AST 1728 - Mesmerising, Fire

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1728 - Mesmerising, Fire

As to why Qing Shui told him his treatment had to be divided into three times, he didn’t actually do it with ill intentions. By the extent to which he was injured, it was also necessary to do so. Deep down, Shui Yunfeng also understood better than anyone else. In fact, he was already surprised enough with the fact it could be cured in the first place. Half a year, to him, was already considered to be a godly speed.

He never suspected if Qing Shui did anything fishy. The reason being that he knew that if Qing Shui really did want to trick him, the only thing he would need to do was to deny curing him. There would have been no point for him to do so many redundant things.

“Brother Qing Shui, I owe you a huge debt. Though I, Shui Yunfeng, don’t dare to say that I am a good person, but deep down, I know who treats me well and who doesn’t. I can assure you that I will treat anyone who had treated me well even better in return.

“If we are really going to be friends, there is no need for you to act so formally. You use your heart to be friends with others. Keep everything in your heart.” Qing Shui didn’t try to say anything too specifically. There was no need to say who you treated well or who you were really thankful to.

Certainly, Shui Yunfeng understood what he meant. He nodded and said, “Alright then, I will stop acting so formally. Brother, if there is anything which you need my help for, I will definitely not knit my brows for it.”

For the time being, Shui Yunfeng was already one-third his way to recovering. When a person ran into a joyful incident, they would suddenly find themselves in high spirit. The banquet from before wasn’t finished. Right now, they once again moved to a new table.

“Here, brother. Please allow me to give you a toast!”


After promising Qing Shui to come back for another treatment after two months, Shui Yunfeng left. He invited Qing Shui over to Watermoon Cavern, but Qing Shui declined and only promised him to go there next time as he still had errands to run for now.

Though Qing Shui might have killed a few experts from Watermoon Cavern and things seemed like it has reached quite an awkward point, more often than not, strong warriors would be admired. When two sides of opponents started battling, there were bound to be people who would be sacrificed in the battle. Only the strong survived. So long as it was not their family that was killed or kidnapped, anything could be reconciled.

Though Qing Shui might have resolved his grudges with Watermoon Cavern, he still felt unwilling to go there for now. Though they might have called each other brothers, these were all still built based on the strength they each possessed. There would never be enemies which lasted forever, no matter in what eras, nor would there be friends forever. The only thing which existed was the benefits that they could gain out of each other.

It was always mentioned that fair-weather friends were unreliable. But in actuality, nothing was reliable. The only thing which one could truly rely on was their own strength. When one was capable, they would never lack friends, nor would they lack anyone who would lend them helping hands. The reason being that they were useful to them. Once the person ran into a crisis and ended up along the street, it would be a very rare thing to still be able to meet and talk.

This didn’t have to do with moral nor quality. This was how the cruel society worked. The continents were no different. Among warriors, only their strength was the most reliable.

There were many ways to represent one’s strength. Medical expertise, abilities to refine demons, finding treasures, cultivations and even inspecting treasures as well as refining weapons. In the world of martial artists, money didn’t play as much an important role as those stated above. Those that were capable would never lack money. As for those that were less capable but became rich, they would invite disasters.

It was now already halfway through the afternoon. Qing Hanye only came out after Shui Yunfeng had left. Now, she could finally act naturally. After seeing the relaxed smile on Qing Shui’s face, she knew instinctively that the problem had already been solved.

“Since the senior is gone, you will have to take charge of the things here now.” Nevertheless, Qing Shui still decided to mention this problem.

Upon hearing Qing Shui mentioning about her master, she still felt a bit sad. After stopping for a while, she replied, “I still have you!”

For now, Qing Shui was the sole motivation for her to continue living. He was her only hope. With Qing Shui here, this world would become a lot brighter. Without him, everything would turn dark.

Actually, if Qing Shui was gone, she might not be the only one who felt that her world would go dark. It was likely that quite a dozen people would feel the same as well.

“You are my woman. No matter when or what happens, I will be beside you. I will never let anyone bully you. Don’t ever think about leaving me for your entire life.” Qing Shui gently embraced her.

Qing Hanye’s heart now was at its most fragile state, Deep down, she could feel nothing but only emptiness. She embraced Qing Shui tightly with both of her hands, seeming like she was very afraid that he would disappear.

Qing Shui patted her back with sympathy. Qing Hanye lifted up her head and immediately kissed Qing Shui. She was extremely inexperienced in kissing. However, she still insisted on clumsily putting in her soft and pinkish tongue into Qing Shui’s mouth.

It was precisely these clumsy kisses that caused the flames in Qing Shui’s heart to instantly lit up. The Nine Yang Physique and Nine Yin Physique were a match made by heaven. If the two failed to be together after they met, it would be a matter which would enrage both the gods as well as humans.

Qing Shui was madly kissing Qing Hanye’s lips. Both of his hands could be seen constantly moving around her body. Her extremely bulging and slender figure, as well as her spongy skin. Very quickly, Qing Shui was already unable to stop himself from putting his hands under her clothes.

Her body felt really smooth and warm. The sensation Qing Shui felt when touching her made him felt very reluctant to let her go. Slight breathing noises could be heard coming out of Qing Hanye’s nose. It immediately tickled Qing Shui’s hearing sense. Added on the friction which he felt between their bodies, Qing Shui was on the brink of losing self-control over himself.

“Qing Shui, no… No….”

Qing Hanye grabbed Qing Shui’s hand that had already made its way down her body and stopped him from continue moving forward. At this moment, both of her beautiful eyes looked very confused. But her confused look, however, made her looked fatally alluring.

At this moment, Qing Hanye’s body trembled. Her heartbeat became faster. Qing Shui was also aware that she was feeling very agitated. After all, she was still a virgin. She would definitely feel nervous. She had spent so many years alone. Every young girl would yearn for love. Judging by her physiques as well as her martial techniques, it was impossible for her to never dream about anything. Though she might not have experienced being with any men, she still had heard quite a few things about men and women’s affairs.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling something?” Qing Shui asked with a smile.

Qing Hanye instantly blushed. She would only reveal such a shameful expression in front of Qing Shui. She glared at Qing Shui with her charming eyes and said, “You know that with our bodies’ constitution, we cannot just casually…”

Qing Shui was momentarily confused as he looked at Qing Hanye.

“Duo Cultivation Technique, we need that. Otherwise, bad things might happen…”

“I know the Duo Cultivation Technique.”

“But I don’t!”

“I can teach you! Not only so, I believe that you will be able to grasp it very quickly. There is no need for you to learn it in details.” Qing Shui smiled and said. At the moment, he was in truly in heat.

“I can only learn the Duo Cultivation Technique which I inherited. I haven’t managed to learn it yet. Qing Shui, please wait a bit longer. I haven’t learned since the beginning as I thought that it would never come to use.” Qing Hanye pleaded softly in a shy tone.

At that moment, Qing Shui was speechless. He reached out his hand and patted her. He then embraced her and kissed her lips. He didn’t dare to provoke her further as he knew that for the time being, he really couldn’t force it. It would be best if he didn’t play with the fire as it could be very risky.

After having dinner, Qing Shui bid his farewell to Qing Hanye and left. He told her that after she finished her errands here, she could head off to go and find him.


By the time he returned to Sunset Sea King Palace, it was only nighttime and hadn’t reached midnight yet. Yiye Jiange was still awake. But as for Qing Xiu, she had already fallen asleep.

Qing Shui hugged Yiye Jiange from the back, giving her a shock. However, after the familiar smell went into her nose, she gently shut her eyes, “Is everything there solved?”

“Yes, everything.”

As Qing Shui finished speaking, he hugged Yiye Jiange, stole her lips and began walking towards the huge sofa outside.

Yiye Jiange responded to him passionately. The woman who looked just like a fairy had already been dragged into the world of mortals by him. This was one of the things which Qing Shui felt particularly proud of.

After going through an intense session, Yiye Jiange lazily leaned on top of Qing Shui’s chest. She lifted up her head and smiled at him, “Have you already become attracted to Ye`Er?”

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