AST 1743 - Sun Shooting Bow, Immortal Slaying Arrow

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1743 - Sun Shooting Bow, Immortal Vanquishing Arrow

Right now, Qing Shui was just like a sharp sword. He could very quickly open up a breach no matter where he went. His target this time was the remaining strong elderly man.

Paragon Strike!

Qing Shui let the Dragon Slaying Beast act as a support. Now, the opponents had already been made aware of how terrifying a demonic beast the Dragon Slaying Beast could be. Hence, they would try to keep an eye on it in hope that they could hit it away with one blow. This was because prior to this, they had tried various methods and yet were still unable to kill off the beast.

However, this time, the elderly man made a mistake. The real threat was Qing Shui. Furthermore, it was one of his Sure-Kill strikes. All along, Qing Shui had felt reluctant to use it. After all, he could only use it once everyday. The old man from before was very unlucky. As soon as he came up, he immediately became dizzy due to the Mighty Elephant Stomp, causing him to be instantly killed by the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Hence, for now, the only thing which Qing Shui would need to do was to kill the last remaining old man and the victor for the day would have been decided. That was why he unleashed the Sure-kill strike which he was most used to.

An attack six times more powerful than his offensive prowess; that would make it more than two hundred and fifty thousand Dao Force. It was absolutely not something which the old man in front of him could withstand. Upon seeing the fearsome Golden Battle Halberd approaching him, the old man’s mind went blank.


The attack immediately caused the surroundings to be in ruins. A huge crack could be seen all over the place. Not only was the old man dead, even the Ocean Demon who came to support the old man from before was sucked into a black hole.

A total of about ten Ocean Demons came, but now, four had died. Qing Shui contributed in killing three of them whereas Shui Yunfeng slaughtered the other one. Just before, even Shui Yunfeng thought he was left with no path of retreat. As things developed up to this point, he could be considered to already be crossing a river with Qing Shui on the same boat.

(Cross a river on the same boat: An idiom which means that two people are sharing common interests and working together towards the same goal.)

After killing the old man, Qing Shui let out a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, the battle was far from over. Furthermore, the thing which Qing Shui worried most had finally happened.

The remaining seven Ocean Demons suddenly lined up into a formation. Simultaneously, a sweet and piteous melody also came through.

The Song of Ocean Demons!

Qing Shui felt an increase in the opponent’s aura and strength. His side, on the other hand, experienced a decrease in their combat prowess. As soon as Qing Shui felt the reduction in strength, he immediately operated his formidable Nature Energy and Emperor’s Qi to counteract against such power.

Though he might be fine, the people around him had more or less been affected by it. This wasn’t Qing Shui’s main concern. The main problem was that the opponent’s strength has increased by quite a huge chunk.

Initially, they were supposed to have already hold the advantage of the battle. But now, due to the effect brought upon by the opponent’s formation, the situation of the battle hds slightly changed.

Nine Palace!

Qing Shui immediately summoned the Hell Nightmare Beast to defend against the Ocean Demon’s attacks. However, right at this moment, the Guardian Beast began charging towards them. Prior to this, the Guardian Beast was being hindered by the Hell Nightmare Beast. As soon as it was freed now, it right away targeted the things which went into its sight with its enraged flame.

The position where Qing Shui summoned the Hell Nightmare Beast coincidentally happened to be the position where the Guardian Beast would feel the Ocean Demons.

The enormous Guardian Beast immediately charged its way towards the Ocean Demons. Right now, the Ocean Demons had managed to set up their formations and their strength was also increasing gradually. They seemed to be preparing for something. Unfortunately, the Guardian Beast had begun charging towards them just as they were doing all of this.

Yan Ziyun was already really angry to begin with, but at the moment he saw the things going on right in front of him, he got even more enraged. The Guardian Beast joined in just as he was finally ready to cripple Shui Zhongyue.

The rage of Ocean Demons, Enraged Slash!

A slash resembling an enormous half-moon was slowly formed. It soon charged its way towards the Guardian Beast. It was no longer possible for him to slash Shui Zhongyue as he was already being guarded by the Hell Nightmare Beast. From the battle before, he could already tell that the Hell Nightmare Beast was impenetrable. Nevertheless, he didn’t find it to be a threatening presence.



The loud and sharp noise sounded just like an impenetrable sharp sword as it slashed the Guardian Beast.

The powerful strike almost slashed the Guardian Beast in half. Each side was almost proportional to each other. Qing Shui and his group all started sweating when they saw that slash. If the slash had been directed towards them, the consequences would have been unbearable.

This strike didn’t immediately cripple the Guardian Beast, but its strength was still greatly reduced. In just a while, a significant amount of the beast’s Spiritual Sense had been removed. Hence, the Guardian Beast was no longer able to threaten the Ocean Demons with its attacks.

Following on, the Ocean Demons once again made their move and together crippled the Guardian Beast. After that, they once again had their sights set on Qing Shui and the others.

Right now, Qing Shui had been left with no room to advance or to retreat. The opposing formations were also very formidable. Though he might not know what formation they had used, he was aware that it was equipped with both offensive and defensive purposes. Its drawback was it required significant consumption. This was quite a fatal weakness.

Qing Shui didn’t dare to move recklessly. He knew that the opponents would definitely not stop for a long time. If the battle was dragged on, it would only be bad to them.

He relied on the Hell Nightmare Beast that was in front to form a decent barrier. Hence, for a moment, the opponents would still not be able to do anything to him.

But right at this moment, Yan Ziyun took out a bow.

It was a red bow of decent size. On top of it burnt threads of transparent flame.

Qing Shui and the others were in shock.

Sun Shooting Bow!

To think that it would be the Sun Shooting Bow. It was a legendary bow. Legend had it that it could shoot down even the sun in the sky. Of course, it actually didn’t possess that much strength. Despite that, it was still an actual Divine Weapon.

“You guys are indeed in luck. To think that you would push me to the point that I need to unleash my Sun Shooting Bow. You guys can finally die in peace now.” Yan Ziyun said calmly. As he swung his hand, an arrow appeared.

Immortal Vanquishing Arrow!

“I only had three Immortal Vanquishing Arrows. All along, I have been very reluctant to use them. I used two in the past, leaving this one as my last one. Brat, you are really lucky to be able to test it.”

While speaking, Yan Ziyun slowly pulled the bow and reloaded the arrow in place.

The Sun Shooting Bow was shining with bright red light. It immediately dyed the heaven and earth all around it in red. The Origin Qi across the heaven and earth was also violently gathering around the Sun Shooting Bow. Very quickly, all around the Sun Shooting Bow, an enormous hollow image resembling the bow itself appeared.

Qing Shui’s expression changed. His heart started beating faster and faster. He slowly walked to the front. He was aware that he must block this arrow. There was no other way to do it as he knew that it couldn’t be avoided.

“Qing Shui!”

The Sunset Palace Mistress grabbed Qing Shui.

Muyun Qingge also looked at Qing Shui with a complex look.

“I’ll be fine! Don’t worry!” Qing Shui once again moved forward.

“I will take this down!” Shui Yunfeng clenched his teeth and walked out without any hesitation. He now stood right in front of Qing Shui and co.

“Elder brother, his target was me. Other than me, no one will be able to block it. Come back. I have come up with a strategy to block it. I won’t joke around with my own life.” Qing Shui stopped Shui Yunfeng.

Right at this moment, Yan Ziyun revealed a merciless smile on his face. He aimed his bow at Qing Shui and at the moment when he let loose with his hands, the Immortal Vanquishing Sword shot towards Qing Shui with dazzling light.

The arrow might not look very fast, but it somehow could make people feel that it was travelling at a fast speed. The trajectory of the Immortal Vanquishing Arrow could clearly be seen. With a flash, Qing Shui appeared right in front of it.

He operated his consciousness!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Mountain was also a Magic Treasure. Hence, he still had some confidence in it. The Nine Continents Mountain greeted the dazzling Immortal Vanquishing Arrow with fearsome force.


After a loud and clear noise, Qing Shui’s heart tightened. The Nine Continents Mountain immediately flew backwards like a meteorite. The Immortal Vanquishing Arrow, on the other hand, continued flying towards him just like how it was from the beginning, with exactly the same force. At this moment, Qing Shui could see the confidence within Yan Ziyun’s eyes.

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