AST 1802 - The Same Level Of Power As Phoenix God Organization

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1802 - The Same Level Of Power As The Phoenix God Organization

Qing Shui received the fine gold and said, “Don’t worry. You will definitely be satisfied with it.”

“In that case, I will take my leave now. If you need anything, go to the Phoenix Dance Mountain and look for me. You will definitely find me once you reach there.” The woman had planned on leaving first after she was done talking.

Before she could leave, Qing Shui quickly interrupted, “Please don’t go in a hurry. I haven’t understood a thing yet. How can you just leave like that?”

Qing Shui was quite speechless. He wondered if this woman truly didn’t know or she had intentionally left out the details on purpose. He was now the guest elder of the Phoenix God Organization, yet he was left out of the loop in regards to their current situation.

Even so, he didn’t feel quite right to go overboard with his inquiry. Basically, he didn’t need to offer his service or anything by joining the Phoenix God Organization. But because of this reason, he felt that he was going overboard with his request toward the Phoenix God Organization.

“Oh, what do you want to know about?” The woman's voice became softer. He might have heard it wrong, but her voice still sounded alluring, striking a deep chord in his heart.

“I want to know if the Grand War of the Nine Continents is real.” Qing Shui did not have in-depth understanding toward the Grand War of the Nine Continents or anything related to that. Perhaps the war was real after all.

The woman looked at Qing Shui and nodded, “It actually isn't as complicated as you think. In fact, it's a conflict between continents, just like a war between clans but applicable to continents.”

Qing Shui was instantaneously enlightened by the simple explanation provided by this woman. He was blinded by his previous thoughts but he understood everything now. There were actually a plethora of clans throughout the Nine Continents with each having their own scope of influence.

Where there was a benefit, there would be conflict. The Five Continent naturally was no exception to this phenomena. However, compared to the Haohan Continent which was akin to a large clan, Five Continent was more like a small clan with weaker influence.

It still wasn't exactly accurate to describe it as such. However, some powers in the Phoenix Dance Continent were actually considered as those with great influence among others. In fact, they would create conflict with others of great powers too. 

Sometimes, it wouldn't necessarily mean that no one would bully you when you were strong, but most of the time, people would find a pushover to bully instead.

The Phoenix God Organization was considered the greatest force in the Phoenix Dance Continent. However, it wasn’t the greatest power in the continent as infighting would also occur between them and other forces. There were countless forces in the Phoenix Dance Continent that had their eyes on the Phoenix God Organization.

The Phoenix God Organization had occupied several good geographical lands on this continent, as well as several fields of treasures. For example, the fine gold that was given to Qing Shui previously were produced in a volcano-like area of the Phoenix Dance Mountains.

This item was akin to the gold in his past life. It was considered precious and invaluable. Ordinarily, this sort of item would be ground into a token or something similar, especially things that were used to display the dignity of one’s status. Those who would refine such items were very rare.

“How’s the power of the Phoenix God Organization? Can you disclose a bit more to me?” Qing Shui asked after pondering for a while.

The woman revealed a slight smile upon hearing Qing Shui’s request. This faint smile almost caused his soul to fly out of his body. ‘An enchanting smile would overthrow a city’ wasn’t even enough to describe a woman like her.

“Of course I can. There are a total of 50 Divine cultivators in the Phoenix God Organization, but none that are stronger than you.”

Qing Shui was surprised by the revelation as if he had set his foot on a pirate ship. The Phoenix God Organization only had 50 Divine cultivators, yet none that were stronger than himself. In other words, the only one who was stronger than Qing Shui in the Phoenix God Organization would be none other than this woman…

“Do you regret your decision? Actually, I'm still safe and free even after you joined. There's no need to regret your decision.” The woman said as she gazed at Qing Shui, her expression was gentle and her voice was calm.

Qing Shui felt that this woman was trying to prod him into action by using the lowest level of provocation tactic. However, he found himself unable to disobey this woman despite the obvious tactic used. 

This sentence would definitely make all man die for her without any hesitation. 

Qing Shui felt that he wasn’t the type that was easily fooled by others. This woman was very beautiful, and would be considered as unparalleled in this world. However, Qing Shui did not have any selfish motives. Perhaps he felt that he would not be able to hold her down. Some people would completely give up once they felt that they would never obtain the treasure. Moreover, the thoughts about it would be discarded as well. If they didn’t do it this way, then they would only depress themselves.

Qing Shui rubbed his head and asked with a bitter smile, “Do you know any existences that are stronger than the Phoenix God Organization in the Phoenix Dance Continent?”

Qing Shui had previously spent a lot of time in the Phoenix Dance Continent, which was why he felt that there weren’t many forces that could be stronger than this woman’s power in the entire continent.

“There are two forces that are considered to be on par with me in the Phoenix Dance Continent. One of them is Fire Phoenix Organization and the other is the Golden Phoenix Organization. Besides these two, there are the Heavy Region Sword Sect and the Shadow Phoenix Pavilion.”

This woman didn’t have much to say, yet she had expressed a lot of her intention when she spoke. Qing Shui was shocked, when he first tapped into the Phoenix Dance Continent, his powers might have been too weak to attract the attention of these people. Now that he thought about it, he wondered whether he should be thankful for that fact or not.

Qing Shui remained silent. The woman then spoke again, “These people aren’t powerful enough when compared with me individually. However, if they are in a group, their combined powers will be even stronger.”

Qing Shui was a bit relieved after hearing those words. If what she said was true, then he had nothing to worry about. As long as this woman was keeping control over them, then Qing Shui would be able to make her hold the other two down…..

“If you are on par with them, why is there a fight then?” Qing Shui asked, curiously. However, it seemed as if he was asking her casually instead. 

The woman thought for a while before she slowly replied, “Both of them are my Martial Brothers. Actually, they aren’t picking a fight with me, but between themselves.”

Qing Shui looked as if he understood something when he gazed at this woman. Perhaps this was the rumored dramatic triangular relationship he had heard about. Those two of the same power must have fallen in love with this woman and turned against each other. As for who this woman liked, Qing Shui had no idea and he had no interest in knowing.

“The strength of Heavy Region Sword Sect and Shadow Phoenix Pavilion are very impressive. They are considered to be our formidable opponents.” The woman said with the intention to move away from the previous topic.

Qing Shui decided not to ask any further questions as he realized that he would gradually know about it in the future. After conversing with this woman for a while, he had understood quite a lot of things. The secrets of the Phoenix Dance Continent were actually hidden quite deep. 

When he thought about the vastness of the lands of the Phoenix Dance Continent, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that in the first place. And because of this reason, the Phoenix Dance Continent was able to compete with both Haohan Continent and Soaring Dragon Continent.

“The Grand War of the Nine Continents is actually split up into different battlefields. The Phoenix Dance Continent, Soaring Dragon Continent, Haohan Continent, and the ocean domain are in one battlefield. Western Oxhe Continent is in its own battlefield and the remaining Five Continent is in another battlefield too.” The woman explained.

Qing Shui finally understood this time. He felt that the disparity of power between the Five Continent was too great. He felt that he understood more after listening to the woman’s explanation.

Haohan Continent was quite deep. Qing Shui took a lot of effort to reach the deeper parts of that continent, which was the world of Immortal Sects and the Ocean Domain. The Sacred Mountain was almost the same as the Immortal Sects. Sheng Jun’s power was unfathomable. Compared to this woman, he wouldn’t be able to tell who was stronger than the other.

Qing Shui might be considered to have gotten a bad advantage in the end. Even so, he had never allowed others to suffer in his stead. He believed that he would be able to soar higher through the Phoenix God Organization. In other words, he would never allow himself to let this woman suffer a loss.

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