AST 1712 - Leaving Sheepishly, Baby Shower [1]

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1712 - Leaving Sheepishly, Baby Shower [1]

Huang Wu tried hard to bear with it, but eventually, still failed to do so as a trickle of blood flowed down the corner of his lips. However, he knew that Qing Shui had held back and also knew the difference between Qing Shui and himself.

He looked at Qing Shui for very long, not saying a single word as he wore a pale countenance. This time around, the blow dealt to him was far too great.

He hadn't expected that Qing Shui would be this strong and that this young man could keep himself concealed so deeply.

Qing Shui didn't say anything and just stared at him like that, smiling. He wasn't sure if Huang Wu would go back on his words, or if he would get the people around him to attack together. If that were to happen, then it'd be a tough battle. However, Qing Shui wasn't afraid. If push comes to shoves, he would kill all of them today, even at the risk of his own life.

The two old men on the opposite helped and checked Huang Wu's condition before giving him a medicinal pill. It was only then did they look toward Qing Shui, cold gleam flashing in their eyes.

Qing Shui faced them calmly. He could see the fury in the old men's eyes, but he remained unafraid. The other party seemed to be raring to go.

However, at that moment, Huang Wu spoke up: "Alright. Let us leave."

On hearing Huang Wu's words, the two men appeared to be in great disbelief. When had their leader ever been put down so much before? Most importantly, this was the first time that he had taken the initiative to give up after having been on the losing end.

Was he really giving up? Or was this only temporarily?

"May I ask for your name? I'll definitely come back to settle this debt with you in the future." Huang Wu looked at Qing Shui and said softly. By this time, he had already recovered to his earlier appearance, being neither happy nor sad. Such a mental state was really hard to come by.

"I'm called Qing Shui. We'll meet in the future and you're welcomed anytime. I'll be waiting." Qing Shui said nonchalantly while at the same time, secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't wish to fall out with the Wavemoon Cavern right now.

"Let's go!"

Huang Wu and the group left very quickly. However, Qing Shui had the feeling that Huang Wu wouldn't give up just like that. What he said before he left wasn't just for show. Qing Shui understood people with such character.

The Hell Tigon had died.

Qing Shui started to clean up this huge beast. He first opened up its head to obtain that Desolate Beast Pellet, then moved onto the Core. Its eyes are also medicinal ingredients. Its blood, tendons, heart, and others...

Qing Shui also placed a lot of the Hell Tigon's hide and bones into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

After finishing all of these tasks, about half a day had passed. Qing Shui then washed up and changed into a set of clean clothes before he headed back with the other three ladies.

Very soon, they arrived back at the Sunset Sea King Palace. The moment they went in, they saw Yiye Jiange standing in the courtyard waiting for them. When she noticed that they had returned safely with faint smiles, the slight frown she had eased up.

"You guys are back. How was it?" Seeing that they had returned safely, Yiye Jiange knew that she didn't have to ask if they were fine. Therefore, she asked about their takeaways from this.

"Of course, there isn't any problem. That beast only looks tough. Although it was big in size, it wasn't that strong." Qing Shui said with great ease.

Yiye Jiange knew that there must have been some problems when Qing Shui said this. However, she smiled and said, "Go on and tell me the truth. Seeing that you guys have returned safely, I know that even if it was dangerous, it's all over now."

The Sunset Palace Mistress then gave a brief outline of what had happened.

Thinking about it, Yiye Jiange still felt a little scared. However, it was just as she had said. Now that she knew the outcome, she wasn't especially worried. At the very least, they managed to withstand it no matter how dangerous the situation had been. After all, the outcome was already known.

There was also a reason why the Sunset Palace Mistress decided to say this. They had a close relationship as sisters and wouldn't hide things from Yiye Jiange like Qing Shui had done. Moreover, now that they were living together, it was a form of disrespect to be hiding stuff.


Unknowingly, another half a month passed by. The days were very peaceful. Qing Xiu had turned one month old and Qing Shui held a baby shower for him. He didn't invite many people, only a selected few.

Qing Shui didn't hold such matters in high regards. He had witnessed too much of the fickleness in human relationships in his previous life. Therefore, the best thing that should be done was to be himself, to get stronger, and to get his own family stronger.

Qing Hanye came. After all, she was also the child's godmother. Qing Shui smiled and carried Qing Xiu, feeling that this kid was quite lucky. At the very least, there were a lot of people doting on him.

Compared to when he had just been born, Qing Xiu, having reached one month old, was much bigger now. He wore pale colored clothes and his exquisite little face was very handsome. The child was very active and would at least be awake for six hours a day.

As he was still young, anyone could get to hold him. He wasn't adverse to strangers. After all, he was too young to understand anything. He only opened his pair of big, bright eyes that were like a pair of crystals, seemingly curious about anything and everything.

Qing Hanye carried Qing Xiu from Qing Shui's hands. Qing Xiu noticed that the way she carried the child was very natural, unlike how awkward Qing Shui had been. This might be a lady's instinctive capability.

"Do you like children this much?" Qing Shui smiled and looked at Qing Hanye.

Qing Hanye threw Qing Shui an annoyed glance charmingly. She had seen the tease in Qing Shui's eyes and knew that he didn't have any good intentions. However, she immediately acted shy and embarrassed, asking Qing Shui coquettishly, "When are you going to give me a child as well?"

Qing Shui knew that Qing Hanye was doing this on purpose. This lady was a demoness, and there were times when she was worse than Huoyun Liu-Li. Noticing that Yiye Jiange was heading over in their direction, he could only smile awkwardly. He knew that Qing Hanye had only said that because she saw Yiye Jiange coming over.

Looking at how helpless Qing Shui looked, Qing Hanye laughed softly. Her charming appearance caused Qing Shui's heart to itch. However, he could only bear with it now.

"Qing Shui, the others are here. You should go show yourself and greet the others!” Yiye Jiange smiled and said then walked up to Qing Hanye to take a look at the kid.

"Alright! I'll go and take a look." Qing Shui planned to take his leave as well. Qing Hanye was such a charming lady that there was no need for her to try to seduce people. She was already extremely seductive to begin with. If she were to put her mind toward seducing someone, the guy probably wouldn't even know how he had fallen into her trap.

However, before Qing Shui got over to where the few old men were at, the others he met on the way were already greeting him with great respect. Everyone knew that it was an honor to be able to know a powerful expert like this.

"So you're the one called Qing Shui. Doesn't seem like much."

Just then, a sharp voice rang out. Qing Shui turned, feeling puzzled, and saw that it was a thin and tall man who was at a table that wasn't far away. The man looked very young, was neither handsome nor young, but his voice was really intolerable.

Qing Shui wasn't angered. He could tell that this man had already been crippled and could be said to be a weakling who wasn't actually considered a man. He felt that this guy was already very pitiful and there was no need to go down to the same level as him.

Qing Shui smiled as he looked at the thin and tall man, "How may I address you? How did you come here?"

Qing Shui had sent out invites but he knew that there were some people who had come uninvited. If his guess were right then he shouldn't have invited the people from this table.


[1] China holds a baby shower for their children when they turned one month old.

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