AST 1781 - Heavenly Saber Manor?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1781 - Heavenly Saber Manor?

Qing Shui did not ponder any longer, as thinking about it more and more would only make him depressed. He did not even know what mindset one should have about it.

Li Yan was not as carefree as she seemed. She was more mature and could feel the immense gap between herself and Qing Shui, and that was the barrier of social status.

Social status was still very important in the continents, in fact, this was true anywhere and everywhere.

She had once been with Qing Shui for a while and even knew that she looked like a woman he once loved, but no matter how similar they were, she was not that woman.

She was very conflicted, as she realized that was the reason, why they had gotten so close back then.


A while later, the banquet was prepared. This world’s customs were the same, if you were sitting, you might as well sitting around the dining table, while drinking and chatting. However, the happy dinner was disrupted, as over a dozen people rushed in from the outside. They surrounded the inner courtyard and a voice sounded out, “Soulsearch, come out!”

Qing Shui was still holding his chopsticks as he looked at Soulsearch with confusion. Soulsearch explained with a bitter smile,“There’s a force wanting to recruit me, I just delayed them back three days ago, and yet they are already back, what an impatient lot.”

Qing Shui began to wrap his head around the situation, he smiled and said, “That just means that Older Brother’s medical skills have improved again, what is their background?”

Qing Shui said these words casually, as he did not take these people seriously, he only found it strange for people that had the balls to prey upon the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Soulsearch’s hospital was still the Imperial Cuisine Hall, regardless of Qing Shui’s absence, this all still belonged to Soulsearch.

“They come from the force known as the Heavenly Saber Manor, a newly rising power, I’m not too clear but they seem to be very powerful.” Soulsearch lightly said. With Qing Shui’s presence, these matters were not even worth mentioning.

“Since they’ve come, Older Brother, let’s go take a look!” Qing Shui stood up and started walking out.

Soulsearch and the women followed Qing Shui out.

“Soulsearch, three days have already passed. We hope you’ve thought it through, our Manor Head is still waiting for your reply.” An impatient voice sounded out.

Qing Shui and Soulsearch began walking out. Qing Shui spotted the origin of the voice, It was from a middle-aged man with a sharp jaw, thin lips and a pair of eyebrows cocked upwards. He looked heroic and suave, just a pity that the beautiful eyebrows were ruined by his slit eyes, making him looked cold and dangerous.

It was not surprising for people to try and recruit Soulsearch, but for Qing Shui to have met them today was too much of a coincidence.

Soulsearch was a hot commodity, but no one was strong enough to touch him, given the Puyang Clan’s protection over the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Soulsearch was not in a hurry to respond and the middle-aged man continued, “The Puyang Clan can’t protect you any longer, we’ve already contained them in their own manor.”

Qing Shui did not move, as the opponents were not weak, but that was it. They were just stronger than the Puyang Clan. The only scary part was, what if he wasn’t here, then what would Soulsearch have done?

Qing Shui turned to look at the bitterly smiling Soulsearch,  Li Ji and Sou Yi next to him. With the Puyang Clan tied down, Qing Shui knew that this would’ve been sufficient to force Soulsearch to quietly submit.

Everyone had their own weakness and once people caught onto it, they could only submissively follow others.

However, Qing Shui was not blaming him, as only people with weaknesses would have emotions. Only those who were truly cold-blooded and heartless had no weaknesses. The equivalent of walking corpses.

“If you join us, we won’t mistreat you. Becoming our Heavenly Saber Manor’s doctor, especially our most valued doctor, is far more glorious than spending your life here. What other concerns would you have?” That middle-aged man did not want to force him, as if he forced him and he held a grudge, even finding him to cure his illnesses in the future might lead him to die without even knowing anything.

“Haha, the poacher has reached the Imperial Cuisine Hall.” Qing Shui began to laugh out loud.

Originally, the people who just arrived had already seen this youth, along with the pure and untainted woman behind him who held a small child. She enticed everyone, making them jealous and thirsty.

Qing Shui had already seen their thirst and wanted them to pay a heavy price for such wanton sacrilege.

“Who are you? What are you laughing at?” The middle-aged man wrinkled his eyebrows. He looked at Qing Shui, who have arrived here while giving off a strong aura and accompanied by a goddess-like beauty. This kind of person was sure to be far from simple.

“I’ve only left for a few years, and yet Yehuang County has already forgotten me.”

“You are Qing Shui? The Imperial Cuisine Hall’s founder?” The middle-aged man’s eyes narrowed and gave off a sharp glint.

“Oh, you do recognize me.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Good, good, I was just looking for you, to think you would show up right before us.” The middle-aged man’s voice turned cold.

“Looking for me?” Qing Shui smiled again.

“The deeds you’ve done in Yehuang County have not been forgotten.” Here he returned to his calm voice.

Qing Shui was naturally unable to forget, Yehuang Clan, Yelang Clan, Che Clan, etc, but he did not know what relations they had with this Heavenly Saber Manor, so he asked, “And what of it?”

“It seems you are unaware that among those people, many were our Heavenly Saber Manor’s subordinates.”

Qing Shui was indeed in the dark, it seemed like the Heavenly Saber Manor indeed had a background, but did not reveal themselves much in the past and yet they began to rear their head now.

“I don’t know some Heavenly Saber Manor, I only wish for you to not disturb my friends and family or else I won’t be polite.” Qing Shui looked at the man coldly.

“Truly a newborn calf without fear, you really think of yourself as some bigshot. Since I’ve seen you here, I’ll definitely bring you back to the Heavenly Saber Manor. Soulsearch, have you thought it through? I’ve already given you many chances.” The man turned towards Soulsearch.

“Tian Jiu, me and my brother move together, I have no need for your chances.” Soulsearch shook his head lightly.

“Fine then, we’ll bring all of them back, Heavenly Saber Slaughter Formation!”

With Tian Jiu’s loud cry, the surrounding experts formed a saber net, which encircled Qing Shui and the rest in its center.

Qing Shui did not move, after he saw the opponents move in unison, well trained and well coordinated, he could tell that the Heavenly Saber Manor was a force specialized in formation techniques and they had some achievements in this regard, given these people’s capabilities.

However, it was a pity that they had met Qing Shui, as using a formation in front of him was simply like a fool acting clever, a clown in his eyes.

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