AST 1702 - Yin-Yang Pill, Uncontrollable

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1702 - Yin-Yang Pill, Uncontrollable

“Please tell me, senior.” Qing Shui honestly wanted to know.

“Absolutely. I would have told you even if you didn’t ask. The Watermoon Cavern Lord is a golden dragon who has achieved Dao, the actual tribe of dragons. Coincidentally, he swallowed a Golden Turtle Crimson Pellet and hence achieved an unprecedented strength. He wanted to marry Ye`er because he discovered her Nine Yin Body.”

Qing Shui knew of the Golden Turtle Crimson Pellet. The Golden Turtle was a mystical turtle species in nature. They were similar to the Golden Treasure Pig and harmless by nature, yet, at the same time, they could hardly be harmed.

Golden Turtles, especially those aged over ten thousand years, would produce the Golden Pellet. This was the result of the condensation of the spiritual influence from Heaven and Earth, combined with the golden turtle’s own essence. It was the strongest and the most concentrated Yang. Thus, it was considered to be the most precious treasure to humans and Gold Demonic Beasts.

As the old lady said earlier, the Watermoon Cavern Lord wanted to marry Qing Hanye for her Nine Yin Body. The Watermoon Cavern Lord was the strongest and the one with the most Yang, while the Nine Yin Body had the most Yin. When Yin-Yang merged, strength and gentleness coupled, creating a very high probability chance for him to attain a whole new realm.

Naturally, it was extremely hazardous to do so. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have waited for ten years. The greater the risks, the greater the benefits. It was applicable in many situations. In this case, he was probably betting his own life.

Nevertheless, there was no end to people’s greed. They were never contented and there were too many of them who didn’t know when to stop and lost their own lives because of it.

Unfortunately, no one was capable of predicting the future in this world. Hence, it was inevitable. Even so, gamblers were insane in the sense that they could go all out in grasping on the slightest hope. They would either succeed or die trying.

The old lady didn’t state the strength of that person clearly, but Qing Shui knew. If even the capable old lady couldn’t turn this Watermoon Cavern Lord down, then his strength must be undeniably baffling.

“After the Watermoon Cavern Lord, the strongest ones are the two guardians. They are from the blood of the Ancient Invisible Dragons who mastered the method of concealing themselves. Not only they could hide their shadows, they could also hide their odors and spiritual senses, making it hard to trace them even for those who are stronger. They are the kings of darkness, walking and dancing in the shadows. Their murders were pure craftsmanship.”

Qing Shui knew there were a lot of mystical tribes in this world and that the Invisible Dragon was an ancient tribe. They had a proud bloodline and marvelous talents. They were destined to outshine ordinary men as they grew up.

Anyway, Qing Shui recalled his strongest ability of awareness and instinct. He was uncertain if he could utilize it to track the opponent’s existence. If he could then he wouldn’t be threatened by the Invisible Dragons.

Many people feared the Invisible Dragons. They lived in darkness. They could appear out of nowhere and give you a killing blow at any time. To be able to raid was their pride. They would try to achieve their goals by all means.

The Invisible Dragons weren’t many. Most people had never met them and there were very few who knew of their existence. Yet, they were well-known among the strong warriors, as they themselves ranked high on the list of powerful entities.

“There are also 18 Cave Kings who came from different tribes. Still, it’s possible to trace their origins based on their bloodlines. They have different niches, stronger warriors who lost in their hands could be found everywhere.”

The old lady didn’t say much but it was very informative to Qing Shui. He had been listening carefully until the old lady stopped, then he asked, “Did they come to the Dragonwolf Palace halfway?”


“Aren’t they worried that Ye`er would meet the man she likes then?” Qing Shui asked, giggling.

“Do you think every man in this world is like you? The Watermoon Cavern Lord is no ordinary man. He knows about the Nine Yin Body. Because not many people have such a constitution, he is not worried. In fact, I’m worried that Ye`er would be single forever.” Old lady shook her head.

Qing Hanye’s face flushed red. Her half-pleased and half-embarrassed expression, and those affectionate eyes heated up Qing Shui’s heart.

Qing Hanye blinked sneakily as she saw Qing Shui’s behavior. Her cute and flirtatious look almost made Qing Shui lose control. He couldn’t misbehave when the old lady was around. He just didn’t expect Qing Hanye’s bold actions. He would take his revenge afterward.

Qing Shui was rather concerned. Still, there was another year left. More than one year provided nothing else popped up. If Watermoon Cavern Lord advanced the time, then he would have no choice.

Qing Shui was contemplating as the old lady slowly spurt out these words with a smile, “Qing Shui, I can help you boost your strength but the practical increment depends on your own fortune.”

“Oh, can you?” Qing Shui didn’t lay much hope in the old lady’s offer. He understood his own body, so he didn’t wish too fervently.

“I once got a pair of pills, the Yin-Yang pills. Do you know the reason behind Ye`er’s rapid boost in strength? That’s because she consumed the Extreme Yin Righteous Pill. There’s another Extreme Yang Righteous Pill. It’s a predestined affinity for us to be here today. I’ll give it to you. only you could bring out its greatest effect.”

While speaking, she took out a dated, unadorned greyish chest. It was as big as a fist, covered by trails of ages and marked with some ancient patterns. It wasn’t attractive. Yet, it felt heavy.

Qing Shui observed the old lady’s calm expression. While delighted, he received the chest and replied, “Junior won’t be too formal then.”

“Family members shouldn’t be too formal to each other.” The old lady smiled, indicating Qing Shui to open it.

As Qing Shui opened it up gently, his eyes lit up instantly. A cloud of golden chlorine residual was revolving in the chest. There were two grooves and only one of them had a golden pill in it. It was sparkling with a golden glitter, looking pure and dazzling. Another groove was empty.

A stream of not-so-aromatic fragrance emanated. It was a faint and pleasant smell with a mild sense of spiritual influence. Qing Shui knew that the chlorine residual was to preserve the spiritual influence of the pills from leaking.

A great item. A treasure. An absolute treasure. Raising his head, Qing Shui recapped it gently, “Senior, this item is way too precious.”

The old lady waved, “A sword is given to a hero. A flower is given to a beauty. There aren’t many who could live up to this item except you.”

“Then, I shall not be too formal and take it.”

The old lady went upstairs after explaining the method of using the Extreme Yang Righteous Pill and saying something insignificant. Only now did Qing Shui realize that it had been a very long period.

Qing Shui and Qing Hanye left the courtyard after the old lady had gone upstairs. Qing Hanye was staying in the vicinity. She had a residence in the most lavish place as a Mistress. However, she usually stayed in a courtyard near to the old lady. She could meditate here since it was isolated and quiet.

“Qing Shui, I wasn’t hiding it from you. I truly didn’t know this matter,” she was referring to the engagement with the Watermoon Cavern Lord.

“I don’t blame you. You are my woman now and nobody could dream of taking you away.” Qing Shui clasped Qing Hanye’s hand tightly. He wouldn’t be so petty and blame her. Furthermore, she wasn’t the one to blame when she didn’t even know it.

“I didn’t blame you. Do you think I am that petty?” Qing Shui dragged her into her courtyard.

“You’re so nice!”

“I’m not nice. It’s as if I’m in the purgatory now. You have to rescue me.” Qing Shui pressed her down on the couch as soon as they stepped into the living room.

“Ah, bastard, don’t bully me.”

“How would I bully you? You nearly got me killed just now. Your master was around. If I couldn’t control myself, she would have killed me.”

“You just said you’re not petty.”

“How come? Who asked you to be so alluring? Let me kiss you, okay?” Qing Shui was on top of Qing Hanye’s frail body. The couch was big enough and not too crowded.

Her alluring, incomparable, gorgeous face was right in front. Her refined and tall nose was fine and beautiful. A faded vapor covered her bright, pretty eyes. Her tiny, moist, red lips pouted and formed a charming curve.

“Not okay!”

“You can’t say no.”

Qing Shui lowered his head and kissed those delicate, soft lips.

“Don’t ask for more than you can get.” Qing Hanye said seductively.

Qing Shui kissed her eyes, nose, chin, and neck. As he moved downwards, Qing Hanye held his head.

“It’s inconvenient for me, stop teasing me.” Qing Hanye said, softly panting.

Qing Shui blanked out a while, then buried his face into those perky mountains at once, rubbing vigorously. Qing Hanye’s outfit was very thin. He could feel the reactions on her summits instantly.

Qing Hanye dug her hands in Qing Shui’s hair while panting. Qing Shui’s hand didn’t slow down as he ceaselessly groped those voluptuous snowballs. Across the thin fabric, Qing Shui sucked and gently bit the summits once.

Qing Hanye shivered for a second and forced Qing Shui’s head to a stop. She said in a pleading tone, “Qing Shui, your constitution is my nemesis. I can’t resist you, but I can’t give it to you now.”

“Are you worried that my body can’t take it?” Qing Shui looked up to this indolent and tempting woman.

“Of course not. Just listen to me once.” Qing Hanye touched his face.

That soft whisper made Qing Shui begin another round of fondling. Since the clothing barrier could no longer satisfy him, he stuck his hand beneath and grabbed the warm and smooth pair. Causing Qing Hanye to moan softly.

Qing Shui felt this in his dreams before, though it had been ages. No matter how realistic the dream was, it wasn’t as impactful as the reality. Plus, he was still burning with desire after such a long duration even though Qing Hanye was already his woman.

All of a sudden, Qing Hanye pushed Qing Shui away and sat upright. She grabbed both of his hands to make him pause, then she shook her head.

Qing Shui sensed his immense desire today and smiled helplessly, “Am I rather extreme today…?”

“I like you this way. The former you was annoying!”

Qing Shui was unsure if his resistance had deteriorated or the woman before him had become more alluring. Qing Shui’s constitution was her nemesis. It was the same for Qing Hanye’s constitution as well. It was hard for them to keep out from a burning affair up until today.

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