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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1732 - Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path

What Qing Shui was confused about was the treasures that were in the Northern Ocean Divine Temple. He wasn’t a saint. Even he would like things that could be useful to him. Besides, he was never scared of getting himself involved with the issues of others. After a while, he responded with, “If possible, I would like to go there and take a look.”

“Of course! Why not? The Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path would only open after three days. Would you like to stick together with us by then?” Shui Yunfeng smiled and asked.


Following that, Qing Shui continued to cure Shui Yunfeng’s wounds. This time, he managed to cure another ⅓ of his meridians. Adding on with the one which he previously cured, ⅔ of Shui Yunfeng’s meridians in total had already recovered.

“This is great! Qing Shui, I have managed to think it through. Even if it truly was incurable, I will face the reality! Nevertheless, there are some problems which would still remain. Before this, I used to feel that my life was already no different from death. You saved me this time. In the future, I wouldn’t knit my brows even if you were to take my life away from me.” Shui Yunfeng said in an emotional tone.

“What are you saying all of the sudden? Don’t you fear that I am doing this all just so I could make use of you?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“I am willing to be used by you when necessary. If I can’t do so much as being useful to you, I would have truly been a pathetic man.” Shui Yunfeng smiled and said. He was a lot older than Qing Shui and also understood human nature quite well. Deep down, he believed in his skill in judging a person. To him, Qing Shui made him feel safe and relaxed. From his perspective, he would definitely not be a sly person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have talked about any of these. Thus, he wouldn’t mind rewarding him with something that was the most luxurious.

“Since we are already friends, as well as brothers now, we are definitely going to help each other out but not use each other. It’s only considered as using when it was between two acquaintances. Once we become friends, it should already be considered as providing aids to one another.” Qing Shui put away his Gold Needle and Life and Death Needles.

“Haha, alright. Just as the saying goes: ‘You only get to see a person’s true nature with time’. You have changed my destiny. Please don’t mind me for being naggy. You don’t understand what kind of torture I have been through this entire time. It hurts even more than having a knife stab my heart.” Shui Yunfeng was being very passionate.

Qing Shui certainly understood how Shui Yunfeng felt. As a man, one would expect to have a manly look as well as the basic functions of a man. Otherwise, if their gender remained the same while their characteristics of a man had changed, it wouldn’t be surprising that he would suffer.

“I shall take my leave now. Get yourself ready within these two days and then go to the place where the treasure is to test our luck. For all you know, we might come across some exceptional treasures. That would certainly be wonderful!” Shui Yunfeng said after putting his clothes back on.

“Why don’t you have dinner with us first before leaving since it’s almost time to eat anyway?” Qing Shui looked at the sky and noticed that it was already time for dinner.

This area followed the oceanic time. There wasn’t much difference between nighttime and daytime. There was also no fixed time to sleep around here. This place could also be known as a city which had no night.

However, because of the huge amount of treasures that existed in the ocean as well as things like the bright pearls and shells, it wasn’t actually that dark down here. For residences like this, there would be a lot of pearls forged by Light Stones. Each of them would connect with each other like a city with no night under the ocean.

Three days had passed very quickly. After a discussion, it was eventually decided that Qing Shui, Muyun Qingge, and Sunset Palace Mistress would head for the treasure place while Qing Hanye and Yiye Jiange stayed behind to guard the Sunset Sea King Palace.

There was a functioning formation in Sunset Sea King Palace. It was set up by Qing Shui. Qing Hanye possessed formidable cultivation. Yiye Jiange and her Nine-headed Crystal Beast were also very powerful, especially when it was under the ocean. The beast’s power seemed to be boosted even further.

This time, Shui Yunfeng brought along four other people. Though there were only a few of them, they were all experts. To his surprise, each of them was almost equal to Qing Hanye in terms of power.

Forces like Wavemoon Cavern, Watermoon Cavern, as well as Xuan Clan, were one whole level stronger than Dragonwolf Palace. Their differences in strength were significant. Right now, it could be considered that Qing Shui had seen it for himself. No wonder prior to this, Watermoon Cavern didn’t really bother to pay much attention to Dragonwolf Palace.

All four of them were considered top-notch in terms of strength in Watermoon Cavern. Certainly, it was also normal for there to be formidable old men in the clan that worked behind the scene. Last time, Qing Shui had killed off a few of them. Though they might not be as strong as the ones which showed up today, at heart, Shui Yunfeng had been feeling pained for this loss for quite a while.

However, he managed to gain even greater things in return. It costed Shui Yunfeng a lot in order to comfort the people who died. No one had forced him to do it. He had done it out of his own will because he was quite a nice person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to receive the Holy Saint Inheritance.

So long as a person decided to rely on aristocratic clans, they must be prepared to die for the clan at any time. In return for that, Watermoon Cavern would provide them with Medicinal Pills Technique as well as the best services and convenience. In a way, this was considered as a kind of exchange.

During this entire process, if the master was kind and treated their subordinates with kindness, they could potentially earn the loyalty and trust of their subordinates. Loyalty was a trait which came straight from the heart. Rather than simply saying it, it would be better to show it through actions. Only those who could take the tests would be considered to be loyal.


The Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path was located not so far away from here. However, it was also not as close as one thought it was. It was located deep in the Easternpeak Mountain. That place was known as the Dragon Mercy. It had a lot of legends. There were people who claimed that Dragon Mercy was a person. Others would say it was a Dragon Man.

None of this was important to Qing Shui. At the moment, Qing Shui, the two girls, as well as Shui Yunfeng and his group, were all rushing their way towards the deepest part of Easternpeak Mountain.

In less than a few hours time, they had already arrived at the deepest part of Easternpeak Mountain. Along the way, they came across a few demonic beasts that lived in the ocean. But as soon as they sensed the formidable power from Qing Shui and the others, particularly the aura that was being emitted off their mounts, every single one of the beasts retreated. Those that were a step slower in running away would get slaughtered immediately.

Along the way, they also came across a few people. However, the only ones that were strong around this area were only the Dragonwolf Palace and the Sunset Sea King Palace. Hence, those people would avoid Qing Shui and the group as soon as they noticed them.

By the time they were deeper into the place, they came across even more people from different places. The members of Xuan Clan had also come. There were a total of ten of them. This might not be considered a lot but those who came were all elite warriors.

“Qing Shui, that’s Xuan She. Legend has it that he was a person who had received the Xuan Snake Technique of Xuan Clan. Now, he has even changed his name to Xuan She.”

It had always been told that in each member of Xuan Clan flowed the blood of the Xuan Snake. Xuan Snake was indisputable in terms of strength. Since ancient times, it had been a being capable of swallowing real dragon tribes.

Qing Shui followed Shui Yunfeng’s sight and they eventually settled down on a man with a middle-age look. He should be almost the same age as Shui Yunfeng. In addition, he looked more grave and stern. The black Xuan clothes which he wore made him looked even more arrogant.

By the time Qing Shui looked at Xuan She, the person himself happened to be already approaching them from the other side. However, his sight was fixed on Shui Yunfeng. After all, the Watermoon Cavern Lord was also one of the person with the most talent among his generation.

A lot of people had kept an eye on the changes Shui Yunfeng has been going through throughout the years, especially during recent times. Shui Yunfeng had been feeling unusually depressed. There were no secrets which could be kept forever. In fact, some people have even managed to find out about Shui Yunfeng’s hidden illness though Shui Yunfeng never once admitted it. It was normal for one to deny it when it came to things like this.

However, this was how things worked. Not admitting it didn’t mean that it wasn’t true. The news was leaked by one of his servants. This made Shui Yunfeng look like a joke to the public. However, until now, no one had dared to say it in the face of Shui Yunfeng as well as the people from Watermoon Cavern.

Xuan She who was looking at Shui Yunfeng suddenly revealed a strange smile on his face. It was a sympathetic expression which seemed like he was taking the joy of Shui Yunfeng’s misfortune.

Qing Shui had always been keeping an eye on the things around him. He realized that between the three forces, they didn’t really share good relationships with each other.



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