AST 1730 - Doings of the Wavemoon Cavern? The powerful Foolish Loyalty

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1730 - Doings of the Wavemoon Cavern? The Powerful Foolish Loyalty

Qing Shui didn’t act too surprised when he saw this letter. The letter was written to be very easily readable. It was a person from the Wavemoon Cavern who specialized in hypnotizing people. However, there was yet to be any clear evidence capable of proving it. Nevertheless, it could already be confirmed that the person was responsible for it.

Qing Shui never liked this kind of answer which sat on the fence. As the saying went “If you want to catch a thief, you must find the stolen goods”. They have only managed to point out a person after such a long time and the reason was that the person cultivated something capable of hypnotizing people. This kind of reasoning was too far-fetched.

Qing Shui conveniently tore off the letter and destroyed it. For a long period of time, Qing Shui hadn’t really interacted much with the Xuan Clan. However, prior to this, a disciple which was a direct line descendant from the Xuan Clan died during Qing Xiu’s full moon dinner. This incident could potentially be made into a very serious issue. This would still all depend on Qing Shui’s ability to solve the problem.

Luckily, Qing Shui possessed decent strength. Even a clan as strong as the Xuan Clan wouldn’t want to immediately cut off their relationship with Qing Shui. They were all made aware of news about Shui Yunfeng heading to Dragonwolf Palace. Not only did he not gain any benefits out of it, he even befriended Qing Shui after he had killed a number of expert warriors from the Watermoon Cavern. Even so, they only knew minor details about it.

The fact that Xuan Clan sent him this letter meant that they had justified themselves. Qing Shui shook his head. Though it might have been a long time since the time of this incident, it didn’t mean that he would just forget about it. For now, Qing Shui hadn’t really planned many things ahead as both him and the Xuan Clan were victims of the incident.

Qing Shui also believed that the Wavemoon Cavern was responsible for this incident. He ran into a bit of argument with Huang Wu from Wavemoon Cavern back then when they were hunting for the Hell Tigon and as a result, caused him injuries. Now, he had also been made aware that Wavemoon Cavern wasn’t really enemies with the Xuan Clan but they were definitely not considered friends either. In fact, occasionally, they would also run into arguments with each other. This kind of relationship was also passed down from their ancestors. As to what kind of grudges they held with each other, it was likely that the current Wavemoon Cavern, as well as the Xuan Clan, weren’t aware of it themselves.

After dragging it on for such a long time, Qing Shui had, for the time being, put this matter aside. After all, he didn’t really receive nor felt any ill treatments from this. Hence, he decided to continue his cultivation instead. His priority was to take his strength to a new height.

Though things seemed to be really quiet, Qing Shui felt as if he was being tied up. He didn’t dare to leave. All eyes were watching him. The girls were also only able to barely look after themselves with their current strength.

It was not that he was unwilling to stay here. He just didn’t dare to leave without much consideration. However, he still had his own method. If he was to truly leave, he could let the Dark Phoenix, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, as well as the Dragon Slaying Beast, to stay behind.

The Dark Phoenix possessed the most powerful strength of all his other beasts. Most importantly, its most overwhelming power was its ability to cancel out the opponent's attacks. Hence, it was safe to say that now, the Dark Phoenix wouldn’t go down that easily, even if it were to run into something more powerful than itself.

Though this might be how he thought, Qing Shui didn’t plan to leave for the time being. Qing Hanye’s strength was also improving. The girls’ demonic beasts had also gotten significantly stronger. For example, Yiye Jiange’s Nine-headed Crystal Beast; it had always been more powerful than Yiye Jiange herself. Furthermore, it was also a water type Divine Beast, making it especially stronger under the ocean.

Qing Shui planned to let the girls and their beasts take the Constitution Nurturing Pills first. He would then decide whether to leave or not, based on the circumstances. Before he left, he also planned to leave behind his demonic beasts.

That included the Hell Nightmare Beast. The Hell Nightmare Beast now was a powerful existence.

In terms of its size, it didn’t go through significant changes. Its body was glowing with silver light whereas its head and limbs were black. Its body emitted a gloomy light overall.

Compared to before, it was like a small mountain. It might look really heavy, yet it still retained its flexibility. It greatly lost to the Dragon Slaying Beast in terms of speed but when it came to resisting against attacks, it was capable of receiving enormous strikes while barely budging.

However, its body seemed to have become many times heavier. Despite so, ironically, it was even more agile than before. It was like a demon straight from hell.

Merely through the imposing manner it had, Qing Shui could already tell that the strength of the Hell Nightmare Beast had significantly improved. This beast was a shield. It also possessed tyrannical physical strength, though it spent most of its time acting as a shield.

Qing Shui gazed at the Hell Nightmare Beast’s battle techniques and noticed some significant changes. Other than that, the Hell Nightmare Beast also couldn’t stay away from its master for a long time. Also, it would never be able to shape-change.

Incisive: Passive battle technique. The Hell Nightmare Beast sacrificed its ability to not budge from attacks. It would only trigger its most powerful force at the moment when it got threatened in a close combat. Its strongest weapon was its sharp claws and teeth.

Agility: Passive battle technique. The enormous Hell Nightmare Beast possessed an agile body. With the Agility ability, it could help raise the Hell Nightmare Beast’s speed by 20 times.

Diamond: Passive technique. Its body toughness and high resistance was the foundation of the Hell Nightmare Beast. Its body was attained as a result of sacrificing a large amount of wounding prowess. It was capable of annulling up to 80% of attacking prowess and raising the endurance of Hell Nightmare Beast by 50 times, causing its stamina to be significantly higher than other beasts.

Foolish Loyalty: Capable of raising all of its master's defensive prowess by two times. So long as it remained alive, its foolish loyalty towards its master would never vanish. Between the master and the Hell Nightmare Beast, the state of Two Minds into One could easily be achieved.

Significant changes had also occurred to the Hell Nightmare Beast’s Foolish Loyalty. Not only so, it had also obtained a few more formidable battle techniques which were all passive battle techniques. For now, as long as the Hell Nightmare Beast stood in front of him, very few things would actually be capable of making their way through it. Furthermore, the Hell Nightmare Beast possessed formidable stamina. When it was threatened, it would still possess formidable wounding capabilities in close combat.

The already formidable Foolish Loyalty was significantly stronger than before. Qing Shui’s current strength was at around 22000 Dao Force. However, his body’s defensive prowess had surpassed his own offensive prowess by many times.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t stay away from Qing Shui for too long. Otherwise, Qing Shui would have felt totally at ease letting the Hell Nightmare Beast guard the Sunset Sea King Palace. It should be able to look after itself.

But even without the Hell Nightmare Beast, Qing Shui could still put his worries to rest if the Dragon Slaying Beast, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, as well as the Hellfire Phoenix stayed behind. Hence, he made up his mind that if he couldn’t take off his worries at the time when he departed from this place, he would leave the beasts mentioned behind. Dragon Zhu`er would also stay behind. Qing Shui would only bring along his Thunderous Beast and his Hell Nightmare Beast.

Actually, this was done as a desperate move. For the time being, Qing Shui had been teaching the girls formations and the Nine Palace Steps. As long as they could cultivate the powerful Nine Palace Steps up to Qing Shui’s level, there would be no problem for them in looking after themselves.

The girls were also geniuses that came down from heaven. Their problem was that they had just started interacting with these formations. The footsteps were incomparably bizarre. If it wasn’t for Qing Shui receiving the inheritance of his footwork, it was highly unlikely that he might be a match against Yiye Jiange even now.

As of currently, Yiye Jiange was on the brink of perfecting her form. If she really managed to accomplish it, she would have been considered to have attained a higher level in her cultivation. Her only problem was that she lacked practical experience, causing her to have less comprehension on her footwork. Qing Shui would practice the drills with her everyday like how he used it in actual battles. However, whenever he reached the crucial moments, he would feel reluctant to act. Hence, it couldn’t be truly considered a life-and-death match, hindering her from triggering her realm potential. It was basically one of her feet having already stepped across the gate of using her footwork as she wished, while there was great difficulty for her to move her other leg across.

So long as she managed to step in, this would mean a turning point in her journey of martial arts. It would put her on a ground where she could be undefeated, helping her cultivation to reach its maximum potential. She would reach an effect where she could finish her tasks with only half of her usual effort. This was precisely the importance of body motions.

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