AST 1752 - Yang Can vs Yan Yujiang

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1752 - Yang Can vs Yan Yujiang

“Why didn’t you take an alternate path?”

All along, Qing Shui has never felt good about the Ocean Demon Palace. Now, it got even worse after he saw the arrogant attitude and words from them. He no longer had to fear them now, so there was no need for him to endure all these grudges within himself.

He didn’t bother to explain why he wanted to fly above the opponents, nor did he deny his plan to do that. He only questioned them back why he needed to take a detour. 

Certainly, with his understanding now towards the Ocean Demon Palace, he also knew what they were likely to say.

It’s just as Qing Shui said, the middle-aged man who was leading the group asked with a cold and disdainful smile, “Why do you want to pass us straight on? If you take an alternate path, at least you will be alive, if you pass through, you will die. Tell me then, do you want to take another path? But even if you want to take it now, you no longer have the chance to do so!”

While looking at Qing Shui, Yan Yujiang never paid any attention to him. Instead, he was more focused on Muyun Qingge. He soon revealed the greediness in his eyes without the slightest scruple.

Qing Shui was puzzled. Logically speaking, with Yan Yujiang’s current level of cultivation, he shouldn’t be so shallow. Even if he truly harbored this intention deep in his heart, it’s unlikely that he would express it so obviously through his expression.

Qing Shui didn’t know that a majority of Ocean Demons were all like that. They valued strength the most. To them, only the strong would live and the weak served the purpose of being fed to the strong. This was the simplest way for them to demonstrate their power; Since I was strong, I could dominate you. It’s perfectly normal to do so.

The morals in this world varied greatly compared to his previous world. In this case, some things were pointless to hide. 

“There are important things which I need to do. I don’t have the time to talk nonsense with you guys. Please, if you will excuse me.” Qing Shui couldn’t be bothered to waste his time on them. Since they wanted to act like this, he felt that he just might as well fight them. He hasn’t tested his strength since it improved.

“You unbridled brat! Let me see just what you are made of!” Yan Yujiang immediately charged towards Qing Shui at the moment he finished speaking.

Qing Shui squinted his eyes. In an instant, his strength rose all the way to its peak. He slanted his body and immediately threw himself forward. The Golden Battle Halberd immediately got thrust forward with a force that’s enough to slice an entire mountain.


A loud explosion came through. Everything in the surroundings got destroyed with only a deep crater left in the middle. The Qi Force scattered all across the surrounding, forming ripples in the air.

Qing Shui revealed a smile on his face. He didn’t know if the opponents had gone all out. But while battling against him, he didn’t even move a single step back while his opponent got blown very far away to the back.

The Ocean Demon Palace of Yan Clan was only one of the branches of the entire Ocean Demon Palace. Despite this, it still didn’t stop Qing Shui from feeling joyful. This was because prior to this, the other branch of Ocean Demon Palace wasn’t a force that he could deal with alone. But now, things were no longer the same. 

Yan Yujiang looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. To think that such a young man would possess such a formidable strength. Though he had yet to go all out and even if he did, he would only fight him to a draw at best. In fact, he also wasn’t sure if Qing Shui had more hidden aces.

For a moment, he felt as if he spilled a bottle with five kinds of flavor*. Deep down, he felt really upset. It was an impact which he found unacceptable. It’s similar to an adult who got defeated by a child who studied in Kindergarten.

Right at this moment, another group of people showed up. There were about ten of them, just like the Ocean Demon Palace. Without much thought, Qing Shui could already tell that they should be members of the Northern Yang Palace.

The leader was a bright and handsome man. Compared to Yan Yujiang, he looked a bit more violent. He had a tall and upright figure. Both of his eyes were bright and dominating.

Seeing such a scene, the man nodded his head first at Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge before opening his mouth at Yan Yujiang, “Hm, why do you seem so beaten up?” 

He didn’t bother to hide his intention to mock Yan Yujiang at all. From this, Qing Shui could roughly tell that he had already seen their fight, otherwise, he wouldn’t have nodded at Qing Shui. This was a sign to express friendliness towards him. 

“Yang Can, what are you trying to act cocky for? Today, all of you will die.” Yan Yujiang calmed himself and said. Compared to before, he sounded a lot gloomier. In his exhausted eyes hid a violent fierce light.

Qing Shui got a bit upset. Initially, he had nothing to do with this. It didn’t matter to him which side got killed. But unfortunately, he just got dragged into the mess.

"It’s still hard to say who exactly will die here.” Yang Can said, contrary to Yan Yujiang, he seemed a lot more relaxed.

“Come, since it’s between the two of us, let’s go for a round. Whoever wins the match will have Xue Ji.” Yan Yujiang said in a serious tone with his eyes fixed at Yang Can.

As of now, Qing Shui already stopped talking. Yan Ziyu was indeed the son of Yan Yujiang. For some unknown reason, Qing Shui felt that what Yan Yujiang has just said was very stupid. From his perspective, it’s as if he saw someone's treasure, then just went forward and yelled, “Here, let’s take a bet. If you lose, I can have your treasure!”

In actuality, it wasn’t all that stupid either. This was how the world worked. It’s just like the current Yang Can, though he might be a bit angry when he heard that, after all, the woman already belonged to him, but everything was decided by strength, this was a usual phenomenon. Since they both looked up to the same woman, it would be natural for them to fight over her. It’s just that throughout the process, the person who was supposed to be involved in it, Xue Ji, didn’t have any rights to speak for herself. This, in a way, was also quite a miserable fate.

Before Yang Can could speak, Yan Yujiang already continued on and said, “What’s wrong? Are you scared? Do you consider yourself a man?”

Yan Yujiang knew more than anyone else that he mustn’t let the two sides work together. If that happened, accidents might truly happen to him. He was aware that Yang Can couldn’t beat him, if he took care of him first, the Northern Yang Palace would no longer pose a threat to himself. If that happened, he would have time to deal with this young man with all his might. 

What he wanted was precisely to force Yang Can to a corner. He manipulated Yang Can in front of everyone from the Northern Yang Palace. Considering that he was looking down on his manhood, which wasn’t something any man could take.     

“Alright, I will agree to your condition.”Yang Can clenched his teeth and said.

Yan Yujiang revealed a smile on his face and immediately charged towards Yang Can. A weapon which resembled a fork appeared out of nowhere in his hand. The entire body of the fork was brimming with silvery white light.

Yan Yujiang has planned his plot very well. As soon as Yang Can agree to it, he couldn’t wait to annihilate Yang Can!

Yang Can also didn’t plan to give himself in so easily. He greeted Yan Yujiang back with his huge spear. The spear was about two feet long. It had the thickness of an arm and was brimming with dominating aura. Out of all the different kinds of weapons, spear could be considered as the tyrant, whereas swords could be considered as the one with the longest history.

Actually, the path which Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd took was also the spear path and it’s even more tyrannical than regular spears.

It’s not the first time Qing Shui saw weapons which resembled forks. From his perspective, this kind of weapons was considered one of the ugliest kind. Despite that, it was definitely ahead of many weapons in terms of its usefulness. Its attacks were sharp, it could parry its opponent's weapons with sharp movements as well. At times, it might even give its owner the chance to take control over the opponent’s weapons!. 


The battle was going on at a very fast pace. After just a few rounds, Qing Shui could notice the gap between Yang Can and Yan Yujiang’s strength. After a while passed by, Yang Can was already showing that he was at a disadvantage. Despite that, he could still last a while in the battle.

Dragon Spears Soul!

Following a low-pitched dragon cry, Yang Can’s long spear seemed as if it came to life. From Qing Shui’s perspective, it looked like it has united into one with Yang Can and was giving out tyrannical, strong and yet cold aura. On top of it, intense Soul Force could be felt.

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