AST 1841 - Complete suppression

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1841 - Complete suppression

The battle which seemed like it had a foregone conclusion was turned on its head, with the party of two suppressing the group of seven. Sheng Jun was feeling especially happy, but the Yakshas were so stifled they wanted to vomit blood.

This was Qing Shui’s strength. He felt like a shield sometimes, and a support at other times. He could reduce enemies’ strength and even increase the strength of the people on their side.

He had already used the Battle God Halo and with the formation, the difference between their strength was further highlighted.

Sheng Jun was not surprised, as experts at formations were certainly capable of these increases, but she was worried that she would be unable to get used to fighting without his buffs after this battle.

This was a feeling that Qing Shui could sympathize with. When he played games in his previous life, his side didn’t have a formation and the enemies did, so the enemies’ strength would be twenty percent higher than theirs. After that had happened, it would be uncomfortable and stifling without the buffs from the formation.


He naturally wouldn’t be merciful towards these people. After killing two of them, the rest of the army charged forward.

A human wave tactic was useless before experts, as one wave of his hand would cause a massive destruction of the crowds.

Qing Shui saw that the other five yakshas were planning to escape and he opted not to kill them to the last, but he would let them know that they weren’t an easy target. If they attacked, they must also face the consequences.

Dragon Slaying Beast, Golden Dragon

Qing Shui began summoning his demonic beasts, as being too low key was not always good and sometimes it was necessary to display absolute strength.

Dark Phoenix, Dragon Spider, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant…..

“He’s actually a beastmaster….” The burly man shouted in horror and shock.

The difference in a beastmaster and a beast tamer lied in the strength. The beastmasters were extremely powerful, envoys of the Beast God, and possessed some extremely powerful beast taming skills.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Golden Dragon, and Dark Phoenix could already cover the skies and with the Dragon spider’s massive body, along with its horde of demonic spiders, including countless Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spiders, venomous spiders and explosive spiders…..

These existences were nothing to the five yakshas’ leader, but ordinary yakshas were simply massacred. Even by the Eight-Headed Demonic Spiders.

Qing Shui was a one-man army, capable of single combat, massive warfare, and even able to escape easily with the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the Nine Continents Steps, and the Sacred Jade Divine Stone ring.

Mighty Elephant Stomp, Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp….

The battle was raging as the surrounding waters bled red and returned to azure again and again. Sheng Jun’s men did participate, but the vast majority didn’t need to.

This was an order that Qing Shui asked Sheng Jun to pass down. At this level, the people behind were unable to do anything. They would only add to the casualty count.

Encountering such a massive battle, Qing Shui was finally recognizing the terrifying aspects of the Dragon Spider with its thousands of underlings enough to cover the skies, as well as his other beasts, which intimidated the enemies.

In just half an hour, the battle ended. The side that earlier had no hope of victory, the one that was preparing to escape and moved out, had annihilated their enemy in just half an hour.

The Sacred Mountain didn’t sustain many casualties, but in the fervor of war, there were still a few dozen casualties, negligible in a conflict of this scale.

The other members of Sacred Mountain cleaned up the battlefield and Qing Shui simply stared around. He rarely conducted such massacres and didn’t know how many he had killed just now.

He wasn’t a fan of murder, as he believed that cultivation was not in order to kill others. Even those who walked on the path of slaughter only killed to increase their strength.

“What are you thinking about?” Sheng Jun moved next to Qing Shui and asked.

“Nothing much, It’s just been some time since I killed that many people.”

This sentence was strange, as he could casually talk about mass slaughter. In his previous life, the law was strictly upheld and murder was to be punished with execution. He was very clear of this since he suffered from prosecution even in a dream where he killed someone.

Sheng Jun was naturally shocked by his statement, as even with her cool beauty and smarts, she could not figure out what Qing Shui was trying to say.

“Why? Have you grown to hate this life?” Sheng Jun smiled as she spoke.

“Not grown to hate, I’ve never liked it in the first place.” Qing Shui turned to stare straight at this holy beauty.

“Don’t all men like this lifestyle?” Sheng Jun asked curiously.

“Although the days of drawing blood in battle are exciting, after a while, one’s hands just get numb and before long, one would be addicted to such a lifestyle.” Qing Shui stretched out his palm.

“Everyone’s life is up to their own choice. No matter what people think, fate has something in store for them, like how some people shoulder a debt of blood to begin with.” Sheng Jun shook her head helplessly.

Qing Shui recalled a phrase in his previous life, but he quickly retrofitted it to this world’s context, “Life is full of tramplings, since we can’t resist, we may as well enjoy it.”

Although Qing Shui had altered the saying to make it sound less shameless and intrusive, Sheng Jun couldn’t help but glare at Qing Shui. Even after changing the words, the meaning of it was still obvious, as the trampling had another meaning.

Qing Shui could only awkwardly laugh, he was no longer a kid and had to be more honest about some matters. There was no need to explain, since he didn’t want to feel pretentious and guilty.

“People in the Jianghu have no choice but to continue forward.” Qing Shui smiled as he walked forward.

Sheng Jun walked forward with him, soundlessly, as inner turmoil vexed her. This man had walked into her heart and left an everlasting mark.

She wished to get rid of it, but found it difficult to let go. She thought of many matters and found that she was unable to extricate herself from this, and totally disregard it. This man had become special to her.

Extremely special, but even she was unsure of the position he held. This wasn’t a curiosity, but simply comfort in his presence, that made it all the more beautiful.

“Does the Luo Slaughter Palace have any other experts?” Qing Shui inquired as he walked.

“Yes, but the ones that came today are their main force. The rest aren’t even worth mentioning.” Sheng Jun smiled, evidently very relaxed.

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