AST 1706 - Jadespirit Pool, Hell Tigon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1706 - Jadespirit Pool, Hell Tigon

Even if the Sunset Palace Mistress didn't say that, Yiye Jiange wouldn't go in the first place. In the case that she wanted to, Qing Shui and the others would have stopped her.

This was the first time Qing Shui had encountered things like this and even Qing Shui himself felt a little agitated. Ancient desolate beasts were more powerful than demonic beasts of the same level. Furthermore, he was an Alchemist and thus, would be able to get a lot of precious medicinal ingredients from an ancient desolate beast.

"Then the three of us will go tomorrow?" Qing Shui looked at the two ladies and asked.

"Let's bring along Sister Hanye." The Sunset Palace Mistress gave it some thought and said.


Although Qing Shui had only returned for one night, he had his own means of contacting Qing Hanye. Knowing her abilities, Qing Shui wasn't against the idea of letting her come along.

The next day morning, all three ladies had arrived and Yiye Jiange sent them off, instructing them to be careful. It was only after Qing Shui and the others had disappeared from her sight did she then return to her room.

The child had woken up and was looking at Yiye Jiange with his big pair of eyes. He rarely cried and there was even a faint smile on his extremely handsome face. Looking at the kid, Yiye Jiange could not help but break into a blissful smile.

"Xiu`er!" Yiye Jiange called out her son's name and pressed her finger against his tender cheeks.

The kid was still too young after all. However, children were born to be close to their mother. Although he was still young, he had his sense of smell. People tended to say that kids can recognize people and when they were still very young, they tended to differentiate people more based on their smell.


A distance of 100,000 li wasn't considered much for Qing Shui and the three ladies. They took Muyun Qingge's White Jade Dragon which she had tamed in the past. It was a Divine Grade beast and getting her hands on the White Jade Dragon gave Muyun Qingge a boost in their abilities. Moreover, the White Jade Dragon's prowess in the water was quite good.

After being tamed, the White Jade Dragon had gotten a lot more powerful than before. After all, Qing Shui had quite a lot of medicinal pills and means to increase demonic beasts' abilities.

Jadespirit Pool!

This was a mountainous region in the water, surrounded by towering mountains in the area. However, the distance between the mountains was still very far. It was only upon entering that they realized the place was very spacious.

The moment they entered the valley, the temperature took a deep plunge. The temperature here was very low, but not low enough for the water in the area to be frozen. They merely exuded piercing cold.

"This way!"

The Sunset Palace Mistress took the lead and headed in. Although she was walking, her movements were as graceful and agile as a swan as she advanced rapidly.

Qing Shui was afraid that something might happen to her and quickly followed. Of course, Muyun Qingge and Qing Hanye didn't lag behind either.

They were on a mountain cliff, and the Jadespirit Pool was at the bottom. Looking down from the top, the Jadespirit Pool seemed to be very big. Although it was said to be a pool, its size had surpassed Qing Shui's imaginations.

The dark green color of the water gave off an uncomfortable feeling. However, the air here was very fresh. It was just that there was a hint of sharp coldness amidst the freshness.

"It's right here. That Hell Tigon is at the bottom of this pool." The Sunset Palace turned and confirmed with Qing Shui and the two ladies.

"There's nothing wrong with the water on the top, but the further you head down, the more toxic it is." Qing Shui warned the three ladies.

"Mmm. There's still quite a number of fish varieties at the bottom and they don't look like venomous ones. Is it really possible for it to be such that there's no poison on top but there are at the bottom?" Qing Hanye asked, puzzled.

"This kind of poison tends to sink, and the toxicity would slowly pile up. Therefore, the higher up it is, the less the toxicity. Seems like this Hell Tigon is quite a venomous fellow." Qing Shui frowned slightly. No one would be willing to engage poisonous existences. Especially when the other party was such a powerful ancient desolate beast.

Qing Shui had a high resistance toward poison, but the same couldn't be said for the ladies.

To be honest, Qing Shui didn't wish to take such a huge risk. However, at that moment, the thing that astonished Qing Shui was that the Dragon Slaying Beast which was next to them had darted out from the cliffs and plunged down toward the Jadespirit Pool.

Dragon Slaying Beast!

Qing Shui had forgotten that this ancient desolate beast was also a dragon-typed beast. At the very least, it had the dragon bloodline in it. Only the Dragon Slaying Beast which had the dragon bloodline would be able to restrain all of the opponent's abilities by 20%.

The Dragon Slaying Beast disappeared very quickly after charging down into the Jadespirit Pool. This made Qing Shui a little worried. After all, this was the poisonous Jadespirit Pool. Although the Dragon Slaying Beast's resistance to attacks was very strong and thus would be hard for it to sustain any injuries, it wasn't indestructible.

Qing Shui didn't know what to do. Should he head down? Or should he wait for the Dragon Slaying Beast?


Just as Qing Shui was hesitating, a low roar rang out from the Jadespirit Pool. It seemed to be resonating right in his mind and that trembling sound could cause people who weren't strong enough to die on the spot.


A huge beam of water spurted out and amidst the splattering water, Qing Shui saw the Dragon Slaying Beast. It was in a bit of a bad state, but Qing Shui was happy to see that it wasn't injured.

Qing Shui reached out his hand and pulled the Dragon Slaying Beast back with a soft and gently force.

Roar roar!

The Dragon Slaying Beast also let out a low roar, seeming only to reply to the roar that was coming from the Jadespirit Pool.

Qing Shui didn't know what the Dragon Slaying Beast had done to be able to bring such great fury to the ancient desolate beast. From its voice, Qing Shui could tell that it seemed to be very furious. Very soon, another water pillar came spurting up and a huge dark green colored demonic beast appeared on the surface of the Jadespirit Pool.

Its length was around 500 meters and amongst those of its level, its body couldn't be considered big. However, a body size of 500 meters wasn’t something trivial. Qing Shui was used to this. After all, compared to the size of some of the fossilized dinosaurs from his previous life, the difference was like between a small glimmer against the sun and the moon.

Being big in size didn't warrant being powerful.

This creature had a huge body of a tiger and its pitch-black body seemed to have a black glow to it. Its huge head was a savage-looking dragon head and the fierce aura it exuded seemed as it was from the depths of hell itself. 

In the legends, the Hell Tigon and Cerberus were both powerful beasts that guarded the gates of hell. Of course, whether or not this was true was something that was only known to gods. Whether or not there were existences like gods in the first place was also something that was only known to the gods themselves.

It had a strong looking figure and appeared to have an air of dominance. Its huge body arched slightly, as if it would dash out to deal the enemy a lethal blow at any moment.

Very strong!

Through its aura, Qing Shui could sense that this Hell Tigon was very powerful. However, after the Dragon Slaying Beast let out two low roars, its strength clearly dropped a little.

As if sensing the changes to its strength, it roared furiously. Its tensed up body suddenly shot out, just like the instant a fully drawn bow was released. 

The huge Hell Tigon shot out toward Qing Shui at lightning speed. Its tail swept out like a whip while it was in midair.


The surrounding mountains had their peaks destroyed.

When the Hell Tigon moved, Qing Shui made his move as well. He had circulated his strength to the maximum and he struck out his Golden Battle Halberd at full power.

Right now, Qing Shui's strength wasn't to be underestimated. The Golden Battle Halberd brought along a series of huge golden shadows and clashed against the Hell Tigon.

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