AST 1866 - Change, The Great Confucion Dynasty

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1866 - Change, The Great Confucion Dynasty

Qing Shui summoned his courage and gently kissed her cheek before letting her go. It swept past her face just like a dragonfly touching the water lightly.

Tantai Lingyan froze in shock. However, she didn’t seem to be strongly against it. She was very panicked and confused with the situation. The temporary interaction between her cheek and his lips had caused her heart to start throbbing.

Qing Shui smiled at Tantai Lingyan before moving forward to carry Yiye Jiange and turned her around. With Yiye Jiange was carrying Qing Xiu, Qing Shui embraced her together along with their son.

After putting down Yiye Jiange, he continued on to hug Luo Qingcheng, Qing Hanye, Muyun Qingge, and Qin Qing one by one. By now, Qing Shui knew that he mustn’t show discriminations to any of them. Besides, Qing Shui had also managed to think things through.

Qing Shui’s return had been quite a surprise to them. For a long time, this man had rarely been at home. There were even times when he wouldn’t show up for years.

“How have all of you been?” Qing Shui asked casually while carrying Qing Xiu.

“We have all been great. However, the Ice Domain Dynasty has changed its king.” Qin Qing reported.

“What? The Ice Ocean Domain changed its king? What happened?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

Qing Shui wasn’t really concerned about who was in charge of the Ice Ocean Domain. With that said, Linhai City was the second largest city in the Ice Domain Dynasty and both Lan Clan and Imperial Cuisine Hall was there. If the Ice Domain Dynasty were to change its king, both Lan Clan and Imperial Cuisine Hall would be influenced by it.

“The Great Confucian Empire has managed to take down the royal clan of the Ice Domain Dynasty.” Qin Qing sounded a bit upset as she spoke.

“The Great Confucian Empire? Seems like they must be some sort of monsters to be able to pull off such a thing.” Qing Shui knew that those who were called empires were existences which greatly surpassed the dynasties. They were also much more powerful compared to the ordinary immortal sects. They were formed from many different dynasties.

“How is the Great Qin Dynasty?” Qing Shui was more or less able to figure out what had happened by judging by Qin Qing’s depressed look.

“Qin Clan has withdrawn from it.” Qin Qing said in an upset tone.

“Is your family alright?” Qing Shui asked in concern.

“The Great Confucian Empire hardly ever kill or injure anyone. They have said themselves that they had managed to convince people with their moral and used their overwhelming power to threaten us. Basically, it’s just another way of saying that they oppressed others using their power. However, it is true that they hardly ever kill anyone.” Although things might be as it seemed, Qin Qing was actually very happy. The fact that everyone was still in perfect shape despite getting thrown off the throne was already considered to be very lucky.

Nothing could possibly be better than a person being safe.

“The Great Confucian Empire sounds quite interesting.” Qing Shui was reminded of the confucian thoughts which existed back in his previous incarnation. Confucius was a person with great knowledge and wisdom. There was nothing which he didn’t know about. There was also another theory according to the legends which claimed that the Nature Energy directly led to the nine heavens. By merely swinging one’s hand, they would be able to unleash powerful righteous energies capable of penetrating through anything. It was even said to be immune to damage by any sort of treacherous and murderous sinister ways.

Of course, those were all just myths. Whether or not it was true, Qing Shui didn’t know about it. However, one thing he was certain about was that the Great Confucian Empire in the World of the Nine Continents definitely possessed this kind of power. Besides, Qin Qing had also stated it before this.

“As of now, more than ten of the dynasties nearby are already under the Great Confucian Empire’s control.” Qin Qing carried on and said.

“So in other words, the Qin Clan and the former royal clans of the Ice Domain Dynasty have now all been reverted into ordinary people?” Qing Shui wanted to know how the Great Confucian Empire had allocated these people.

“The Great Confucian Empire allowed the people from before to continue reigning as kings with the condition that they must listen to the orders of Great Confucian Empire. If they don’t follow their order, they would immediately be removed as kings.”

“I don’t think it’s that bad. The person who wins has all the sayings. It is really great that they are willing to do things this way. Have uncle and the others retired?” Qing Shui looked at Qin Qing and asked her.

“Yes. The Great Confucian Empire has even sent people here to inform us about it. Though it’s said that the kings would still rule their respective dynasties, in actuality, we are just their puppets. With that being the case, wouldn’t we be better off giving up our positions?” Qin Qing said while expressing a bitter smile.

Qing Shui smiled, “It seemed the Great Confucian Empire isn’t as generous and righteous as they are thought to be. Did they get upset when uncle made such decisions?” Qing Shui asked.

“Well, they were very generous indeed. They respected my father’s choice. Hence, the current clan in charge of reigning the Great Qin Dynasty is an aristocratic clan that has dreamt about replacing Qin Clan for a very long time.” Qin Qing sounded a bit angry when she said it.

“Later on, let’s go and find out exactly what kind of an existence the Great Confucian Dynasty is with me. What do you say?” Qing Shui was getting more and more curious about the Great Confucian Empire.

The Great Confucian Empire could be considered as an existence that was a level higher than the dynasties or the immortal sects. Qing Shui was aware that this was an opportunity for him to surpass himself yet again. Through the Great Confucian Empire, he might be able to interact with existences at even a higher level.

Hence, naturally, he wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. This once again reminded him of the Five Tigers Immortal Sect. Maybe the Five Tigers Immortal Sect possessed the same strength as the Great Confucian Empire, or possibly even more.

“Qing Shui, don’t try to provoke them. They are very powerful. In fact, they are like an enormous giant. The empire is filled with powerful warriors. It isn’t something which a person or two can stand up against.” Qin Qing was worried about Qing Shui.

“Don’t worry about it, I won’t act recklessly. I know what I should and should not do.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Yiye Jiange was silent. She knew that no one could change this man’s mind once he had set his mind on something. Qin Qing was also aware of it herself. She just couldn’t put down the worry which she had for him. She wouldn’t be blamed for saying something like this. In fact, it was perfectly normal and also an absolute necessity for her to remind him about it as he would be very easily discovered as soon as he started to make his move.

“Is everything alright on Imperial Cuisine Hall’s side?” Qing Shui asked Tantai Lingyan.

“Yes. Everything is going on well with the Imperial Cuisine Hall. In fact, Linhai City is almost unaffected by it. Nevertheless, there will still be some influence up to a certain degree due to a change in the reigning dynasty. As the second biggest city, there will naturally be people who try to talk to them. Their clan heritage doesn’t allow them to make any wrong decisions. Since the big picture has already been painted, they must accept their fate.” Tantai Lingyan said softly.

The breakthrough which Tantai Lingyan had experienced last time allowed her to progress ahead of the rest of his women. Even when compared with Qing Hanye and Yiye Jiange, there was quite a huge gap between their strengths and hers.

“Other than just accepting their fate, one’s destiny is also made in order for them to defy it. Though water may flow downwards, given enough force, such as a tsunami, there is a chance it can be pushed upward to a great height.” Qing Shui said calmly.

Tantai Lingyan nodded. Though it might just be one simple phrase from Qing Shui, it managed to cause a ripple in her heart. Before this, what she had managed to comprehend was just the Heavenly Dao. But now, she had learned to exert control over it by going with the flow and borrowing the force of the momentum. Naturally, the power that was unleashed would significantly be increased.

As for creating one’s heavens law, that was merely a dream. Defying one’s fate could already be considered as breaking the law. Rather, it was not necessarily breaking it but a temporary outburst. This kind of strength was capable of achieving a fearsome explosiveness within a short period of time. However, most of the time, it wouldn’t be capable of changing the law entirely. Instead, it could only break through the heavens’ law for a very short amount of time and changes one’s destiny.

Just like a tsunami, despite the water being pushed upward, eventually it would still drop back down and peace would return. But at the instant when it was surging upward, the current was undeniably very strong. The fierce power generated at that instant was even more violent than water which flowed downward.

“Alright. Let’s all stop standing here and go in.” Luo Qingcheng had begun to rush them.

Upon hearing that, the group advanced toward the main hall not far away. Qing Shui who was standing among the group of beauties had his attention on the charming little brat in his arms. Deep down, he felt a strange kind of serenity.

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