AST 1754 - Sacred Mountain? The Seductive White Jade Battle King Crab

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AST 1754 - Sacred Mountain? The Seductive White Jade Battle King Crab

When Yang Can heard what Qing Shui said, he got really shocked and immediately moved on to look at him, “This thing… Indeed, I do not have it. But somehow, I have heard about it before. I just don’t know whether it is accurate or not.” 

Yang Can seemed to be hesitating, as he was unsure of the reliability of the information. Qing Shui on the other hand, his eyes turned bright. “As long as it is a place with a hole, winds are bound to pass through it”. Since there were rumors about it, there must have been a reason behind the news. Hence, he smiled and responded, “Will you mind telling me about it? I will reward you heavily for this.”

“Younger brother, you are contradicting your own words by saying it this way. I am unsure of the authenticity of the rumors. Hence, don’t have too high hope on it. According to the legend, the forces which possessed the Sacred Mudra Flower are formidable and fearsome.”

“There is no harm in listening to it. Elder brother, please tell me. I will know what to do next.” Qing Shui only wanted to know who possessed it. No matter what it took, he must get his hands on the Sacred Mudra Flower.

“There is a formidable force which exists within the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave. They will not directly attack people, but they are very very powerful. Basically, the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave is like a backyard to them. Younger brother, if you can’t manage to find it within the cavern, you can test your luck on the Sacred Mountain. Nevertheless, keep in mind, do not get into conflicts with the other party.” Yang Can said in a serious tone. 

Qing Shui nodded. Deep down, he was happy when he heard there might be Sacred Mudra Flower on the Sacred Mountain. After all, there was only one force that existed in the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave. 

To further add on, the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave was located deep within the Northern Ocean. It should be close to the border of the deep ocean, or rather, in an area slightly deeper than that. Legend said that deep down within the true Northern Ocean, there existed the Land of Darkness. The danger one would encounter there was beyond imagination, it’s like the deepest part within Haohan Continent and the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain… Also, according to the legend, the deepest part within the Northern Ocean was the same place as the deepest part within other oceans. In other words, they all arrived at the same point and were all a part of Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. 

Qing Shui also wasn’t sure if it was true. Nevertheless, he was not in the mood to investigate for the time being. Secondly, it’s about his strength, Qing Shui wondered if he would be a Second Grade Divine Warrior once his strength reached ninety thousand Dao Force. He didn’t know for sure, as the difference between the First and the Second Grade were as much as the distance between the earth and heaven itself. If until now, he still wasn’t a Second Grade Divine Warrior, the difference would indeed, have been something unimaginable. 

Yang Can didn’t convince Qing Shui to go to the Northern Yang Palace. After all, he still had things which he needed to do himself. Hence, before leaving, he left Qing Shui with a promise that he must visit the Northern Yang Palace in the future.

Qing Shui also agreed to it. Soon after, he left together with Muyun Qingge. For now, he has found an even clearer goal. There were still some existing forces within the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave. Qing Shui believed that even if he couldn’t find it from the cavern, he might still be able to ask for one from the Sacred Mountain. 


On the fourth day, as soon as Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge landed from their Nine Continents Step Effect, they were suddenly greeted by an earth-shattering pressure. Soon after, a loud roar of a beast was heard.

Qing Shui wanted to unleash his Nine Continents Step Effect once again, but he realized that it’s too late for him to do so. He let out his hand and pulled Muyun Qingge on his back. After that, he took out his Golden Battle Halberd and slashed immediately.

Paragon Strike!

Qing Shui’s strength rose up vigorously in an instant. Without further delay, he released all of it with earth-shattering might. It’s no longer realistic to avoid the attack under this kind of circumstances. Sometimes, the best attack could also act as the best defense. 

Qing Shui’s offensive prowess achieved a terrifying level worth as much as Five Hundred Thousand Dao Force.



Qing Shui’s body was perfectly fine. The giant figure, on the other hand, got blown backward being struck by the force. While in mid-air, it let out a loud shriek and soon, the sky was filled with blood. For a fearsome strike like this, it might even be capable of flattening an entire mountain. 

It’s only now when Qing Shui was finally able to see clearly what the giant figure was.

White Jade Battle King Crab!

Qing Shui knew about the White Silver Battle King Crab, the Golden Battle King Crab and also the Violet Gold Battle King Crab. However, he has yet to see the latter. To his surprise, A White Jade Battle King Crab actually appeared here.

Qing Shui could clearly tell the difference between a White Silver Battle King Crab and White Jade Battle King Crab. The White Jade variation was a mutated version of the White Silver Battle King Crab. After all, the strength of a king was not supposed to change. This was the rules of their tribe. For example, the White Silver Battle King Crab would forever remain at the level they were currently at. They could never turn into the Golden Battle Crab, let alone Golden Battle King Crab. However, compared to normal Golden Battle Crab, the White Silver variation was slightly stronger. The difference in strength only began to surface when comparing the Golden Battle King Crab with the White Silver Battle King Crab.

However, in the case of White Silver Battle Crab, there was a chance that they might break through to the Golden Battle Crab or maybe a level even higher than that. The chance that they would succeed, however, was one out of a hundred thousand, or maybe one out of a million. Once a White Silver Battle King Crab died, another king would immediately emerge from the White Silver Battle Crab. 

Qing Shui probed the gigantic White Jade Battle King Crab in front of him. Its body was bright like jade. Considering that it happened to be so huge, the bright body it had made it looked really cool. The lining along its body also looked really gorgeous. 

Following on, what shocked Qing Shui was that the enormous body of the White Jade Battle King Crab suddenly turned blurry. It turned into a magnificent lady. Blood stains could be spotted on her snow-white clothes. She also looked a bit pale. 

Qing Shui remembered that the White Silver Battle King Crab also had a human form. Nevertheless, they still couldn’t get away from having some beast features. If one was to look closer, it was noticeable that they were a bit different than humans.

However, the woman in front of Qing Shui was a different case. Even the current Qing Shui was unable to see any difference between her and humans. It’s to the point that he wasn’t able to even feel any aura from her. In between her sharp eyes, there was a slight coldness in it. She had a slender figure, pale neck and also her huge breasts which pushed out of her clothes. However, the bloodstain on her chest explained that she has gotten injured. The injury didn’t seem to be a light one either.

Her flat stomach, slender waist, and straight legs… The white silver battle boots which she wore on her legs… Her body was shivering, she seemed to be in extreme pain.

Qing Shui too didn’t expect for the White Jade Battle King Crab to be so powerful. After all, a mediocre White Silver Battle King Crab should be worthless in front of Qing Shui with how strong he currently was. But this one, on the other hand, she seemed to be equal or maybe even stronger than Muyun Qingge. After all, her fearsome prowess was enough to get Qing Shui to worry.

What's amazing was the resistance of the White Jade Battle King Crab towards attacks. It was in a totally different dimension. The Paragon Strike only managed to heavily injure her instead of killing her. It was an attack that worth more than five million Dao Force.

“We are only planning to pass by this place. You are the one who attempted a sneak attack on us.” Qing Shui examined his surroundings as he spoke. He realized that there was a huge cave not far away from where he was. It should be the cave where she resided in.

“No one is allowed to enter this place.” A soft yet cold voice came through. 

Qing Shui gazed at his opponent curiously. To think that she could still act so stubbornly at this time… Did she not fear that he would kill her?

“You seem to be hurt. Are you not scared that I will kill you?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“Since things have already taken such a turn of event, I don’t fear death either. But the fact that you haven’t done it until now means that you would not kill me.” The woman said gently while looking at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt an aura which he couldn’t describe in words, spreading around him. As he looked at the woman, he began to find her seductive, so much that he started feeling some ‘changes’ taking place across his body. The Yin-Yang Image within his Sea of Consciousness let out a cold aura which aided Qing Shui in removing this kind of feeling.

When Qing Shui turned around, he realized that Muyun Qingge was also lost in her thought. Her face was blushing. Qing Shui then let out his hand and poked her Lingtai Acupoint. Muyun Qingge who soon came back to her senses blushed, even more, when she saw Qing Shui.

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