AST 1779 - Hell Battle God? Setting a point in the Soaring Dragon Continent

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1779 - Hell Battle God? Setting a point in the Soaring Dragon Continent

“Do you know which forces are there?” Qing Shui was just casually asking, without really wanting to know as that area was still too far away, he did not know when he was heading over to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain, or if he was even going either.

“It seems to be a multi-headed species, some three-headed, six-arm beast, a nine-headed serpent, and something like a Hell Battle God, I’m not too sure.” Lan Lingfeng casually said.

Qing Shui was stunned after hearing this, some mysterious memories in his consciousness allowed him to understand, though unclear, he was rather sure.

There were some traitors among the Battle Gods, among them was the Three-head Six-armed Hell Battle God, who worked with the Demonic Beast Kings and Demon Kings, along with a nine-headed serpent. Qing Shui felt like these opponents were not to be underestimated.

Qing Shui would not have stepped into the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain, but since it involved the Hell Battle God, he would have to make a trip, as a Battle God Inheritor.

Once Qing Shui returned to his senses, Lan Lingfeng continued: “Demonic Qi filled the air in the northeast three years ago, but we only recently found out that the White Deer Dynasty had been established by the White Deer Demonic King.

Qing Shui did not think that these many events had occurred in the past few years, then smilingly asked: “Have you been there?”

“We did, but were unable to see the White Deer Demonic King, the difference in strength was too large, we relied on big brother just to survive.” Lan Lingfeng laughed bitterly.

Qing Shui was intrigued, to have been only barely able to survive without even seeing the White Deer Demonic King.

Only after asking for details did he know that they were actually beaten by the two subordinates next to the White Deer Demon King to the point where they were unable to even put up a fight, thankfully Yin Tong’s Fox Basked in Tiger’s Glory allowed them to escape.

This proved the strength of the White Deer Dynasty. However, Qing Shui decided to wait as he was not in the mood to go. In the future he would go there, since his mission dictated that he needed to go eventually to establish relations.

Qing Shui was hoping to meet more Battle God Inheritors as their strength was still considered rather weak, with only four people even counting Muyun Qingge. It’s not that the other women would not participate, but Qing Shui was still hoping for a new power to emerge, as a single person’s strength was limited on a continent of this scale, which was why he was never able to leave for the past few years.

“Older brother, don’t go to the White Deer Dynasty yet, we can go together sometime later.” Qing Shui reminded him.

“En, our thoughts exactly, even if we went there now, we would simply be throwing our lives away, the gap of strength is too immense. The White Deer Dynasty has become extremely powerful these years, but thankfully, the distance from here is rather far, there’s no way they would be interested in a small territory like our Ice Domain Dynasty.

“Brother-in-law, you sound like you’re leaving again?” Xue Nuo raised her head to ask Qing Shui.

“Me and your big sister are returning home, we haven’t been back in a while, but we should return soon.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Oh, then when do you leave?”

“We’ll stay around for three days, then leave afterward.”

“Oh, then for these three days you’d better accompany me for a spin.” Xue Nuo happily said.

“You need to cultivate diligently for these three days.” Qing Shui was planning to guide their cultivation, there was no time to go shop.

“En!” Xue Nuo responded dully, but she knew that cultivation was indeed most important.

“Fine, little lass, I’ll obediently follow you guys to shop when I return, but for now, cultivate diligently, so that you can deal with any incidents.” Qing Shui rubbed her head.

Xue Nuo did not resist, allowing him to rub her head.

Qing Shui always treated her as a little sister, much like with Qing Bei.

In the span of three days, Qing Shui spent his time guiding their cultivation, nurturing their Constitution and not to mention the medicinal pills. Most of the medicinal pills were limited by time, so there were few that they could use.

Of course, Qing Shui did not neglect Tianyi, giving him unimaginable benefits in terms of Medical skills. He taught him the Soulsearch’s pulse-taking technique, the one used by Yuan Su

Just by teaching him the technique, Tianyi owed Qing Shui a debt he could not repay, not to mention he had saved his life.

Additionally, Qing Shui passed on a few common techniques and recipes for medicinal food making.


Three days passed by in a flash and Qing Shui left with Yiye Jiange and Qing Xiu without disturbing anyone else, merely leaving a letter in his room before leaving.

Dancing Phoenix Continent.

Qing Shui used the Five Elements Divine Flag, which could now bring along four people, a vast improvement from before. Qing Shui directly brought Yiye Jiange and Qing Xiu to the Yehuang County in the Dancing Phoenix Continent.

The increase in the Five Elements Divine Flag’s grade brought about many improvements.

Five Elements Divine Flag(Husband)!

Fifth grade, it can be refined with Blood Essence four times a day. For now, five checkpoints can be placed on the map. The number of checkpoints allowed can increase with the ascension in grades. The user can shuttle between these points once a month, each transfer can only be with a maximum of five people.

State: Already recognized its owner!

Can teleport to the person with the Five Elements Divine Flag(Wife) without restrictions. Limited to the two people who own the Five Elements Divine Flags.

With a maximum of five people, he could only bring along four others and there were already five points which he could set, one in the Central Continent, the Western Oxhe Continent, one in the Dancing Phoenix Continent and one in the Haohan Continent, while the one in the Divine Cave was not counted.

There was one more point he could set at any location of his choosing, but Qing Shui had yet to set it down as he was unable to change the point once he set it. He already had sufficient teleportation points and if he wanted to go to Linhai City he could just go to the point at the Divine Cave.

As for the smaller Five Continents, having one point in the Central Continent was sufficient. The five combined were smaller than the Western Oxhe Continent.

There was a point in the Dancing Phoenix Continent, close to the Soaring Dragon Continent, while there were two points in the Haohan Continent, but Qing Shui was still hesitant to set a point in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

The Dancing Phoenix and Soaring Dragon Continents were huge and though Qing Shui had already gone to the Haohan Continent, that didn’t mean that he would never visit the other two continents. No one could know if the two continents had any powerful existences, as Qing Shui had only experienced the tip of the iceberg when it came to the waters of the two continents, having only been around the Continent’s Capital. Additionally, Qing Shui felt that the future of the World of the Nine Continents was sure to be fraught with complications.

Qing Shui ground his teeth, while directly set a point at the heart of the Soaring Dragon Continent. He was edging on the other, unexplored end of the continent.

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