AST 1789 - Trifle, Temporary Relaxation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1789 - Trifle, Temporary Relaxation

Because of Qing Shui’s strength, even if he wasn’t home that often, there was the aura he emanated. It made others respect him.

It was early now and there was still a lot of time before noon. In the main hall, Qing Shui took out the numerous gifts for all the people in the Qing clan. This was a habit as well as a hobby of his.

The things that Qing Shui gave to his elders were perfume related things. This world also had perfume, which was something that women loved. Each of Qing Shui’s women had their own perfumes, but would still use something lighter, which was a type of habit.

All of these were handmade by Qing Shui in the realm. The ingredients grown in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal were much better than the ones outside; although they couldn’t be mass produced, it was still enough for his own people.

Qing Shui also never thought of using perfume to make money. He wasn’t short on money now and didn’t think that there was really anything that he could spend his money on. Now that his family had its own business, money was no longer a problem.

Normal families would look at wealth; if they were rich they would be well-regarded, but Qing Shui had left that circle a long time ago. Money didn’t matter to the Qing family now; as long as there was enough to spend they were satisfied.

Qing Shui thought of the powerful clans from before. The ones that held power, even now those families were very rich and with their status, money didn’t seem to matter much. Qing Shui didn’t understand, but he had a feeling that his own family’s philosophy wasn’t too different.

Right now, the Qing Clan didn’t use a lot of money, nor did they want to earn that much. The most important thing was their strength; the collective strength of the clan and the strength of their descendants.

Watching the child in front of her, she felt very fulfilled. Qing Yi saw the few women along with their children and there were still others that hadn’t come; so many heirs...

Qing Yi didn’t even know what she was feeling. She only had Qing Shui, but he had many children of his own, so she had many grandchildren.

If Qing Shui wanted to look into it he would find out that his father, Yan Zhonge was traveling back and forth between the Soaring Dragon Continent and the Dancing Phoenix Continent. It seemed that he stayed on each continent for about three months. He loved Qing Yi, but he couldn’t just leave the Soaring Dragon Continent. There was no one at fault here, it was nature itself.

Qing Yi didn’t really need anything. She knew that Yan Zhonge had to be there to do important things. The Great Yan Dynasty needed him, so Qing Yi normally encouraged Yan Zhonge to stay there.

Yan Zhonge knew that in this life he would most likely have to move at the drop of a hat, but luckily the Great Yan Dynasty didn’t always need him there. Despite all the years lost and his busy schedules of moving between the Qing Clan and the Great Yan Dynasty. He was very happy.

Qing Shui also had a puzzled feeling. His eldest children, Qing Zun and Qing Yin were almost 30 years old, just a few years short, but if it were like before they would have graduated from college.

Unknowingly, Qing Shui had already been in this world for a few decades. He was already a 50-year-old man, even Qing Shui wasn’t sure of his exact age. That had been forgotten long ago.

This was a rule of this world. Once a strong martial artist had gotten into the realm of the Martial Saint, they wouldn’t pay attention to their age. At this stage, their life was increased by a lot. The Xiantian had a lifespan of 500 years, whereas the Martial Saints had almost a 1000 years lifespan.

At first Qing Shui wanted to cultivate to this stage because of the lifespan, so he racked his brains trying to find a way to create the Xiantian Golden Pellet in order to increase the lifespan of his elders.

If Qing Yi wasn’t a Xiantian Martial Artist, she would look like an old woman at this stage, but now her essence was strong. Her youthfulness was preserved and wasn’t looking very different than when Qing Shui was young.

His grandfather was the same, but when he reached the Xiantian rank he was already an old person, so he could not go back to being young. He kept his old appearance, but he no longer grew older.

But Qing Shui felt that many years had passed. He was no longer satisfied with the Xiantian realm of his mother and grandfather. He wanted them to be Martial Saints. He wanted his family to be with him for much longer.

So now he was thinking on how to make anyone, that couldn’t reach the Paragon level, to get to Martial Saint. He knew it was hard, very hard, because until now he hadn’t heard of any pills that could directly enhance a martial artist to that level.

There was nothing hard in the world, just people without resolution. Qing Shui believed in that phrase. He needed to destroy the shackles around his mind. Even if he didn’t have the power to do that now, all he needed was time. As long as there was time, there was hope.

He wasn’t sure whether his strength was equal to the Second Grade Divine Warrior, but it shouldn’t be too far off. To have 100 dao force was enough to be in the Divine Realm and Qing Shui had almost reached 140,000 dao force.

He didn’t really feel much. At the moment he couldn’t find anyone who could explain this to him. 100 dao force and 10,000 dao force were also the strength of the Divine Realm, because of this, Qing Shui didn’t know what to feel. The difference between the two ranks was like heaven and earth.

Everyone was able to receive Qing Shui’s gift; most of them were pellets or weapons. But of course, there were some martial techniques as well. Besides, Qing Shui also distributed all the things he was able to create outside, like the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet and the Fortune Golden Pellet.

After a while, noon was approaching and the entire family was sitting together. It was very busy. It had been many years and Qing Shui was very happy with the atmosphere at the moment. It had happened before, but now everyone was around him and he had become the pillar of the house.

After lunch, Qing Shui went to bring back other people. He thought about going to the Lotus Sect since Di Chen, Di Qing, Hai Dongqing, Wenren Wu-shuang, Qing Bei, Luan Luan, and Yuchang were all there.

These women had split into many different locations, which was enough to make Qing Shui run around for a while.

The strength of the few women had already been established in the Dancing Phoenix Continent, the Lotus Sect, the Hundred Flowers Sect, Heaven Secrets Academy, and Putuo Mountain. The allies of the Qing Clan also included the Demon Lord Palace.

It was just that Qing Shui didn’t know whether the Demon Lord Palace counted as one. Even though he had been with Tantai Lingyan for so many years, he didn’t know what was this impressive woman doing now.

Although Qing Shui knew the Demon Lord blood in Tantai Lingyan had already been removed, he was a little worried about their relationship. As it was said, he must strike the metal while it was hot. When he thought about this, it made him feel a little helpless.

He arrived at the Lotus Sect. He saw an ordinary land in front of him. It was a ravine with the traces of people and Qing Shui felt that it had improved from before.

On the walls of the giant ravine, many caves could be found. Even many small courtyards, which were intricate but not without presence. There weren’t many of them, but they were much more obvious than the caves on the side.

Qing Shui hadn’t even arrived, but he could already feel them. While he was looking around at the various courtyards, he was filled with a familiar feeling.

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