AST 1798 - The people of Phoenix God Organization, ignorance

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1798 - The People of the Phoenix God Organization, Ignorance

Qing Shui felt particularly happy when he saw his women as well as his children. Luckily, the hall was huge enough to accommodate everyone. Despite that, it still seemed to be quite crowded. And his children weren’t even married yet!

Though Qing Shui was as old as his mother back then, but Qing Shui had already achieved a lot more considering that he had children like Qing Zun and Qing Ming. This comparison made Qing Shui felt that the current and the past Qing Clan, were like the difference between a city and a village.

In his past incarnation, people from the village tended to get married earlier, comparing to those from the cities. Qing Shui’s family in his past incarnation resided precisely within a village. A lot of them usually got married at their 20s; quite a few would also do it at the age of 18. The youngest one he had ever seen even got married at 16.

In cities, on the other hand, it was normal for people to stay single at the age of 30. However, if a person from a village hadn’t established a family by that age, there must be unique reasons for it.

The same also applied in this continent. The stronger a person was, the longer they would live and remain younger. Hence, they wouldn’t try to get married and demand for kids so early.

However, it wasn’t the same for ordinary people. Though they were stronger compared to the people from his past incarnation, their body would similarly start to decline when they reached the age of 50s. Hence, in their case, they would want to establish families when they were near their 30s. For some of the early ones, 20s or 16. After all, 16 was already considered the legal age when one reached their adulthood. After they celebrated their Coming of Age Ceremony, they would soon proceed to establish a family.

As of now, Qing Shui had already established a large family. Whenever he came back, everyone would have a banquet together. Later on, Qing Yi stopped hanging around Qing Shui and his family.

Usually, Qing Yi would stay with his husband Yan Zhongqiu while Qing Qing would be with Guo Polu and their children. From time to time, she would also hang out with Qing Yi.

Naturally, Qing Shui would also visit them quite often. Actually, it was very hard for Qing Yi’s side to stay quiet. Qing Shui’s children would usually be there as Qing Yi really liked her grandsons and granddaughters. On normal occasions, those little brats behaved quite politely. Thus, there wasn’t much for Qing Shui to be worried about.

Qing Shui also didn’t need to worry about them tiring his mother. As a Xiantian Warrior, it was still quite an effortless job for her to look after kids.

In just a day, not only did Qing Shui go through tremendous changes in his strength, but his wives and children also went through some changes. Qing Qing, Qing Bei, and the others were also not excluded from such treatments.

As for Qing Jiang, Qing He, Qing Hu, Qing Hai, his uncles and aunties, their progress had basically been halted at where they were. Without any special methods, it would be very difficult for them to see further improvements in their cultivation.

Though it might be difficult, with Qing Shui’s current ability, he could help them raise their cultivation slightly. This kind of method could only be done once in a while. Furthermore, the amount of strength he could raise was also quite limited. There has been a seven years gap since his last return to the clan. Hence, there was still some worth to increase their strength.

The Xiantian Golden Pellet was very powerful. However, it also came with a fatal shortcoming. It tended to wear out its consumer’s potential too much. Hence, after the usage of the Xiantian Golden Pellet, the consumer would find it difficult to continue advancing forward.

Having the Life of Spring as well as the Force of Rebirth with him, even if he couldn’t entirely solve such situation, he could still make some positive changes to it. As to which extent he could make changes to it, this would be very hard to say.

Despite all of that, it was still a great chance for them. Hence, Qing Shui was still quite happy and agitated about it.

The fact had proven that Qing Shui’s ability was quite formidable. Qing Yi, Qing Jiang and the others whom hadn’t experienced any rise in strength this whole time, had actually been promoted up by two grades in one go and achieved sixth-grade Xiantian Realm.

Throughout these years, they had still made some improvements. Though the Xiantian Golden Pellet might permanently halt its consumers progress at Xiantian Realm, they could still slightly increase their strength within the particular realm. Besides, they also received further help from Qing Shui’s medicinal pills. Truth be told, Qing Shui had been quite extravagant with his medicinal pills. Despite all of that, it was still worth it. Since they were all people closest to himself, he wouldn’t hesitate to let them take these medicines.

The family sat down together to have dinner. During this time, they would also share some happy occasions with each other. From time to time, they would play with the little brats. It was a joyous and harmonious moment.

Qing Shui enjoyed this kind of life. But if this continued for a long period of time, it was unknown whether he would still enjoy it as much. The wonderful thing about living was the colorful experience throughout the journey. It was as the same as the beauty of the distance between men and women.

After enjoying their breakfast, two uninvited guests suddenly appeared and demanded to meet with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui just came back and there were already people who wanted to meet him. But very quickly, he figured out who they were.

They should be from the Phoenix God Organization. Qing Shui could more or less figure out what these guys wanted. Actually, whatever they wanted had nothing to do with him. He only wanted them know that they should leave the Qing Clan out of it.

By the time Qing Shui reached the front yard, he could already see the two people. They were both elderly around 150 years old. As of now, they were already sitting inside the main hall and casually chit-chatting with each other. Though they could be seen smiling, there was a kind of arrogance on both of their faces which could not be covered up.

“Are you guys looking for me?” Qing Shui asked as soon as he went in.

While asking questions, Qing Shui was observing the faces of the two men. They wore luxurious, green-colored gowns; The two old men have taken great care of their look. Though it was obvious that they were already elders roughly around 150 years old, they didn’t have any wrinkles on their faces.

For example, the old man with a youthful face, no matter how young he looked, he was still an old man. This was a law which could never be twisted nor changed. Returning from being an old man to a child was nothing but a beautiful dream.

Both the old men had thin brows and eyes. Their smiles felt as sharp as swords. Similarly, their eyes that were slightly squinted also felt very sharp. To put it simply, they didn’t give Qing Shui a good impression.

“So you are the person whom the Heavenly Saber Manor mentioned about?” The old man on the left side asked casually while sitting down. This old man had a round chin, looking from far away, he looked like a person blessed with good fortunes. Unluckily, his face was destroyed by his eyes. If his chin had grown on a fat person’s face, that person would have a very likeable face.

“What do you want from me?” Qing Shui asked while retaining his usual calm tone.

“You unbridled brat! Do you know who we are?” The old man was angered by Qing Shui’s attitude. He immediately slapped the table and spoke back loudly.

Qing Shui smiled. That smile seemed as if he was looking at a clown that was jumping from the roof.

The gap between their strength was too huge. The two elderly men were not able to feel Qing Shui’s true strength at all. However, since Qing Shui was very young, the two old men assumed that even if he was capable of defeating the Heavenly Saber Sect Lord, he would only be slightly stronger than them. From their perspective, he was very likely to be a peak False God Warrior. In fact, they even suspected that Qing Shui had defeated the Sect Lord through dirty means.

Qing Shui’s smile had thoroughly angered the old man, the reason was very obvious. Qing Shui was smiling because he despised them and that he was mocking them. Everyone would feel uncomfortable when they were being looked down upon.

The two old men had gotten use to standing on top of everyone. Whenever youngsters ran into them, their usual response would be to immediately pay respect to them. The first reason was because of their age. Secondly, their strength also played a huge factor in it.

Strength was a very important factor, in addition to their age, even some people with a very high status within the organization would also talk to them politely.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. You are now in tje Qing Clan, tell me what do you want, I am not going to repeat this for the third time.” Qing Shui looked at the two old men as he got to a spot not so far away from them. He was still standing.

Naturally, the two old men were very angered by him, but when they saw him standing there, they seemed to have calmed down a bit. However, if they had found out that Qing Shui chose to stand because he felt it was below his dignity to sit down with them, things could possibly turn out for the worst.

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