AST 1875 - Mutation, Nine Yang Dragon Soul Reaches Large Success Stage, 3.8 Million Dao Force

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1875 - Mutation, Nine Yang Dragon Soul Reaches Large Success Stage, 3.8 Million Dao Force

A person's comprehension was in just a moment!

A great awakening. The path of comprehension was one that was extremely mysterious. An instant moment of comprehension allowed one to immediately gain great enlightenment.

Although Qing Shui hadn't reached the level of gaining immediate enlightenment, at this moment, the great benefits he gained was not something that could be compared with any others. It was tremendous. This was an extremely mysterious feeling, just like how it was for the Goddess Force from before. The same amount of damage but in a completely different way.

Qing Shui felt as if he had been reborn. Even the aura he exuded seemed to have changed and the natural aura that he exuded had become more powerful. His vision had expanded and the heroic energy and Nature Energy in his body had become more condensed than before.

It was after a while before Qing Shui woke up from this feeling and the Second Young Master Hua was still drunk in his feelings of happiness. After all, his body had suddenly gotten well and such a blissful impact made him felt at a loss. He even wondered if he was dreaming.

"Come here every day for the next two months. You'll completely recover after that. During this period of time, you can challenge me any time. Within these two months, you might think that I won't be able to heal you if anything was to happen to me. You can challenge me after the two months. Don't worry, since I said that I'll treat you completely, I won't play any tricks. I can assure you this. I don't think of myself as a good person, but I'm definitely a person who makes good of my words." Qing Shui drew out the needles as he continued.

He knew that even if Second Young Master Hua could kill him now, he wouldn't do it. Moreover, Qing Shui wasn't afraid of sneak attacks. Putting aside the fact that he had the Paragon Golden Armor, he still had absolute confidence that he would be able to dodge any sneak attacks.

One would have to pay a price to get profits and lose something to gain. Qing Shui wasn't sure if the thing he was doing was right, but he knew that there was a balance between the price and profits, and what he gained would be more than what he would lose. Moreover, it was still unknown if he would have any losses.

He wasn't afraid even if the Second Young Master Hua was to attack him after two months, not even if he had the Great Confucian Empire backing him up.

Qing Shui's influence wasn't enough, but there were still quite a number of experts on his side. The forces his women were in already counted as quite a considerable backer.

Second Young Master Hua nodded, "I will. Even though I've been hating you all these while, I believe in what you said earlier."

Second Young Master Hua and the others left then Lan Lingfeng and the group walked up to Qing Shui, "How is it? Do you have the confidence to deal with him?"

"He's not enough to be a threat, but I don't know how the Great Confucian Empire is. Don't act recklessly for now. After all, it's already like this. Let's just wait. When the time comes, there should be people who will jump out to go up against the Great Confucian Empire." Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"Brother, are you trying to drag things out for these two months?" Yin Tong gave it some thought and said.

"Yes and no. I'll really be providing the Second Young Master Hua with treatment. Despite so, if he still doesn't know any better after the two months are up and still wishes to court death, I won't mind killing him." Qing Shui was thinking about many things but his mind was still very clear.

Right now, he understood some deeper principles. There were no eternal enemies nor everlasting friendships. However, even though he didn't agree with eternal interests, it was hard to get out of it at times. It was because interests didn't just involve money. Many things could be considered one's interests and benefits.

Therefore, he was still unable to get out of such relationships.

Qing Shui felt that the vengeance he had in the past now seemed like a fighting between young kids. This was due to an increase in his realm. Many things now appeared to be insignificant and compared to before, his feelings and vision were now much wider.

Right now, Qing Shui could understand better why some people in his previous life would handle many things to almost perfection. In his previous life, he was a person without any achievements and could be troubled by many simple things. He had neither money nor power and would have to make a lot of effort to get something simple done. Yet, there would always be people who could solve the same problem with just a single word.

Qing Shui had made a new comprehension. He had no idea if it had to do with his identity, but even if he didn't have control over any forces and was just an ordinary person, he would still be able to make great achievements with his current realm. This was something that was similar to the experiences and knowledge that people from Qing Shui's previous life would have.

In the world of the nine continents, this thing was even more amazing. It could make one's physical strength and soul stronger. It was something that didn't exist in Qing Shui's previous life.

Yin Tong looked at Qing Shui and sensed that something about him had changed, but he couldn't put it to a word. He didn't say anything. He knew that both he and Lan Lingfeng were a lot weaker compared to Qing Shui and they had an absolute confidence in him.

Qing Shui had initially been ready to fight, but the change in this matter was something which even he hadn't expected. It was a sudden change of mind and a sudden decision. Clearly, what he had done this time was the right thing.

In this world, the strong was revered. However, Qing Shui didn't think the same. He still preferred to talk reason first. When one was on the side of reason, they would be able to have a peace of mind. Right now, his understanding was even deeper and felt that being on the side of the reason wasn't so that he could flaunt it to others, but it was for himself. Reason, to a certain degree, was considered as the Heavenly Dao.

No matter how serious something was, there was reasoning. Reason was the regulations of the Heavenly Dao!

Thinking of this, Qing Shui suddenly felt as if some kind of power was merging in his body. The Goddess Force, Nature Energy, Nine Yang Dragon Soul...

This time around, it was very fast. It seemed to be only an instant, yet felt very long as well. These forces didn't change a lot but just mysteriously merged into his bones and meridian channels. If it wasn't for the amazing feeling he was sensing right now, Qing Shui would have thought that what he experienced before was just an illusion.

This was the force of the soul. The Goddess Force and some other powers had merged into the Nine Yang Force, allowing its realm to make a huge progress.

Nine Yang Dragon Soul: Large success stage. Increases the power of the soul as well as the body's physical strength and defense. Allows all abilities to increase by nine folds at any time and place. The Nine Yang Dragon Soul can cause the force of a soul that was several times stronger than it to be wiped out instantly. However, it will not have similar advantages when dealing with existences, other than the power of the soul or a few other types of unique power.

This time around, the mysterious realm allowed the Nine Yang Dragon Soul to reach a breakthrough to the large success stage. This was not all. Even the Nine Yang Dragon Soul had gone through a huge change. It wasn't just effective against the force of one's soul but also effective against ordinary attacks. However, it was only highly destructive toward forces of the soul.

The effects after the breakthrough were much better than what Qing Shui had expected it to be. He knew that this was because the Goddess Force and some other forces had been merged together. the Goddess Force was a force that could increase damages and it was now merged into the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, causing its prowess to be extremely terrifying.

Qing Shui initially had about 850,000 dao force, but now he reached around 3.8 million dao force. The increase was close to five times. The Paragon Strike's prowess had also reached 20 million dao force and Qing Shui's own defense had also surpassed this number.

Even if he were to encounter cultivators of the same level with a strength of several million dao force, it would be hard for them to break through his defenses.

Qing Shui leaped up and sensed the mysterious feeling in his body, finding it hard to describe the benefits he had received this time around.

Even a windfall would only be the tip of an iceberg compared to the benefits that he had reaped this time around.

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