AST 1716 - It’s Difficult For Everybody, The Peerless Talent

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1716 - It’s Difficult For Everybody, The Peerless Talent

Qing Shui stepped forward, not expecting Qing Hanye to ask such a question. Perhaps she had experienced the cruel reality. Could it be that she had lost confidence in himself?

Grabbing her shoulders as Qing Shui looked her in the eyes, he confidently said, “You are my counterpart. I won’t allow anything to trouble you as long as I’m alive.”

Qing Shui didn’t speak much, only letting his sincere eyes, which stared into Qing Hanye’s cold eyes, convey his intents. It was the first time after so long that Qing Shui had finally noticed Qing Hanye’s cold and indifferent eyes.

Qing Hanye’s grandfather had passed away and she was left all alone. She had her master who had contributed a lot, but this engagement heavily influenced her heart. Regardless of the interim strategy, it remained a fact that her heart fluctuated considering that her closest person did so to her…

Qing Hanye smiled while looking at Qing Shui’s serious eyes. This time, her smile wasn’t as alluring as usual. Though able to bring disastrous damage, there was unspoken misery in it.

It turned out that she wasn’t as tough as she appeared. On normal days, this strong, attractive, and alluring woman was the center of focus. She was always impressive and enchanting.

“Girl, your smile made my heart ache.” Qing Shui touched her pretty face and said truthfully.

Qing Hanye grabbed Qing Shui’s hands on her face and burst into a happy smile. This smile was like flower blossoms and everything else faded at that instant. Qing Shui’s mind was filled with this smiling face.

Remarkable enticement, the peerless talent!

“Don’t you ever leave me for the rest of my life.” Qing Hanye hugged Qing Shui gently.

“I would rather die.”



Though there was an accident in Qing Xiu’s full-moon ceremony, it was not something major. It wasn’t surprising when any man died in this world. Unlike in the past life, human life was beyond value.

There would be a coordinator for a murder among the ordinary men here. Yet, it was settled via battles among the warriors. It was a phenomenon in the Main Continents for fights and blood spills without a single negotiation.

The guests left gradually. There weren’t many people originally as Qing Shui only invited a few. Still, there were some who showed up uninvited.

Qing Shui and the Mistresses sat in the living room after the guests had left. Qing Hanye was the current Dragonwolf Palace Mistress, yet, she was no stranger to her presence here. The Mistresses had sharp eyes. They immediately understood the shady relationship of Qing Shui and Qing Hanye.


This made Sunset Palace Mistress upset for not being accepted by this man despite her attractiveness. Indeed, she was older than him. Yiye Jiange was older as well. The age gap was negligible for a strong warrior.


She didn’t question Qing Shui as she believed that he knew her heart well. Maybe it was not her destiny. Yet, she felt bitter thinking of it.

Muyun Qingge knew of Sunset Palace Mistress’ constant interest in Qing Shui but she couldn’t help anything. She was still contemplating. Although she could behave naturally in front of Qing Shui like close friends, this man kept occupying her mind and heart. He had saved her life, seen and even touched her body.

Qing Shui was likewise, not a fool. He could sense Sunset Palace Mistress’ affection. It wasn’t true that he disliked her, nor he wanted to avoid her. He, himself, was uncertain of his feelings. Perhaps he just lacked the impulse.

He was impulsive towards Qing Hanye. It could be the seed buried in his heart years ago which sprouted during this meeting. The power of chemistry was daunting. Sunset Palace Mistress’s seed probably never sprouted in his heart before!


“Qing Shui, will the Xu Clan come again?” Yiye Jiange asked casually while holding Qing Xiu, sitting by his side.

“They should be coming back. Though, the time and reason are unknown.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Qing Shui, did your strength improve?” Muyun Qingge asked suddenly.

Qing Hanye had also sensed it but she remained silent.

“Hmm. You could say it improved slightly, so let’s not worry much.” Said Qing Shui in a relaxed manner.

“Don’t be too careless. Xu Clan has a strong background.” Yiye Jiange replied.

“Different situations call for different measures. No worries, I will set up a formation around here. Oh, all of you would have to learn the formation Techniques from today onwards.” Qing Shui pondered.

Yiye Jiange had learned it earlier on but this time, Qing Shui was going to teach them Nine Palace Steps and Combination Attacks.

Yiye Jiange had actually already begun learning Nine Palace Steps long ago and achieved quite a high realm. However, Sunset Palace Mistress and the others hadn’t and needed to start learning. Apart from that, Qing Shui taught them Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant as well.

He couldn’t teach Nine Yang Dragon Soul since it was different from the others. It was the dragon-like spirit and the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique was Qing Shui’s teaching method.



Qing Shui set up a formation in Sunset Sea King Palace. It was a huge formation which remained unactivated. It was a piece of cake for Qing Shui to set up a formation. Besides, there were mountains, stones, and water here.

The following days were peaceful and allowed Qing Shui to enjoy the serenity. Such days were rare and precious but he knew these days wouldn’t last long. It was the calm right before the storm.


Qing Hanye returned to the Dragonwolf Palace since there were a lot of affairs awaiting her.

At night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. He practiced Taichi Fist once, followed by the Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant. His maintained his reserved and containing martial skills, feeling the stream flowing throughout his body, both physically and mentally.

Qi arose from Dantian and Dantian was a man’s foundation. The Central Palace was considered Dantian as well, yet, it was far behind the Qihai. The ocean of consciousness was the Dantian of spirit energy. It depended on Qihai as its foundation to some extent. Without the Qihai Dantian, it was difficult to have a strong physique. Without a strong physique, it was difficult to boost spirit energy.

Qing Shui currently owned not only the paragon vessel, Seven-colored Pellet, Emperor Qi’s pellet and others but also the Five Elements Divine Flag and Big Dipper Sword. As time passed by, Qing Shui figured out that these items could consolidate and strengthen the Dantian. As the strengths of these items increased, the Dantian would become stronger.

Nine Yang Dragon Soul sometimes tried at the Dantian, apparently wanting to occupy the body of Dantian paragon vessel. Qing Shui was unsure whether he should help the Nine Yang Dragon Soul succeed or not. After all, it was all within his body, regardless of the force which would seize the place.

Speaking of which, a minor change would trigger a thorough transformation. He didn’t know if it was positive if the Nine Yang Dragon Soul really occupied the paragon vessel’s body.

He didn’t want to try out of idle curiosity. At least, not when Nine Yang Dragon Soul had only attained the small realm. He still preferred to let nature take its course and go with the flow.

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