AST 1719 - Formidable Strength of The Dark Phoenix

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1719 - Formidable Strength of The Dark Phoenix

Compared to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, the change of the Dark Phoenix was greater. Qing Shui was deeply moved as the bloodline of Hellfire Phoenix was getting stronger and stronger. At present, he probably wouldn’t stand any advantages over the Hellfire Phoenix.

Hellfire Phoenix, bloodline power: Extremely pure!

Previously, the bloodline of Hellfire Phoenix was strong though he couldn’t figure out how to categorize it. Now, it was entirely genuine. It wasn’t entirely a phoenix before, but it should be one now.

Hellfire Phoenix’s raw strength had achieved 30,000 Yang. This wasn’t surprising to Qing Shui. In fact, it could be considered not a lot. In contrast, the battle skills of Hellfire Phoenix got stronger.


Hellfire Phoenix’s battle skills and resistance abilities were seemingly much stronger than the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s skills.


Dark Phoenix of Nine Heavens. Passive skill, zero consumption. A permanent increase of strength by 300 times. Halves consumption for application of any battle skill and attack.


A 300 times increment was still incomparable to Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s Dragon Elephant Force. Even so, Hellfire Phoenix possessed many raw abilities. It could even surpass the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant despite the deficiency.

Superior Flight: The powerful flying ability of the Hellfire Phoenix. A 100-times increase of flying speed as well as a 100-times decrease of flying consumption.


Hell’s Inferno: Formidable flame attack of the Fire Bird. The pitch-black flame could burn everything, with overwhelming power, a strong technique of the Dark Phoenix. A 100-times increase of attacking power by the flame attack.

Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens: Passive skill. 100 times of permanent increase in flame attack. Damage received is halved. A 19-times increase in all defense power. Zero consumption.

Underworld Fireball: Fireball attack. A 100-times increase in attacking power. Fireball contains explosive power. Once exploded, the power is doubled. Spirit locked.

Phoenix Paradise: 30% chance to revive when the Fire Bird receives life-threatening damage. Each revival equals a metamorphosis. Strength doubles.


Phoenix Heart: The formidable Phoenix Heart triples of all the Phoenix powers. Also halves all damage received and total consumption. Zero consumption. Passive skill.

Phoenix Might: Absolute oppression against all birds except the Phoenix. At least 10% oppressive strength, able to make the opponent lose their battling ability. No absolute oppressive against others. Zero consumption. Passive skill.

Most abilities had been upgraded. This was a complete breakthrough. Most importantly, the Hellfire Phoenix had achieved nearly 15,000 Dao with the aid of the Spirit Gathering Lamp.


This was the reason Qing Shui doubted his ability to win over the Hellfire Phoenix. He could ignore most of the spiritual energy attack but at the same time, the Hellfire Phoenix could reduce the incoming danger’s power and it was no weaker than Qing Shui.

The Hellfire Phoenix’s strength was twice as strong as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Their strengths were about the same for all these while and it was a friendly one-upmanship. The Hellfire Phoenix then underwent Form Transformation earlier than the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and caused the distance to be further apart.

The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider’s transformation also satisfied Qing Shui. It was a controlling demonic beast, relying on the controlling power instead of its strength.

Raw strength achieved 30,000 Yang. That didn't surprise Qing Shui anymore. It seemed that 30,000 Yang was a gateway. It all ceased here.

Five Qi Origin: Innate Skill of Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider. 300-times permanent increase of raw strength. Zero consumption.

The Five Qi Origin being able to achieve the same level as Hellfire Phoenix made Qing Shui question the origin of this Dragon Spider.

Corrosive Poison Web: Inescapable net attack by the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider. Attack supplemented with powerful corrosive poison and stickiness. Resilient spider web unbreakable by swords. 100-times of existing damage by the poison web damage.

Poison Silk Entanglement: Enables poison thread attacks and entanglement within 20,000 meters’ distance. Extremely rapid speed with stickier and higher toxicity. 200-times of the existing attack.

Both the Corrosive Poison Web and the Poison Silk Entanglement enabled multiplied power from the existing attack, rather than the total strength. For instance, 100-times only meant 100 times of the 30,000 Yang raw strength.

The strongest ability of Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was stickiness and resilience of the spider web besides its poison.

Ultimate Spider Swarm: The special ability of the King Demonic Beast. Surrounding followers could coordinate with its attack and ultimately transform into Eight-Headed Demonic Spiders. Potential emergence of extraordinary mutated demonic spiders. A Four-times increase of existing attack.

This had changed as well, albeit unexpectedly in strength, unlike previously.

Flying Spider Silk: Passive skill. Zero consumption. A 100-times permanent increase in speed

Sharpness: Extreme sharpness of the eight limbs of Seven-Headed Demonic Spider provides powerful poison and penetrating effect.

Unyielding Shield: Strong defense of the Seven-Headed Demonic Spider.

Demonic Spider Dragon Head: Passive skill. A 200-times increase in body firmness and sharpness of Seven-Headed Demonic Spider with the increase in firmness, stickiness, and toxicity of the spider web. Also increases attack, endurance, and perseverance by 100 times. Zero consumption.

Divine Spider Thread: A 10-times increase of total strength of Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider and its toxicity, toughness, spider web’s stickiness, sharpness, and control.

Compared to Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Hellfire Phoenix, Dragon Spider had only achieved 1,000 Dao under the effect of the Heaven Shaking Drum and Spirit Gathering Lamp.

Qing Shui knew the strength of Dragon Spider was its controlling power, the resilience, stickiness, and toxicity of the spider web as well as its speed, resistance, and close battle abilities.

It was similar to the spiders in his past life, which could use spider webs to trap and kill stronger insects, or even much larger reptiles.

However, the Dragon Slaying Beast had changed the least. Even Qing Shui lost his words upon seeing it.

Despite the minor changes of the Dragon Slaying Beast which was only estimated around 100 Dao, it had increased almost 100 times.

Dragon Slaying Beast was the assassin beast, the massacre beast. It could linger with less than one Dao previously. Now that its strength had grown 100 times, it would be daunting during its sneak attack, even though it still couldn’t directly confront some forces.

Its speed and sharpness grew much stronger than before.

Qing Shui was also looking forward to the Thunderous Beast. Similar to the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider, it was a controlling demonic beast. Yet, the Thunderous Beast was more intimidating. It could turn things around in an instant.

Thunderous Beast achieved 10,000 Yang raw strength, much weaker than other demonic beasts. Still, it was a massive improvement.

Violet Thunder Protection: Thunderous Beast’s special ability, a 300-times increase of total strength. Zero consumption. Voluntarily revolves, able to numb the opponent upon physical attack and able to cancel 20% total damage from the opponent.

Violet Thunder Protection’s ability was within Qing Shui’s expectation. The Thunderous Beast was also a Divine Beast. However, it wasn’t fully grown and the purity of its bloodline was unknown.

Thunderbolt: Lightning attack from the Core. A 50-times attack of existing strength within 10,000 meters. A slight numbing effect, speed reduction, and response delay from its attack. Accumulation of effect possible. 2% lightning consumption from normal attack consumption.

Violet Thunder Chain Lightning: Powerful Violet Thunder Spark Chain attack against an area with a potential numbing effect. A 19-times attacking force of normal attacks.

Thunder Flash: Passive skill. A 100-times permanent increase in speed. 

Speed ensured the survival abilities of the controlling demonic beasts.

Violet Lightning Strike: A powerful lightning attack from condensed Core, creating a 100-times attacking force of the existing attack. 100% numbing effect. Numbing duration depends on the opponent’s strength. 12 applications every 6 hours.

Thunder’s Fury: Passive skill. Zero consumption. Enables a 9-times enhancement of Thunderbolt and Violet Lightning Strike!

Lightning Recovery: Thunderous Beast grew up freely in the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus and possessed this powerful self-healing ability. Lightning Recovery could instantly heal 70% of its own destruction. Recovery period 10 times faster than normal, lasts for one hour with a two-hour interval between each use.

Violet Lightning Armor: Passive skill. Zero consumption. An armor condensed from Violet Lightning, able to cancel 50% physical attack and spiritual attack. Simultaneously, provides a 9-times increase of total attacking force and 10-times increase of defense power.

Mutual Destruction: Exchanging 80% of own destruction for 80% of opponent’s destruction. Mutual Destruction wouldn’t take the target’s life instantly. Only applicable once a month. Success rate very low when there is huge strength discrepancy. No effect after failure. Multiple attempts possible until it’s successful. Has a 15-minute interval after each use. 

The strongest attacking force of the Thunderous Beast was only 600 Dao and the common damage by the Thunderbolt was 300 Dao. It was life-threatening to the weaker opponents. Yet, only the numbing and absolute numbing effect were applicable to Qing Shui’s current enemies.

Qing Shui was delighted knowing that his demonic beasts were around the level of Divine Beasts now. Moreover, each of them had experienced the Divine Tribulation.

His demonic beasts had powerful resistance. It was easy to overcome the Divine Tribulation for them. Plus, with the aid of the Constitution Nurturing Pills which stabilize the foundation, it was extremely effective to go against the Divine Tribulation.

Qing Shui had mixed feelings that he himself had never experienced tribulation. The Mistresses had already gone through the Divine Tribulation. For others, it must be very much pleasing to break through without tribulation.

Nevertheless, Qing Shui was willing to experience tribulation. The lightning could strengthen his body and meridians besides purifying his strengths. It was unfortunate that he had only experienced it once.

Qing Hanye had the strongest strength currently and yet, she was much weaker than the Dark Phoenix. Qing Shui activated his potential using Yang Pellet and Nine Revolution Golden Pellet within two months. He had finally exceeded the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s strength by around 8,000 Dao.

Yiye Jiange and the Mistresses truly were left far behind. Still, they would improve in the future. Their constitution and talents were amazing. They would largely upgrade upon a stroke of luck. Furthermore, their foundations were stable with the help of the Constitution Nurturing Pills.

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