AST 1708 - Fortune out of Misfortune, Nine Yang Dragon Soul Small Success Stage

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1708 - Fortune out of Misfortune, Nine Yang Dragon Soul Small Success Stage

Although the speed of the Flame of Soul wasn’t quick, it was still a type of attack that couldn’t be resisted. Unless there was a specific attack style that could stop it, all that could be done was to avoid it.

But this Flame of Soul was locked on by the knowledge of God, never relinquishing its target. As Qing Shui watched it rush over, his head was running on overdrive.

The Nine Continents Mountain had blocked it once but unfortunately, it was pierced through. Even a treasure such as the Nine Continents Mountain was unable to block it. Thus, Qing Shui also didn’t dare to try using the Golden Battle Halberd, in the event that it would have the same fate. He knew he had to take the hit himself.

Qing Shui’s recognition of spirits was strong, but as expected, he wasn’t willing to try it. In the end, no one was willing to jump headfirst into danger. If they messed up, then they would have a fate worse than death.

When Qing Shui was planning to retreat and hide, something unexpected happened. The Flame of Soul went towards Cinghan Ye instead, and it wasn’t slowing down.

Qing Shui, who was so scared that color left his face, didn’t have time to think, and immediately flew over. It was at that time when the Flame of Soul spun violently and went into Qing Shui’s body.

Qing Shui had a cold shiver as a wave of cold feeling enveloped his entire body from his bones. In the same moment, he was able to hear the nervous cries of the three women, but he couldn’t hear anything shortly after that.

Qing Shui quickly felt as though his soul was trying to escape his body. This was a weird feeling, as if his soul was constantly vibrating. The Yin Yang Image in the ocean was spinning wildly, but it seemed that it couldn’t get rid of the urgent danger present.

Qing Shui’s soul was naturally very strong, but even he felt the old feeling of being swallowed up. His whole body didn’t have any feeling to it, seeming like it was paralyzed and locked up.

There was no counter for this type of attack. It could only be taken head-on as defending wasn’t an option. All it would do was stop the attack for a short time. 

Qing Shui knew that he couldn’t move, but he was still conscious. His eyes couldn’t see, ears couldn’t hear, he had no feeling.

He knew that the situation right now was getting very dangerous. In an instant, he could have let one of the three women be sacrificed, but he knew that the Dragon Slaying Beast was still outside, and could hold the fort for a while.

Qing Shui wasn’t the type that would accept defeat. No matter what situation it was, he still wouldn’t say that he lost. The more dangerous it was, the more excited his spirit was, and this attack made the Qing Shui now have more strength than ever imagined.

This world really was interesting. Sometimes it could make people so sullen, protecting delicious food to starve to death and protecting mountains of gold and silver to become poor.

Nine Yang Dragon Soul!

Although Qing Shui couldn’t move right now, he could still think of this dragon shape very easily. This technique had been cultivated for a long time and although it still hadn’t reached a small realm of success, it was going to reach that very soon.

Qing Shui only knew that the Nine Yang Dragon Soul could increase strength, but whether it had any connections with the soul, he didn’t know. When he took the Hell Tigon’s attack, he knew that there were some very interesting attacks on this world, just like the Physical attacks coupled with Spirit Energy attacks of old.

Within the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, Qing Shui clearly remembered a crucial point. It was the fact that it could defend against the attacks of reverse the damage against soul type attacks. It could also strengthen the soul of the person. This was also something that Qing Shui found out on the spot.

The main thing was that the Nine Yang Dragon Soul hadn’t reached a small success stage. It was because of this reason that he never thought of using it. Alas, it still hadn’t cultivated to that point. If he used it then it would have been too soon.

But he didn’t have any other methods, and had to at least try it.

The Nine Yang Dragon Soul rose from Qing Shui’s body and was revolving like normal in his body. Usually, it was easy to be relaxed, but right now he felt a lot of resistance and seemed to be especially hard, just like a person trying to walk with a heavy load. Even before it was hard to walk, this time he had to go up a steep hill as well.

It was draining. Extremely draining. This type of feeling was like just reaching a boundary, but could still continue on. However, Qing Shui was now in great haste. He knew that the situation outside was very chaotic and he didn’t have the time to remain in here.

He needed to break through the situation in front of him. Just as if there were a steep slope in front of him, he needed to rush up quickly. Even so, just trying to take a step forward was taking a toll on his body.

Qing Shui thought of Yiye Jiange, he thought of the little ones, and then the ones who hadn’t even reached the first month of life. He thought of his mother, thought of Canghai Mingyue, thought of his grandfather, also Qinghan Ye and the few women outside. They were in a great peril right now.

Suddenly, a will to live revolved through his body.

The paragon vessels seemed to have struggled free from the binding a little and emitted a golden light. The Seven-colored Pellet started to circulate quickly when it received augmentation from this golden light.

The interior of Qing Shui’s heart became clear, as though a strong willpower had returned. He wouldn’t allow the women around him to be hurt. Since he was a man, he couldn’t let his own women be in danger.


A wave of Nature Energy shot out from the Dantian the same time a wave of mysterious power rose up suddenly, and rushed through the entire body and caused the previous cold feeling to disappear. He could finally take control of his body once more. This wasn’t all. It seemed that his strength also increased by a lot.

Qing Shui abruptly opened his eyes. and found Qinghan Ye hiding with him. The Dragon Slaying Beast was defending the two of them desperately. Every time it was slapped away, the Beast would come running back immediately.

What really put them in a bad position was that Flame of Soul.

Qing Shui felt that not much time had passed. It was still good that he came back so quickly, otherwise the three women might have gotten hurt. Not just that, if he wasn’t wrong, his Nine Yang Dragon Soul had reached some small success stage.

Qing Shui opened his eyes and swept up Qinghan Ye, the Sunset Palace Mistress, and Muyun Qingge into the same place together.

When Qinghan Ye was carried by Qing Shui, she jumped out of her skin but was immediately filled with happiness. Qing Shui was their backbone. For that reason, when she held the comatose Qing Shui, her body was struck with an icy cold and her heart was like burnt ashes, and it was the same for the other two, to the point that they even felt guilty that they had let this happen. If a problem arose with Qing Shui, it would have been hard for them to survive, but they weren’t sad because of their own deaths.

As Qinghan Ye saw Qing Shui wake up, she joyfully hugged Qing Shui: “You’re awake!”

As she said this, a few drops of tears dripped from her eyes. This was fortune and were tears of happiness. Seeing Qinghan Ye like this, Qing Shui’s own heart was filled with warmth and hugged her tightly.

“Careful. It’s coming back.”

Watching the return of the Flame of Soul, Muyun Qingge reminded them hurriedly.

Qing Shui put down Qinghan Ye and gazed at the ferocity in the eyes of the Flame of Soul. He abruptly threw out his right hand.


A silhouette of gold similar to that red Hell Demonic Dragon, except that this was a golden dragon. Its size about ten meters, but it was especially thriving with even more ferocity and power.

Nine Yang Dragon Soul!

This was the true dragon shape. The Nine Yang Dragon Soul, with potent ferocity, with spiritual power that was full of strength and light.


A deep sound resounded, and under the surprised eyes of Qing Shui, the Hell Dragon Soul’s silhouette then disappeared.

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