AST 1739 - The formidable Divine Water Beads, Water Elements Treasure)

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1739 - The formidable Divine Water Beads, Water Elements Treasure

“Indeed, to conquer the world!”

As Qing Shui looked at the drawing, he truly felt that this image had managed to take hold of the entire world. It’s as if this drawing possessed some magical powers. He couldn’t help but wonder who drew it.

Qing Shui went forward and took down the image. He then rolled it up and looked towards the group, “This drawing is very unusual. If any of you want it, take it.”

Shui Yunfeng shook his head, “This drawing is too weird. Besides, I never really liked drawings anyway. Brother, why don’t you take it? I don’t feel good about this thing.”

Shui Yunfeng was able to tell that Qing Shui liked the drawing, but he didn’t know why. It’s true that he didn’t like it, hence he never had the intention to take it.

The two girls smiled and shook their head, “Qing Shui, what’s the use of this image? Could it be that it could help improve your skills in drawing?”

The two girls had been together with Qing Shui for a while. Naturally, they would be aware of Qing Shui’s drawing skills. Qing Shui had drawn quite a lot of portraits before. They had seen Qing Shui help draw Yiye Jiange. Hence, the girls also asked Qing Shui for similar things.

Since Qing Xiu was born, Qing Shui had drawn quite a lot of his drawings. Basically, he would want to draw a portrait of him every half a month. This was similar to photography from his previous incarnation. Though taking pictures wasn’t possible in this world, there were still skillful artists available. If a person wanted to remember a memorable thing, they would need to look for an artist.

“I will try drawing it when I have nothing to do. I plan to examine it when I am free. It might help improve my drawing technique.” Qing Shui smiled and said. This was exactly what he planned. At most, he could try to feel the aura emitted from the drawing. For all he knew, he might be able to experience some sort of breakthrough in his Heavenly Dao.

The group then proceeded to leave the treasure room, The others were a bit disappointed. Also, they weren’t aware of what benefits Qing Shui had received. When Qing Shui looked at Muyun Qingge, he was also able to feel that the girl had greatly benefitted from the room. As to what it was, he wasn’t sure about it.

Once again, the group started moving within the portrait and found themselves in another treasure room. Everyone’s heart was filled with excitement. As soon as they went into the room, all of them became agitated. This was because they could finally see some treasures.

There were three boxes in here. They were all faint gold in color. The boxes were a bit dim but nevertheless, the people could still tell that they were unusual.

Everyone’s eyes turned bright when they saw the things right in front of them. Qing Shui smiled and looked at Shui Yunfeng, “Elder brother, go and pick one!”

Shui Yunfeng shook his head, “Brother, why don’t you do it instead!”

Qing Shui smiled and said, “But there are three of them. How about this? We will each open one of them, then divide them up accordingly by whatever was inside the boxes.”

Shui Yunfeng smiled after thinking for a while, “Alright then, I will open one of them and see who might be able to use the things that are inside.”

Qing Shui smiled but didn’t say anything. Shui Yunfeng walked towards the box on the right. He extended his hand towards it.


The box opened. Everyone was stunned when they saw what was inside the box. It was a pearl. Its size was quite decent, yet it shone with brilliant light. At the moment the box was opened, a powerful Spiritual Qi spread out across the room.

Divine Water Bead!

Qing Shui also never expected the box to have something like that in it. It might only have one function, but it was definitely considered a treasure. It was capable of increasing the water attribute ability of the bearer by at least two times.

It’s required for it to recognize an owner. The method through which this could be done was by dripping blood.

It’s also fine to wear it without dripping blood onto the beads. However, its use would be limited to only being able to boost the bearer’s water attribute ability by one fold.

Shui Yunfeng also only opened the box because he could feel the formidable water attributed fluctuations from it. Now that he found out that it was the Divine Water Beads, he was madly in joy. A 10% increase in strength was already considered to be a considerable amount for someone who had reached his level of strength.

However, Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision Technique could help him identify the way to make the weapon recognize its owner. Since Qing Shui was the one who gave him the chance to open the box, he must make sure that Shui Yunfeng was totally convinced with it. Qing Shui smiled and approached him, “Let it recognize its owner. If you do that, it will be able to help double your Water Attribute abilities. But it’s only limited to water attribute defenses and whatever related to it.”

“Recognize its owner? I would really love to do that as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know the way to do it.”

Shui Yunfeng smiled and shook his head. Actually, across the continent, a lot of people were aware that recognizing ownership would require dripping blood onto the weapon. The most easy method for a weapon to recognize its owner was by dripping blood onto it. There were quite a huge amount of treasures that recognized its owner through this method. However, it wasn’t as simple in the cases of good weapons. Some of them would require Blood Essence. Furthermore, it strictly followed only a set amount of Blood Essence dripped onto it. Some of them could even be done only by mixing Blood Essence with ordinary blood.

Appraisers were capable of appraising treasures like mysterious objects and abilities. They were also capable of appraising the technique needed to make a weapon recognize its owner. However, their appraising skill wasn’t as accurate. Furthermore, this was one of the toughest things to appraise. Very few Appraisers would actually be able to help when it came to this. Most of them never managed to find the ways for items like this to recognize their owners. On the contrary, they only brought troubles onto themselves.

Qing Shui smiled as he extended his arm and took out a Gold Needle. He then immediately pierced it through his first finger and squeezed out three drops of Blood Essence before squeezing out another nine drops of ordinary blood. Following on, he eventually gripped the beads in his hand after dropping a mixture of a drop of Blood Essence and a drop of ordinary blood on it. While operating his Origin Qi, he gently warmed the Divine Water Beads.

Very quickly, the beads disappeared. Shui Yunfeng’s strength increased abruptly. The aura around his body shone brightly.

After quite a while, Shui Yunfeng looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. His strength had actually been boosted by more than two times. This was precisely the power that could be drawn forth by letting the weapon recognize its owner. Furthermore, it felt as though his body physique had also been greatly strengthened.

“With the Divine Water Beads you just got, your body has fully recovered. There is no need for you to come for treatments anymore.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Shui Yunfeng.

Shui Yunfeng’s eyes immediately turned bright. He happily looked at Qing Shui. “Thank you!”

“Alright, there are two boxes left. Are you keen on opening the other two?” Qing Shui smiled as he pointed at the other two boxes.

“I have already received too much stuff. Now, I wouldn’t want it no matter what’s inside the boxes. I feel that I have gained too much from here.” Shui Yunfeng shook his head and said in a firm tone.

Qing Shui gave a signal at the girls. “Alright then, could you guys go on and open it instead? It’s a good chance to test your luck.”

After a moment of thought, the Sunset Palace Mistress smiled, “Let me try to open something good for you.”

Qing Shui smiled as he gestured her to go and open it.


At the instant the box opened, everyone was stunned yet again. The reason being that the thing inside the box was still a bead. Furthermore, it wasn’t just any other pearl, it was the Divine Water Beads again. However, they found out that this one was even more abundant in Spiritual Qi than the previous one after they opened it.

Qing Shui looked at the last box and said, “Could the last box also be Divine Water Beads?

Qing Shui then let Muyun Qingge open the last one. As he expected, the box at the centre also had a pearl in it. It was the Divine Water Bead. Could it be that this was somehow related to them being in the ocean? After all, this was the Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path. They were currently inside the ruins of Northern Ocean Divine Temple.

To think that three of the same thing would appear at once. The beads were considered to be a semi-divine weapon among the water elemental weapons. They came in very scarce quantity.

Both of these beads seemed to be slightly better than the one which Shui Yunfeng got. Nevertheless, they were still almost the same. Both of the beads that were discovered later on also differed in strength. Muyun Qingge’s bead was much stronger compared to the one Sunset Palace Mistress got.

Without any hesitation, Qing Shui helped the two girls make the beads recognize their owner. Between the two girls, one was from the Drakaina Tribe whereas the other one was from Mermaid Tribe. As soon as the weapons recognized their owners, the they realized that benefits which they got from it were significantly larger compared to Shui Yunfeng.

Even treasures could be picky when it came to choosing their owners. When a very talented person came across things like this, they would be able to finish their work with half the effort compared to ordinary people. The benefits which the two girls got were almost equal. Both of their water attributed abilities had been multiplied by almost three times.

Qing Shui moved his sight towards Shui Yunfeng. Originally, Shui Yunfeng was supposed to be a lot stronger than the two girls, but after the boost they received from the beads upon making them recognize its owners, they were now almost equal in terms of strength.

This treasure room had indeed been very generous. Things like this were usually things that one could only desire but never get their hands on. Who would have thought that three of them would pop up at once? This reminded Qing Shui of Yiye Jiange and Qing Hanye. It would have been better if there were two more of the beads…...

Shui Yunfeng admired Qing Shui greatly for his generosity. To think that he wouldn’t mind sharing such a thing with him…...

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