AST 1882 - Five-colored Luan Phoenix, Mysterious Female State Master

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1882 - Five-colored Luan Phoenix, Mysterious Female State Master

Qing Shui recalled there was a State Master in the Western Oxhe Continent too, it should be similar here. They were similar in their status in an empire, but the State Master here was much more powerful than the Western Oxhe Continent.

State Master, the master of an empire. The State Master of the Western Oxhe Continent was a symbol of strength. Meanwhile, the State Master here was a symbol of status. Though the incident today was over, it was not the end yet, something would be coming up soon.

If this State Master had an ineradicable disease, they would surely return. The next time, however, the identities of the men they would send remained unknown.



In a luxurious hall of the Great Confucian Empire’s Xiling, a beautiful fairy-like woman sat in a chair languidly, while she was resting her eyes. Her eyelashes were very long, dark, and thick. Her fair complexion was crystal clear and flawless. Her slender body was enchanting and attractive. Her figure was not exaggerated but complemented with a perfect curve, not voluptuous but finely proportioned.

Standing behind, it was the Second Young Master Hua. At the moment, he was just standing quietly and looking at this remarkable beauty. There was no lust in his eyes, but only admiration.

At this time, the woman opened her eyes. They were like black sapphire, bright and pure but slightly bewitching. Coupled with her long lashes, they were as pretty as the sparkling stars.

Following a patter of footsteps from far, Elder Jian Nu and several men appeared.

“Honored to meet you, State Master!” Elder Jian Nu stepped forward and bowed to the woman three steps away. The other men followed.

“Talk!” The woman who was called the State Master gave them a glance. She did not stare any longer even for the one who lost his arm.

“I’m useless, I’m no match for him, please punish me, State Master,” Elder Jian Nu dropped on one knee as the rest knelt down.

The woman did not seem surprised at all. Rising from the chair, she stood tall and lean. Her purple gown sewn with golden outlines and a pale green crane added a luxurious and domineering sense to her fairylike appearance.

She stretched out gently and held him up at a distance, “Uncle Jian, how many time have I said, you don’t have to greet me this way. No matter what happened, I would not blame you.”

Elder Jian Nu sighed and said nothing. He had been her follower for ages and saved her life once. All these while, she would settle all his troubles and would never blame him for his unfavorable work regardless of the mistakes he made.

Elder Jian Nu was extremely devoted to this State Master, he would rather die than to sell out or betray her. In his heart, this woman was his master. Besides, he took her as his junior, like his family. He didn’t dare to think of her as his daughter or granddaughter because he knew he did not deserve it.

“Alright, go and rest, don’t bother about this anymore.”

The woman did not question the middle-aged man who lost his arm. She did not mention it at all from the beginning, the man did not tell as well.

“Second Young Master Hua!”

“State Master!”

The Second Young Master Hua hurried to the woman.

“Come with me to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, I would like to see how magical is this doctor you said,” said the woman slowly.


The Imperial Cuisine Hall was founded neither for livelihood nor profit. Qing Shui, Tianyi, Lan Lingfeng, and the rest were not short of money. Those days, Qing Shui built the Imperial Cuisine Hall for charity. The rewards of good and evil could gather the religious energy, which could lead to the cause and effect.

Secondly, he could associate with some powerful forces by the means of strong medicinal skills. The Imperial Cuisine Hall opened more branches as he grew stronger. Eventually, he hardly showed up in the Imperial Cuisine Hall anymore.

It was not easy to travel back and forth over long distances. Qing Shui could not clone himself, so he only stayed a while in each place. It would have been harder without the Five Elements Divine Flag and Nine Continents Steps. A ride was necessary for strong warriors as the Main Continent was vast and boundless.

It was not necessary for a ride to be ferocious and powerful, but stunning speed and endurance were mandatory. Higher strength was useful if the speed and endurance were stronger. Qing Shui’s Dark Phoenix was already powerful and it would further improve proportionately with his strength.

In the legends, the Dragon had nine offsprings and so did the Phoenix. For instance, Roc was from the Phoenix bloodline. Roc Spreading Wings, Roc Traveling Thousand Miles and soaring 90,000 miles up in the sky. These were all descriptions of the Roc’s marvelous speed and aviation.

Qing Shui looked at the approaching bird from afar. This was the most daunting ride he had ever seen, even his Dark Phoenix and Golden Dragon were no match for it.

It was a Five-colored Luan Phoenix!

Covered in five-colored feathers, it had a gigantic physique which looked like a phoenix. A huge crown on its head gave out five-colored divine rays that outshined the sun in the sky. Though the sun did not shine brightly every day in Linhai City, this Five-colored Luan Phoenix could almost mask the sunshine. Of course, it was only a visual impact since nothing could ever do that.

The Five-colored Luan Phoenix gave out an immense oppressive power. The Phoenix was the king of birds, the greatest among the desolate beasts. They were not as gentle as they seemed. Though beautiful, they had an overflown, terrifying, and malicious aura.

Qing Shui was surprised to see the person on the Five-colored Luan Phoenix. It was a woman dressed in a purple gown with golden outlines. Her graceful figure was perfectly revealed. On her head, her long black hair was tied up using a golden hair tie.

A sacred and alluring sense was given out, blended with a composed and captivating atmosphere.

This impact was nothing weaker than Canghai Mingyue. This was a contradictory woman whose body would emit an enchanting sense while combining two extremes. Her charm was irresistible.

State Master!

Qing Shui had a sudden feeling that the mysterious woman was the State Master. It was a common saying that women had strong a sixth sense. In fact, every human had the sixth sense regardless of gender and strength. This was something more magical than the spiritual sense. The instinct, sixth sense!

In a flash, Qing Shui appeared in the air. In another flash, he was not far away from the Five-colored Luan Phoenix. Qing Shui did not want them to stop above the Imperial Cuisine Hall, so he could only block this person.

The Five-colored Luan Phoenix stopped and the woman stared at Qing Shui. She had never met Qing Shui, but she had seen his portrait before. Hence, she could easily recognize that the man in front of her was the one she was looking for.

Qing Shui then noticed the Second Young Master Hua standing far on the back of Five-colored Luan Phoenix. There was a large space on its back, so Qing Shui did not look out properly. He was reluctant to observe it even though he felt the presence of others. This woman was able to grab everyone’s attention, not through her looks, but her charisma and fatalness……………...

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