AST 1843 - Sword Dance

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1843 - Sword Dance

Qing Shui didn’t hesitate and answered right away, “Sure! Sword responds to its owner’s heart. When a person dedicates his heart into it, the sword will respond fully to his will. To cultivate a sword, one has to first cultivate his mind. A person’s mind decides how his or her attainment in sword will be like. Merely practicing swords will never get you anywhere.”

Though this principle might sound very simple, not many people actually managed to do it, or rather, it was just something which was simply out of their league. Even expert warriors like Sheng Jun might not necessarily be able to pull it off perfectly.

“Practice makes perfect”, everyone knew about this theory. They would all tend to think that as long as they had the talent and made sure to practice frequently, in time, they would all achieve great things.

This wasn’t entirely wrong either. When they were practicing their sword skills, they also knew that they had to dedicate their heart into it. A half-hearted effort wouldn’t get the warriors anywhere. The only difference was to train with half-assed or full dedication to perfect the sword skills.

By fully dedicating one’s heart, it meant to engage one’s entire body into the sword, so much that the Warriors would begin to stop caring about the trajectories of their swords. There were pre-conditions for this, the Warriors must be familiar with their sword and as they trained, they made sure to toss away their prior knowledges of sword and engaged their entire mind into the practice.

One with the sword. This was also another kind of realm.

Qing Shui went through the sword techniques and also the meridians involved in it. However, this was when the problem came, there were too many meridians that were involved in it and it could be very complicated. Luckily, there was no one by far, in this world, who knew meridians better than Qing Shui.

“There is a way to do it, but I am sure if you will mind.” Qing Shui said after a moment of thought.

“What way?”

“I am able to sense that the meridians throughout your bodies are all connected. Hence, it should be easy for you to learn it. If you are still unable to get it, I can guide you through it once.” Qing Shui looked at Sheng Jun and said.

Sheng Jun stunned. After that, she seemed a bit confused. She knew what Qing Shui meant, it was just holding her hands and guiding her through the sword techniques multiple times.

“Alright, even I feel like I am taking advantage of you. Let me guide you through the practice once, if you still don’t get it, I will do it again and again until you do.” Qing Shui said when he saw Sheng Jun’s reluctant look. His true intention was never to take advantage of her.

“That’s not what I mean… Well then, can you please guide me through the practice once……?” Sheng Jun said in a softer voice.

Initially, Qing Shui had planned to tease her, but he quickly removed this intention from his mind. He walked behind her and then grabbed her right hand which was holding the sword, “Close your eyes and try to feel the sword with your heart. Don’t think about anything. The only thing you need to do is focus.”

Because Qing Shui was behind her, he could smell a mild fragrance. It was very faint, yet it smelled really nice. This kind of fragrance wasn’t something that mere perfumes could compare with. It was her inborn characteristic and only people with unusual physiques would have it.

Sheng Jun, on the other hand, could constantly hear Qing Shui’s voice. However, as he breathed out, the air which passed through her ear tended to give her an itchy sensation, causing her heart to beat faster. Luckily, she managed to hear clearly what Qing Shui said. She then responded by softly saying yes.

On many occasions, many warriors wouldn’t really mind close interactions with opposite genders. Of course, this was talking about the most typical interactions, for example, two hands coming into contact with each other or slight collisions against each other’s bodies. Certainly, there would also be people who resisted against it, the woman in front of him was the prime example.

As Qing Shui grabbed her hand, he could feel that it was very smooth. He could choose not to go and feel it, but the clear sensation still managed to make him feel emotional. They were soft like jade, soft and smooth. To think that a mere hand was actually capable of such stimulations.

He held back his own thought. All of his women possessed these kinds of charms, it was perfectly normal for him to feel emotional. This might be a shared disease which all men possessed since it was completely out of their control. Some men felt that the other women outside were very different than the one back at home. As for the reason behind it, many people hadn’t managed to understand it.

The energy flowed through her meridians as they entered her body. This kind of feeling was something which Sheng Jun tried to resist against. It felt like an outsider was peeking into her heart and entering her body at the same time.

Though the two might be dancing with the sword together, Sheng Jun was mostly being guided along by Qing Shui. However, the two managed to coordinate perfectly. Qing Shui was leaning against Sheng Jun’s body and was slowly moving. He wasn’t really fast, after all, he only wanted to let her know about the proper way of using her mind, spirit, and qi.

The two’s bodies were perfectly leaned against each other, but because of the natural curve of the woman’s body, Qing Shui could feel her round and huge butt. Every time they moved, he would feel the friction caused by his belly and her butt.

The Yang Qi of the Nine Yang Body was originally designed to be an impulsive qi. Added on that he hadn’t touched any women for so many days, he was unable to control himself and his bottom part erected. It looked very obvious.

Qing Shui quietly moved his body away and started retreating backward. He tried his best to have no interactions with her, or else, the consequences might not be favorable. This woman’s butt was really huge…….

Sheng Jun trembled. She didn’t show many responses to it. However, she also seemed to be feeling uneasy. Qing Shui let her go. They were already at the last stage, the only thing he would need to do was to give her instructions.

Qing Shui was feeling very awkward. Even though he had moved away from her, his bottom part was still holding itself upright and had no intention to stop, causing him not to know whether he should sit down or stand up.

Sheng Jun blushed. She didn’t get angry at Qing Shui, nevertheless, she still shot him a glare. It was unknown whether she was angry or embarrassed. After that, she angrily turned her head.

Qing Shui rubbed his hand, “I am a man, this is beyond my control……”

“Believe it or not, I will chop it off.” As Sheng Jun was speaking, she swung the sword in her hand.

Qing Shui trembled. Very quickly, his bottom part settled back down. This woman was indeed ruthless. Nevertheless, he also knew that she was only saying it verbally. He had been trying very hard to control himself before this. Besides, the actual times when his belly came into contact with her butt were only two to three times.

Maybe because she knew that he didn’t mean to take advantage of her, Sheng Jun didn’t blame him, but since this was the first time things like this happened to her, deep down, she would still feel very confused. Before this, although she had figured out that some contacts were bound to happen, she never expected things to end up like this. In fact, she was struggling with her own mind when she let Qing Shui grabbed her hand.

Considering that the interactions happened while they had their clothes on, Sheng Jun could have viewed it as nothing significant. She was a smart person, she wouldn’t want to look for more trouble. Hence, she acted like nothing happened.

Qing Shui continued to go through the last part and demonstrated it to her. After that, Sheng Jun began to dance with the sword while Qing Shui guided her from the side.

For someone as outstanding as her, her talent should be nothing to be doubtful about. This woman possessed formidable comprehension skill. The ability to comprehend things could be way more important than mere hard work. Only those with good comprehension skill could strive for success. Without it, no matter how hard one worked, they could never succeed and become an expert warrior.

Qing Shui didn’t entirely have any reasons when he suggested that he wanted to teach her the sword techniques. Her main weapon was swords. What he was teaching her today was like a window, if he didn’t tell her about it, she might be able to break it on her own eventually one day. But there was also the possibility that she would never be able to break it.

Of course, not everyone could make it through the layer of the window as they pleased.

Very soon, Sheng Jun was already completely indulged in her sword dancing moves. Qing Shui also began his morning practice. He slowly practiced his Taichi Fists with his body facing the east. By now, the Taichi Fist was just a mere name. Since a long time ago, it had already been modified by Qing Shui, to the point where there was only a very little part of Taichi left.

By the time Sheng Jun came to a stop, she could feel an unusual change throughout her entire body. While standing there, she felt as if she was a Divine Jade Snow Sword. It was as if she had blended herself in between the heaven and earth.

Qing Shui didn’t try to interrupt her immediately. He waited until she came back to her senses. By now, though it wasn’t an epiphany, it was something very similar to that. The benefits she got from it was still considerably huge.

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