AST 1804 - Phoenix God Organization Core Strength, Seven Elders

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1804 - Phoenix God Organization Core Strength, Seven Elders

Qing Shui wondered whether Shen Huang had made Yehuang Guwu the second chief of the Phoenix God Organization because of him, he reckoned it was largely related.

If you love someone, you ought to accept their everything, it was a phenomenon. Shen Huang was willing to compromise for Qing Shui. All was in order to get him to the Phoenix God Organization. Now, she even made his woman the Phoenix God Organization’s second chief.

Qing Shui looked at this woman. He was unsure if this woman tried to tie him up with such a method. Still, he thought she wouldn’t be so superficial.



Qing Shui did not hide anything too. After knowing the direction and distance, he headed to the Dancing Phoenix Mountains using the Nine Continents Steps. In seconds, the enormous mountains could be seen in the distant.

Looking from far, it seemed like a hazy and borderless phoenix in the air, a phoenix which was ready to spread its wings and soar. The mountains were surrounded by thick and lingering mist.

Shen Huang pointed out in a direction and led the way. Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu followed her and flew over too.

The time they took to reach the peak was exactly the time that was needed for an incense to burn. The pointy hilltop was shaven to become a flat platform on the mountain. It was common in the mountains to either stay in the cave or build a pavilion on the flattened hills.

Flat grounds and pavilions could show class and status since only the capable and classy ones would do that. The poorer ones were out of choice, thus, they would stay in the caves as it was simple and economic.

Upon reaching the summit, Qing Shui noticed several men and women who were mostly older than him. There were many old people too, while he could hardly see any young men.

“Divine seat!”

An ordinary-looking elderly came to approach them. He was wearing a simple, gray-colored long robe with grizzled hair. Immediately, he stepped closer to Shen Huang.

“Elder Ye, please gather the others, I have something to announce.” Shen Huang said softly. Her face was stern but not too strict, showing the dignity of a superior.


The old man answered and left instantly. Then, Shen Huang, Qing Shui, and Yehuang Guwu walked towards the biggest hall.

As they stepped into the hall, there were tens of men inside, including Elder Ye. Qing Shui was impressed with their high efficiency. Shen Huang seemed to have an absolute authority in the Phoenix God Organization.

Qing Shui took a glance at the people in the hall. The Heavenly Saber Sect Lord was not there, perhaps he was not qualified to be here.

Everyone here was a Divinity, Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu felt overwhelming pressure once they stepped into the hall. It was an intangible and suppressing pressure.

This tension was nothing to Qing Shui but it was strenuous to Yehuang Guwu. After all, there were a lot of equally strong people here who outperformed her.

Qing Shui made a step forward calmly. An invisible pressure forced their minds to shiver at once, some weaker ones took a few steps back while most of them looked uneasy.

Qing Shui knew these people intended to show their initial strength. Given that situation, he would not be modest, or else, you would seem terrified.

Qing Shui’s counterattack cooled them down. They knew the terrifying side of this young man. They knew who he was since this young man was invited twice by the Phoenix God Organization.

Finally, even the Divine Seat went to invite him. They wanted to find out how did the man invited by the Divine Seat herself look like. As they saw such a young face, they were unconvinced and wanted to humiliate him.

Shen Huang apparently felt nothing. She walked straight to the stage at the front, which was only two feet above the ground.

“Let me introduce two new members, or shall I say one. This is Yehuang Guwu, she used to be the Elder of our Phoenix God Organization but she is now the second chief. This is Qing Shui, he is the new Guest Elder of the Phoenix God Organization.”

Shen Huang spoke slowly without bothering the astonishment of the people below. Instead of a discussion, it was an announcement. At that moment, Qing Shui thought this woman was overbearing yet not irritating.

“Divine Seat, it seems too soon for this lady to become the second chief from the Elder. She was prohibited to enter this hall previously,” said a younger-looking Elder.

These people who were allowed to enter here were all Divine warriors. However, the Divine warriors were ranked too, it could be a gap between the Heaven and Earth with a mere difference of one layer.

“Elder Wu, are you not convinced?” said Shen Huang gently before staring at the Elder.

The Elder shivered for a second and replied softly, “I am convinced!”

That statement confused Qing Shui as his words sounded unusual. The statement was implying that he was convinced by Shen Huang but not Yehuang Guwu.

Shen Huang stopped looking at him and drifted her eyes to the surroundings, “I don’t care if you guys are convinced or not, I trust my own sight and I wish all of you could make me believe in my sight.”

This statement sounded rather impolite, nobody said a thing anymore. Shen Huang’s strength was unpredictable to them, she could simply wipe them off in one move.

“Qing Shui, Guwu, let me introduce, this is Grand Elder Wen Xiang,” Shen Huang looked at the submissive-looking old man.

Qing Shui greeted the old man politely, “Hello!”

Qing Shui felt a strong charisma from the old man’s body. He was not as strong as Qing Shui, but he was at the peak of First Grade Divine Warrior with about 100,000 Dao force.

“Hello, Guest Elder Qing!” the old man smiled and said calmly.

After greeting, Qing Shui knew the old man was not a frantic person. In Qing Shui’s view, he seemed to have a great hidden strength. Besides, he seemed to take the Phoenix God Organization as his home.

Next, Qing Shui recognized the Second Elder, Third Elder until the Seventh Elder.

These were the seven strongest people here. The Second Elder was Elder Ye. The Third Elder appeared slightly rough and honest, his name was Zhang Zhan. He got along with Qing Shui upon their first meeting.

“Guest Elder Qing, please look at my battle skills later. I can feel that you are very powerful, definitely much stronger than me,” Zhang Zhan said to Qing Shui courteously and casually.

Qing Shui actually admired such personality, he smiled and said, “Let’s study together.”

Qing Shui was not overly polite since it would be a sign of rejection. It would be worse to act overly humble since he would appear like someone arrogant who looked down on others.

Fourth Elder Kang Long appeared very young, he was the youngest-looking among the seven Elders. He looked around 40 years old with a square face and prominent facial features. This was a serious and cautious man.

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