’t know what she would do. He decided to go with his own method to keep an eye on the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace.

The Jade Emperor Bee Qing Shui had now was large in size and it could also fight. Unfortunately they were currently in the water, so it couldn’t be sent out, but Qing Shui still had a small thing that he could send.

Spirit Fish!

The Spirit Fish that Qing Shui had wasn’t a normal Spirit Fish. It already had a bond towards him, as though they were blood related, and it could send information back, so he could use this Spirit Fish to record what was happening within a certain window of time.

The Spirit Fish in the water was an interesting existence. It sacrificed its attack power in exchange for safety. Normally, there weren’t many demonic beasts that would attack Spirit Fish, as it was strong in stealth and speed.

Qing Shui then let this Spirit Fish follow Qing Hanye, so that he would be notified as quickly as possible if anything were to happen.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal of the Ninth Layer made Qing Shui’s available time refresh much faster. Now he felt as though he could never deplete his time, so his normal stay in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal usually didn’t even exceed four hours. Of course, he would occasionally stay for six hours.

The medicinal herbs and such in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal made Qing Shui have a stronger vitality. The spiritual strength that he had also became stronger and stronger. Standing in the midst of the medicinal herbs, Qing Shui was at peace.

He was already lost in a trance. He felt as though he was unable to place where he was. This situation was really bad, so he basically stopped practicing for more than ten days.

There were some times when people would be a little disoriented and the most extreme examples would lose their identities. If he waited until any of the extremes happened, then the extreme happiness or extreme sadness would cause a loss of self.

Another possibility occured if peace or a type of dependable affliction was sustained for too long. Just like the upper class of the last dynasty, they would become dry and dull as time passed.

Qing Shui felt that he was falling into one of the previous situations, but he was at the end of it. He obtained a lot, which he knew, and made him a little worried that one day he would lose it all. This type of worrying about personal gains and losses would cause problems very easily.

The first time Qing Shui was affected by this feeling, he felt a little unsteady. This made him very worried. If he couldn’t pass this stage, it would be very hard for his training to reap further benefits.

He wasn’t too worried about his foundation. He trusted his strength. It was just that he was concerned that it would be hard for him to advance. A lot of time had passed, and ever since he had entered the Ninth Level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he didn’t feel like he had improved at all.

The Qing Shui with nothing to do decided to practice the Taichi Fist in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to pacify himself, with no aim in mind. This was a type of casual practice to the peak with no rules, but each move was a new boundary.

Using the phrase “like moving clouds and flowing water” wouldn’t be enough to describe the boundaries that Qing Shui had reached. His huge breaths moved with a graceful cleverness and his presence was also incomparably fine; although his heart was still unable to be pacified, it was much better than before.

This was the mystical thing about the Taichi Fist. Even at Qing Shui’s level, there was still room for improvement.

This practice lasted for most of the day. He felt that life still had to go on so the practices also had to go on. The people around him still needed him and his own life still had more to explore the Five Tiger Immortal Sect, the North Sea Dragon Palace, the Ocean domain, the Central Continent Star Ocean Domain, among other places.

Though he was disoriented, he still had a short term goal, or it could be said to be a long term goal. He simply ate some stuff, then started to practice medicine. It didn’t seem like his experience in alchemy had improved much, but in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal it slowly increased.

Revival Pill!

From the name, the effect was obvious, but Qing Shui believed that if he could make it, it would have a great effect. He didn’t believe that this world would have a pill that brought the dead back to life. This world’s so called “revival pills” all had a catch to them. From his knowledge, he knew that the dead person could not have been dead for more than three days for him or her to be revived.

Once that three day threshold passed, no pill would be able to save them and they were completely dead. It was possible to use some pills to treat critical wounds, to make it easier for them to live. This way they would have a longer window of time before they died, but as long as they were dead, there was a three day limit, or at least that’s what it was like for the pills that Qing Shui knew of.

As for the Revival Pill, Qing Shui checked whether he needed more experience. Waiting for the prescription to come out still took a bit of time.

Author’s note: The recent events have been very annoying. I won’t even mention them, just that I didn’t have face to see everyone. I will use the New Year time period to recover a bit and try to recover as much as possible. During this time I’ll also do my best to improve, which is complicated to say the least, ugh...

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