AST 1856 - Green Dragon Immortal Sect, he is a devil

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1856 - Green Dragon Immortal Sect, he is a devil

Liancheng Biao opened up his eyes wide and looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. After that, he was bombarded by a strong and powerful energy and got blown far into the distance like a shooting star.

Qing Shui’s figure caught up to him like his shadow. But right at this moment, the courteous middle-aged man made his move. He was initially already close to Liancheng Biao who was being blown backward. Hence, he managed to reach Liancheng Biao’s side with just one move.

He let out his arms and thrust out a mysterious energy to capture Liancheng Biao who was traveling at a very fast speed. By now, Qing Shui has also arrived there. Hence, the middle-aged man immediately struck Qing Shui with his palm.

Air Clear Palm!

Qing Shui almost yelled out. In this world, the Air Clear Palm might not be its proper name, but the two shared exactly the same essence. It seemed like Sheng Jun’s secret techniques might be inherited from her clan. But compared to this man, Sheng Jun was lacking a bit more horsepower.

This was only in the past. From the moment Qing Shui taught her how to use her swords, she had already surpassed her father in terms of strength. This was just an improvement in quality. It had nothing to do with time. It’s just like the reason why humans in the past researched on why apples fell onto the ground. Sheng Jun was already at the level where she knew that it had to do with gravity. This was the difference between her and her father. It was taught to her by Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled and countered back with his palm.

Single Whip!

Qing Shui has already surpassed many people in this world with his mastery of Taichi Fist. At least for now, Qing Shui hadn’t seen anyone who was better than him in their knowledge about Taichi.

There were also quite a lot of people across this world who cultivated techniques similar to the Taichi Air Clear Technique. This world prospered with martial arts. Compared to his previous incarnation, there were many more variations of martial skills across this world.


Qing Shui’s palm passed by the palm of the middle-aged man and was headed towards his chest. His palm was firm and fierce. Maybe because he witnessed Qing Shui’s techniques before, or maybe also because they both cultivated the same technique, he seemed a bit alerted to his attack. The middle-aged man cleverly evaded the attack as he already expected it.

Now, Qing Shui not only have the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, but he also had the Goddess Force. His strength has already risen up to around 800.000 Dao Force. Though he didn’t go all out with this Single Whip, its strength mustn’t be taken lightly.

Deep down, Sheng Yuanlong was in great shock. He looked at Qing Shui with disbelief after evading his attacks. He was now aware of this young man’s realm, after experiencing it himself. The power of an attack was also decided by the level of a person’s realm. For example, with Sheng Yuanlong’s realm, it enabled all of his moves to be boosted by two times. Then in Qing Shui’s case, his moves could be multiplied by five, or maybe even ten times.

Though it was just an example, this was precisely how it was. This was the fearsome ability of one’s realm. It helped to increase the power of a technique. But it wasn’t actually the strength itself which got boosted. There were also many kinds of techniques, one which focused on speed, one which focused on destructive power, and so on.

Sheng Yuanlong was shocked mainly because compared to himself, Qing Shui’s techniques were just like them taking different routes but aiming for the same destination. Strictly speaking, their techniques could definitely be considered as the same kind. He looked towards Qing Shui and asked, “Who is your ancestors?”

Qing Shui was stunned. But very quickly, he figured out what he meant and responded, “Have you seen any other person whose realm could be higher than mine? This technique is exclusive only to myself.”

Qing Shui’s words were a bit arrogant. However, considering that his soul didn’t belong to this world, it wasn’t that inappropriate for him to say it like that.

“You possess very fearsome realm. But I find it a bit ridiculous when you say that you are responsible for creating all of the technique yourself. Let’s not talk about the future. Three hundred years ago, there was a young man from Green Dragon Immortal Sect whose realm could rival yours. I am sure, he has improved even further by now.” Sheng Yuanlong looked at Qing Shui and said without blinking.

He wanted to see Qing Shui’s response. This was because he had begun to suspect that this young man, was the legendary young man who was well known since three hundred years ago. It’s not unusual to see such a young external look despite him being aged around three hundred years.

Deep down, Qing Shui was very surprised. He wasn’t that surprised about Green Dragon Immortal Sect. There were quite a few of them in this world. What he was truly surprised about was another young man who possessed the same realm as himself. It seemed that he wasn’t the only person who had been blessed by gods.

“The Green Dragon Immortal Sect seemed to be very powerful.” Since Qing Shui found the opportunity to ask about some useful news, he naturally wouldn’t let it go.

Sheng Yuanlong smiled and looked at Qing Shui. He seemed to know what his intention was. Nevertheless, he didn’t try to object against it and said with a smile, “Strong, they are very strong. Even Immortal Sects are divided into weak, mediocre and strong ones. The Green Dragon Immortal Sect is considered one of the tops among them.”

“How about the Five Village Immortal Sect?” Qing Shui asked.

“You know about the Five Village Immortal Sect? It should be an existence that could rival the Green Dragon Immortal Sect.” Sheng Yuanlong was stunned for a while. And then he continued on saying.

“Thank you for telling me that. Shall we continue battling?” Qing Shui smiled and asked Sheng Yuanlong.

“Alright, young man, I will no longer interfere in this matter.”

Sheng Yuanlong turned around and went to an elderly man at the moment he finished speaking, “Brother Liancheng, I do not want to interfere, nor is it appropriate for me to interfere in this matter. I don’t want to see my daughter getting into any sorts of troubles.”

Sheng Yuanlong left immediately after he finished speaking. This left Qing Shui very confused. He was able to feel that Sheng Yuanlong’s strength was very mysterious. He also seemed to not fear the Heaven Star Immortal Sect as much as what Sheng Jun described.

Qing Shui didn’t think too much about it. At this moment, Liancheng Biao seemed like he just came back to his senses. Qing Shui has shocked him before and managed to confuse him until now.

Liancheng Biao knew that he was no match for Qing Shui. Not only that, but there was also a huge gap between their strength. But he was not alone. There were two old men that began making their moves towards Qing Shui.

At the moment, Qing Shui didn’t fear them. The significant increase in strength had made him fearless. Hence, he quickly charged towards them and steadily unleashed the attack from the Golden Battle Halberd.

The two old men were first to take out their weapons. Not only that, they unleashed their killer-moves immediately. In that case, Qing Shui found no reason to hold back. Against the people who showed no mercy to him, he would let them taste their own medicines, even if they were from the aristocratic clans.

The old man whom Sheng Yuanlong greeted before he left, wasn’t among the two old men. They weren’t clear about Qing Shui’s true strength. However, they knew that this young man wasn’t that easy to deal with. Hence, they were very cautious when they engaged in battle. It didn’t matter whether you were an easy opponent or not, once you died, it would make no difference whether you were a genius or an idiot.

Due to the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, Qing Shui managed to neglect up to 800.000 Dao Force worth of attack and the two old men strength combined hadn’t even reached the value stated before. What concept was this? They were unable to kill Qing Shui even if he just stood still there.

The Golden Battle Halberd immediately swept across.

At the moment, Liancheng Biao’s face looked very pale. He never expected for this young man to be such a tough opponent to deal with. Though on his side, there were still a lot of people who had yet to make their move, no matter how things turned out later, he has already lost his face.

“Fifth uncle!” Liancheng Biao called out to the old man who Sheng Yuanlong greeted before he left.

“This young man is such a devil.” The old man said slowly to Liancheng Biao.

This words meant a lot. It could mean that this young man was very outstanding and could be of use to their clan. It could also mean that he was a very hard opponent to deal with and it’s no good for Liancheng Clan to mess with him. Genius? Devil? It’s easy for them to die young. Should they eliminate him?

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