AST 1834 - Hard to find confidants, preparing to leave

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1834 - Hard to Find Confidants, Preparing to Leave

Sunset Sea King Palace!

Qing Shui was currently living here. He returned right after Yin Tong’s child turned one month old. Thus, he had been staying at the Imperial Cuisine Hall for three months and delayed it for yet another month after the birth of Yin Tong’s child.

Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng had already become powerful, but there was still much room to grow, as their strength was still rising rapidly. In this period, Qing Shui advised them to simply consolidate their foundations, without rushing or holding back.

Other than using medicinal pills to consolidate their foundations, Qing Shui proceeded to teach them fist arts to temper their physiques.

Even if they were Battle God Inheritors, Qing Shui still altered their course drastically, as their once-limited futures were now filled with hope.

Qing Shui recalled the burly man that he had cured in a month. He shocked that Foolish Sage Inheritor to the core during their spar last time.

Even more unbelievable to him was his swift defeat at Qing Shui’s hand. He was beaten down in just three moves and Qing Shui was even standing still. The strength difference was too much. Thus, he couldn’t hurt him at all.

This was a severe blow to the burly man, since he was offering his strength as the compensation for being cured. He thought that his strength was sufficient for it. He truly believed that he was somewhat decent.

However, his strength was not even worth mentioning in comparison to Qing Shui’s. After the fight, Qing Shui didn’t ask for anything. He was simply giving him some pieces of advice regarding martial arts and asking him to take care of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, if it was convenient.

The burly man was naturally willing. Though Qing Shui still didn’t know the man’s name, he trusted the reputation of the Foolish Sage Inheritor.

Qing Shui did not reveal his identity.

With the gradual merger of the Sunset Sea King Palace and the Easternpeak Dragonwolf Palace, they could be considered as the local hegemons.

Qing Shui was still wary of being the tall tree that caught the wind. Being too high-key was a double-edged sword and so he wanted the two palaces to slowly establish themselves as separate entities.

The Sunset Sea King Palace and Easternpeak Dragonwolf Palace were extremely low-key, and had yet to attract the attention of any powers, but it wouldn’t be long for such a peace to be broken.

Qing Shui was getting restless. Back at the Sunset Sea King Palace, Muyun Qingge knew the source of his troubles, but the other women were left puzzled as Qing Shui never spoke of his troubles after his return.

It had already been eight months. The Vampiric Empress was about to give birth to a Sacred Demoness and he was still torn over whether he should visit or not. He had been delaying the decision as there was time left, but with the date drawing near, he had to make the call.

Qing Shui frustratedly left the Sunset Sea King Palace while observing the various undersea creatures; each of which would be gorgeous treasures in his past life, beautiful tiny demons…..

Qing Shui moved behind a massive rock in a flash.

“You do miss me quite a bit, coming here to observe me sneakily.” Qing Shui smiled as he looked at Muyun Qingge.

“Bah, who would miss you. I just pity you and came to comfort you.” Muyun Qingge returned the smile.

“Wow, to comfort me? And how do you propose you’re going to do that?” Qing Shui licked his lips as he stared covetously at Muyun Qingge’s peaks. They held up her clothes, incomparably soothing to the eyes even barring the layer of clothing.

Muyun Qingge grew flustered by his gaze, but he refused to look away. After that, she covered his eyes with her hand on his face and said shyly, “You can’t look at me like that.”

Qing Shui could see the hand in his face, but she wasn’t able to completely block his view. Qing Shui could obviously feel the natural charms she exuded as a Drakaina. They were all stunning to begin with, capable of enticing others without doing much.

“You’re so beautiful, how could you be so shy?” Qing Shui teased this woman whom he never fully understood.

The Sunset Sea King Palace’s Mistress was mature, but she still gave Qing Shui a strong impression. While Muyun Qingge was very ethereal, she rarely came into contact with Qing Shui and kept putting up an act as if she were not smitten with him at all…

“I came with good intentions, but since you can still tease me, it looks like you’re fine on your own.” Muyun Qingge retracted her hand before backing off. She was about to leave.

“Don’t be like this. Since you’re already here, let’s take a walk. I need you.” Qing Shui smiled as he pulled on her hand, dragging her along as he walked.

They already had a thing going on before, but Muyun Qingge was sighing in her heart. She did not reject him and allowed him to pull her along. She was confused about her own thoughts, since she was neither accepting nor rejecting him.

“What do you think I should do?” Qing Shui held onto her hand tightly, as he said helplessly.

“Anything you do can be justified, just go with what your heart says.” Muyun Qingge lightly said.

“If you were in my shoes, what would you do?” Qing Shui veered off at the distance.

“Everybody has their own holy land. Even a wicked sinner, who is beyond redemption, is not an exception. I’m not you, I can’t act on your behalf.” Muyun Qingge shook her head.

“Wow, the little lass is preaching.” Qing Shui teased her and received a light beating from her.

“Go! I know you want to go, or else you wouldn’t be this confused. Act however you please, as long as your conscience remains clean.” Muyun Qingge looked at Qing Shui sternly.


Qing Shui knew that any clear-headed person could see the truth. He wanted to go, or else he wouldn’t have been conflicted at all. Since this was the case, then he wanted to live a life without regrets regardless of the results.

Every man needed a confidant who knew him best, or it would be immensely regrettable. Qing Shui suddenly felt like he had found such a person in Muyun Qingge.

There was a saying in his previous life that men needed three women; a wife, a lover, and a confidant. From all of those, a confidant was the hardest to find. It wasn’t just heart-to-heart talks, but a true friend whom he could talk to about anything and everything. Strictly speaking, this was impossible for Qing Shui.

Hanging around the Sunset Sea King Palace for half a month, Qing Shui bade his farewells without explaining anything, only Muyun Qingge knew about his departure this time.

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