AST 1792 - The heaven-defying Luan Luan, First Divine Grade

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1792 - The Heaven-Defying Luan Luan, First Divine Grade

The time at home was well-spent; Qing Shui was very content with it. Deep down, he felt very safe around them. As everyone should know, he didn’t sleep for the entire night on his first day back.

Qing Shui had no issues with his body. He only managed to walk through every single one of his women’s rooms after sunrise.

Prior to this, though he did it with both Di Qing and Hai Dongqing, they were still not used to “sharing the same blanket together.” If that were truly the case, his already insufficient time would be even less. After all, it was not like they could get straight into doing ‘that’ as soon as Qing Shui entered their room. Hence, a lot of time was wasted on it. Though a night might be quite long, the problem was that Qing Shui had too many wives. In fact, Hai Dongqing and Di Qing’s rooms were the last two rooms which he visited.

Initially, Qing Shui had planned to not visit them if time didn’t allow it. In the morning, the three eventually eased up the things they had been longing for in their minds. Qing Shui finally visited Hai Dongqing’s room at sunrise after the early birds woke up.

Qing Shui stared at Hai Dongqing who was lying down on her bed lazily. From there, it could be assumed that she had rested well. Qing Shui had told her in advance to take a good rest as he would pay her a visit in the morning.

Though he didn’t make it clear what he wanted to do, she understood what he meant. She fell asleep quite easily despite how much she missed him.

“It’s time to wake up!” Qing Shui smiled as he sat on the side of the bed.

The way to judge a woman’s beauty was through observing how they looked like when they woke up. If a woman looked good at that time, all they would need to do was to put on a bit of makeup and they would already look beautiful. Similarly, if a woman was already looking beautiful at the moment when they woke up; once they applied some makeup, their beauties would basically be unmatched.

For the time being, Hai Dongqing could be considered as being amongst the highest class beauties. Her skin looked pale like warm jade; her face without any makeup was already enough to topple over cities. She leaned her side on Qing Shui’s chest and asked, “Are you feeling tired?”

Upon hearing these words, Qing Shui immediately rolled over onto the bed. Very quickly, voices enough to make people feel uneasy came through. The ability of his Nine Yang Golden Body enabled him to relax and stiffen his ‘weapon’ as he pleased. So long as he didn’t want to ejaculate, he could last as long as he wanted.

A woman’s body would get unusually sensitive upon interactions with the Nine Yang Golden Body. Even a woman with formidable strength and physique would crumble down helplessly if she ever ran into Qing Shui.

Actually, Qing Shui has never hoped for ‘his lil bro’ to react so quickly as that would make it difficult for him to be stimulated. Usually, he found it hard to feel aroused even after his women did come a number of times. If he was fully aroused, his women might not be able to withstand it. Despite how powerful they were, they couldn’t afford to lose too much of their Yin energy at one go.

With his Nine Yang Golden Body, he was meant to have many women around him. Deep down, his women were all aware of it. They couldn’t have felt it better. Even if one of them was to completely have Qing Shui for herself, she would never be able to endure it. Seeing the man she loved not being satisfied with her, it was likely that she would find it difficult to be happy.

By the time the noises in the room came to a stop, the outside world had already turned totally bright and it was breakfast time. Actually, everyone was aware of what was going on in the room; the thing was, no one bothered to interrupt Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing.

Fortunately, the two picked the right time to come out. After that, the girls looked at each other and started blushing. After all, all of them couldn’t know better about what exactly happened last night

Everyone already had their family banquet yesterday. For now, it was just Qing Shui and his family that were eating. Other than the children, the others had their breakfast with Qing Yi and Yan Zhongqiu.

Hence, Qing Shui felt unusually comfortable. While in the bedroom, his women were stunning to the point it couldn’t be described in words. Furthermore, last night, he had given the best things he could ever do with each of them.

Yuan Su was an exception. She wasn’t actually present and hence, nothing happened between her and Qing Shui. She hadn’t really blended into their world, at least for the time being.

She wasn’t sure if her conviction was correct. She liked Qing Shui. Though they hadn’t taken the last step, she didn’t repel any of his close interactions with her.

In the morning, Qing Shui began guiding them through their cultivation. He also took out a few Nine Revolution Golden Pellets and Fortune Golden Pellets. As usual, the one making the fastest progress was still Luan Luan.

Even Qing Shui himself was shocked by the progress which his daughter was making. The Heart of Seven Orifices was indeed very formidable. She was now already an expert at False God Realm. Furthermore, she had also experienced ten False God Tribulation.

Very soon, she would be an existence at the peak False God Realm.

As Qing Shui thought about it, and it was actually quite normal. Luan Luan was almost at her forties. If she hadn’t met Qing Shui, it would be hard to tell how she would fare with her life.

Usually, it was very difficult for people with the Heart of Seven Orifices to live beyond forty years old. Back then, when he first met the brat, she only knew baby languages. The things which she said, used to sound unclear. But now, she was already so big.

Time passed very fast.

Qing Shui let her take the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet and the Quintuple Portion Medical Recipe. For now, Qing Shui had only managed to find up to the Quintuple Portion Medical Recipe. He hadn’t managed to find the higher level one. Despite that, it was already fearsome enough.

There were also a few medicinal pills in which the Quintuple Portion Medical Recipe couldn’t take effect on.

Throughout these years, Qing Shui had managed to collect a huge amount of medicinal pills. He did so for the people of the Qing Clan. He even left some Fortune Golden Pellets behind specifically for Luan Luan.

Constitution Nurturing!

Qing Shui was very busy today. It was almost as if he was constantly on the move and hadn’t rested even once. In the morning, he boosted his women’s strength by at least one fold. Some of them have even managed to increase it by ten folds!

This was mainly due to Qing Shui’s Constitution Nurturing. Just like Luan Luan, Qing Shui has managed to increase her strength by as much as one fold and triggered her False God Tribulation, causing her to reach the peak False God Realm.

Under the aid provided by Qing Shui and the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet, Luan Luan once again reached a huge turning point of her life.

She stepped into the Thunder Tribulation of the Divine Grade.

Upon seeing the enormous thunder in the sky, Qing Shui had come to understand something. Furthermore, his body seemed to be undergoing changes as well, but he didn’t really pay much attention to it. For the time being, his whole mind was dedicated to Luan Luan and his women.

The thunder in the sky became smaller and smaller. It was not a surprise for Qing Shui that Luan Luan managed to withstand the False God Tribulation and step into the Divine Grade smoothly. What truly shocked him was the strength which she achieved.

Three hundred Dao Force!

Actually, this strength could already be considered to be quite decent, as a warrior with one hundred Dao Force was already a Divine Grade Warrior. Three hundred Dao Force was unquestionably quite a significant amount of strength. After all, this was only what she achieved at her earliest stage of the breakthrough. The differences of even ten Dao Force now would be significant in the future.

As of now, Luan Luan had more than fifty demonic beasts under her. Among them, twenty had already been with her since a very long time ago. With that in mind, she was reluctant to let them go. At Luan Luan’s current level, they could provide very little aid to her. Even after taking that into consideration, she still didn’t want to abandon them.

Qing Shui shared some Fortune Golden Pellets, Ancient Demonic Fruits and also Sacred Earth Demonic Fruits with Luan Luan. Certainly, they weren’t all for her. He went through their effects with her and let her decide which demonic beasts she would like to give them to. Despite that, he still reminded her that these fruits were quite rare and she should let demonic beasts with powerful strength and decent potential to have them. If he managed to get more in the future, she could let any of her demonic beasts take them as she pleased.

As of now, everyone from the Qing Clan had gone through significant rises in their cultivation grades. Despite that, when they heard that Luan Luan had become a Divine Grade Warrior, they were all in disbelief.

Actually, Yiye Jiange was able to accept it. She was well aware of Luan Luan’s talent. The only problem she felt, was that she was still too young. But when she started thinking about her type of physique as well as condition, it wasn’t abnormal for such things to happen.

Even without any aids from other people, Luan Luan would be able to step all the way up to Lion King’s Ridge in her lifetime. That was the peak existence of the five continents, excluding some of the clans that were well-hidden from the world. Following the increase in grades, Qing Shui could no longer confirm if there were any Divine Grade Warriors across the five continents.

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