AST 1776 - Not Like But Love, Deeply In Love

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1776 - Not Like But Love, Deeply In Love

Luo Qingcheng had always liked Qing Shui before this, however, Qing Shui became more proactive after this incident. She knew he would not change so soon if it was not for this incident.

She promised Qing Shui initially because she was dying, even if Qing Shui went on to search the Sacred Mudra Flower. She felt that she didn’t have any hope to survive. So, she promised Qing Shui to be his wife after she recovered.

“Qing Shui, I……”

Luo Qingcheng looked into Qing Shui’s eyes, which filled with slight loneliness. After she saw his touched expression, she couldn’t find a word to say. This man cared about her. Maybe it was not love, but perhaps it was….. She could not be sure of the intensity.

“I know what you want to say, you think that I don’t actually love you and only care about you because of this incident. Didn’t we talk about this before? My feelings are true. It’s very easy for a man to like a woman, let alone to a woman like you.”

Qing Shui smiled while saying that, without going into details. His heart was touched when Luo Qingcheng blocked the Immortal Vanquishing Arrow recklessly. He made his decision at once.

When a woman could disregard life and death for you, could block in front of you without the slightest hesitation despite the life-threatening situation, it must be someone deeply in love with you if she was not your mother.

At that moment, Qing Shui thought Luo Qingcheng could hardly survive and regretted not confessing his feelings earlier. Those feelings could be counted as love.

God treated him well, although the Golden Buddha Lotus Aura could not heal her completely, it could extend her life for ten months. Luckily, Qing Shui only took around one month to get the Sacred Mudra Flower.

Hence, he would never hurt this woman who loved him. Life was brief, one should enjoy the present and make those who loved him happy.

“Do you really love me?”Luo Qingcheng asked carefully, looking at Qing Shui.

“Love, deeply in love, it’s not like but love,” Qing Shui said seriously.

Luo Qingcheng smiled, “You wouldn’t lie to me, would you? When?”

“Do I really have to say?”

“You have to,” said Luo Qingcheng in a serious tone.

“It might sound cliche. It was at the moment you stood before my body, that I truly realized my love for you. At that moment, I was really afraid that you’ll leave,” Qing Shui smiled.

“So, you only love me for this,” Luo Qingcheng seemed less excited.

“Oh, then why do you love me?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“No idea, I just love you,” Luo Qingcheng replied.

“Let me tell you, I came to save you back then because I wanted to play the part of a hero saving a damsel in distress. Silly girl, there’s a saying in this world that there’s no love or hate without reason. The origin of love remains unknown, but once one fall deeply in love. It’s not decided by only one incident as you realize it. If I don’t love someone, I would look for other ways to repay her even if she suffered that shot for me, but  I would absolutely not make her my woman. I don’t love you because you suffered for me, yet, that very moment made me realize that I’m deeply in love with you.”

Qing Shui said seriously while holding both of her hands.

Luo Qingcheng’s heart raced while listening to Qing Shui’s words. Her previous doubts were cleared at once. Looking at Qing Shui, she gave an alluring smile, “How do you address me?”

Qing Shui smirked awkwardly, “What about Younger Sister Qingcheng.”

Qing Shui recalled that it’s common to address a woman as the younger sister in his past life. It was deemed as annoying to call someone elder sister despite her older age. For sure, it’s more appropriate to address someone a lot older as an elder sister instead of aunty.

Humans were vain and hypocritical, they could be happy knowing something was fake. That was the charm of lies, a simple lie could easily get things settled or even gain a great advantage.

“Shameless, you have to call me elder sister and I actually like you calling me silly.” Luo Qingcheng said happily. Her slight smile, her gentle tone, and matured charm kept Qing Shui’s heart pounding.

“Silly, when you recovered, let’s take some time to marry and have our baby……”

“Stop saying that!”



Treatment for Luo Qingcheng was done in a secret chamber.

“Do I really have to strip?” Luo Qingcheng said shyly.

“You need to strip.”

“You turn around then.”

“I would see it sooner or later anyway…...Alright, I’d turn around.” Qing Shui turned around after seeing Luo Qingcheng’s embarrassed manner.

Later, listening to the rustling noise behind him, Qing Shui couldn’t control his heartbeats. After some time, Luo Qingcheng’s voice shivered, “I’m done……”

Qing Shui turned around slowly and could hardly hold his rocking heart after seeing Luo Qingcheng.

Luo Qingcheng crossed one arm over her chest and could barely hide the two dots. Her snowy fair breasts were full, firm, and round without sagging. Previously, he already knew that Luo Qingcheng had the most busty breasts even under her clothes.

They were full, rounded, and not saggy at all. Standing upright with pride, Luo Qingcheng used another hand to cover down there. Her tiny waist and slender figure were charming as if a tiny tree shaking in the wind.

Luo Qingcheng saw Qing Shui and leaned over slightly, looking embarrassed. She dared not to look at Qing Shui. Despite matured looking and alluring, she was a virgin. She only acted this way because she liked Qing Shui.

“Still watching?” Luo Qingcheng said angrily.

She wasn’t pretentious, anyone would feel uneasy being watched without blinking, even if it was someone close.

“So beautiful, remarkable and outstanding beauty.” Qing Shui smiled. He walked over and carried her in his arms.

Following a scream, Luo Qingcheng couldn’t help but cling onto Qing Shui’s neck. She buried her face in his embrace, reluctant to raise her head.

Flush redness spread over the snowy white mountains and enhanced her enticement.

She was one of the Mermaids with remarkable beauty.

Luo Qingcheng closed her eyes and lied on the couch while her body was shaking uncontrollably. Qing Shui did not want to make her embarrassed, hence, he quickly put on the Gold Needles to relieve her anxiety.

Without obstruction of her arms, Qing Shui could see her fair and firm curves. They were really so perky, so big, pale white, and trembling. They did not change in shape the slightest even while lying down.

Once started Acupuncture, Qing Shui focused and kept his spirit clear. His eyes shone brightly. Without realization, Luo Qingcheng opened up her eyes slowly. She was less nervous now looking into his clear eyes.

She liked this man, she sensed the deepness in his eyes and liked this feeling. She liked his seriousness at the moment.

Luo Qingcheng slowly relaxed now, a magical energy moved swiftly through her body. It felt warm and comfortable that it made her drowsy.

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