AST 1877 - Tantai Lingyan, Glacier Divine Sword

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1877 - Tantai Lingyan, Glacier Divine Sword

Today, Tantai Lingyan was practicing alone in the backyard. She seemed to have run into a tough problem. She would from time to time, think about the matter while practicing at the same time. No one was there to interrupt her.

The snow-white Goddess Sword shone brightly when held by her jade-like hand that seemed just as pale. The contrast between her skin and the sword itself has managed to form quite a stunning scene. As she swayed the sword, People could see the combination of her strength and agility. This kind of beauty leaned more towards her gracefulness and smoothness.

Her figure was dancing gracefully within the small area. Everything around her seemed to have its own melody as they slowly followed and moved along Tantai Lingyan.

Unexpectedly, Qing Shui has also arrived in the backyard. He looked at Tantai Lingyan from far away, slowly observing the agile and graceful sword techniques. Her sword was like a part of herself, extraordinary and cold. It moved like a pure glacier descending without even a single impurity.

Suddenly, Qing Shui remembered something. He then went to Tantai Lingyan.

Tantai Lingyan sensed Qing Shui’s aura and lifted up her head to look at him. She then revealed a faint smile on his face. That faint smile was even warmer than the sun rising in the east. Though she might be cold, that smile was incomparably warm from Qing Shui’s perspective.

The Glacier Divine Sword!

Qing Shui remembered the formidable Divine Technique from his previous incarnation. It was a formidable sword technique. The Glacier Divine Sword, when the sword was unsheathed, it felt like an overwhelming violent glacier covering the very ground. Certainly, this was a legendary sword technique from his past incarnation. But it wasn’t known whether anyone has managed to cultivate it to an advanced stage.

However, unlike in his previous incarnation. In this world, they could certainly unleash the full potential of the sword technique.

Certainly, Qing Shui has only heard about such sword technique back in his previous incarnation. Nevertheless, this was all he needed. Though he only heard about some simple mnemonic chants, by relying on his comprehension ability, Qing Shui was capable of creating new sword techniques. It was even easier now that he knew a lot of the clues regarding the sword technique.

The glacier focused on having a violent might. It was water attributed among the five elements and was an extremely gentle technique. Water flowed downwards. As it continued flowing down about ten thousand Lis, the water at this moment would have generated so much momentum that it would possess a fearsome and violent strength. However, the glacier was formed as a result of water freezing. The sharp glacier wasn’t any inferior compared to a normal sword and by adding in the fierce strength generated from the momentum of the water. It was not hard to figure out the strength it would possess by now.

Qing Shui grabbed Tantai Lingyan’s hand and immediately appeared mid-air in a flash. They were very high up in the sky.

Tantai Lingyan wasn’t worried at all. By now, Qing Shui could very naturally grab her hands or even hug her. Though that was the most that he could do for now, he could already do it very naturally to her. Qing Shui also didn’t want to force her, but at the same time, he wanted to let her be aware of his love and gave her the warmth of being loved.

“I happened to see your sword techniques just now. You seem to be very adapted to it.” Qing Shui grabbed her hand as he slowly glided across the sky.

Though they were already very high up in the sky, blankets of clouds could still be seen floating around them. The oxygen here was sufficient enough to prevent them from suffocating and as usual, it was also filled with Spiritual Qi. The wind generated in the sky was very strong, but they proved to be insignificant in front of Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan.

“It’s the sword techniques of the Goddess Sword from last time. I have managed to make some modifications to it and added some additional stuff into the original basic techniques. The only problem is, it doesn’t seem to be working out quite well for me.” Tantai Lingyan seemed to have seen through many things. When she first said it, she didn’t sound that upset.

She has already obtained enough. Besides, creating new moves and making modifications to already existing skills were both very difficult tasks to achieve, let alone the things that she made modifications to was her very own Goddess Inheritance.

Maybe it was just a coincidence. At least this was what Qing Shui suspected. He then smiled and looked at Tantai Lingyan, “Maybe I can be of help to you. I saw your techniques just now and I have a feeling that I may know exactly what you are after.”

“Here, give me the sword.”

Qing Shui smiled as he let out his arms.

Tantai Lingyan was stunned before she carried on and passed her Goddess’ Sword to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled as he took it over. He then moved forward, “From what I feel, you seem to hope that your sword techniques can be more violent yet pure at the same time.

“This is a set of Glacier Divine Sword. It can also be considered as your inherited Goddess’ Sword. Yan`Er, look closely, you must have a very clear state of mind without even a single distraction when using such sword techniques. It is a kind of complicated yet perfectly simple combination. A clean sword that doesn’t contain even the slightest impurities.”

As Qing Shui moved, the clouds around him could be seen floating constantly. They were surrounding Qing Shui, but they weren’t violent at all. They didn’t surround Qing Shui to the point that Qing Shui was invisible. It was just merely gathering the clouds all around him in this wide area.

This was a very mysterious feeling. At this moment, Qing Shui once again immersed himself into a mysterious feeling. It was as if the entire world had become a land of ice. Even ten thousand Lis ahead of him, snowflakes could be seen floating around.

This was a snow-white world. It didn’t contain even a single impurity in it. Qing Shui was swaying his sword around.

At the instant he moved, the entire world changed. The snow was falling around him and the clouds also became very uneasy and violent at the same time, while The wind was getting stronger and stronger.

The big and heavy snowfall engulfed the area. Very quickly, the snow collected together and achieved the size of a woven mat.

Threads after threads of formidable force traveled back and forth around the area. They were like spider webs. Meanwhile, Qing Shui’s sword techniques were also starting to become more and more agile. Aside from being so, the sword techniques also contained threads after threads of enormous yet stable strength. This wasn’t exactly what one described as “carrying a light stuff like it’s very heavy”. Rather, it was a realm above that.

His sword techniques were being performed at a moderate speed.

Qing Shui was constantly reciting the mnemonic chant as he swung his swords.


A loud noise resembling a dragon’s cry came through. An enormous snow-white ice dragon formed in front of Qing Shui. It was made of ice and had the size of a huge demonic beast. It was a few thousand meters long and a few hundred meters wide. It was also giving out strong dragon’s might.

Qing Shui knew that this was closely related to his NIne Yang Dragon Soul.

The dragon would head towards wherever Qing Shui’s sword was pointing. Furthermore, it would also bombard the area in a destructive way. At that instant, it was as if the entire surrounding exploded into a snow-white world, forming a perfect combination of violence and pureness.

Though it hasn’t gone up to the extent of being Ten Thousand Miles Ice Seal, it already possessed a strength almost equivalent to it. Such fearsome strength could enable the user to unleash a destructive prowess many times more powerful than his personal strength. Like usual, Qing Shui was still lacking in some offensive prowess. This Glacier Divine Sword Technique might not be able to be compared to the Paragon Strike, but it was already a lot more powerful than ordinary attacks.

If Qing Shui was using his Golden Battle Halberd, It was likely that even if he managed to unleash the technique with it, its effect would be greatly reduced.

When Qing Shui came to a stop, the entire world looked as if it reverted back to its original look. He then turned his head and looked at Tantai Lingyan who was in shock. However, at this moment, she seemingly immersed herself into a clear and empty state. Qing Shui didn’t try to interrupt her. Her body physique could be said to be perfectly designed for the Glacier Divine Sword. Before this, all Qing Shui did was to help her opened the door.

Tantai Lingyan gently lifted up her smooth hands and down below, she could be seen moving her feet in a very mysterious and agile way. The air in the surrounding was filled with a kind of mysterious rhythm. Though the clouds were stationary, new clouds could seemingly be seen emerging from all around the area. She might be bare-handed, but her very hands could be considered her best weapon.

Suddenly, the temperature around her dropped abruptly. The clouds all around her immediately turned into ice mountains. It looked very stunning from afar.

Qing Shui was stunned. The Glacier Divine Sword could be considered her Divine Technique. Prior to this, she has already managed to touch on the surface of the door. He merely pushed her towards the door. Once she officially entered the door, or rather, reached a perfection stage in that technique, it would result in the perfect combination between her body physiques and powerful battle techniques. Certainly, she would still need to reassure it with her personal strength.

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