AST 1885 - Combining the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, Wounding

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1885 - Combining the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, Wounding

And immediately scattered that white knight!

Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Dragon Soul was able to deal much more damage to Spirit attacks. The woman was definitely stronger than Qing Shui, especially on the attack strength. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to beat him back consistently, even to the point where he would falter.

But on the defensive ability, the woman and Qing Shui was very different, but strength wins against variation. Qing Shui’s moves were actually very interesting, but he was being pressed back by the woman.

The woman was also very annoyed with him. Her attacks could push him back, but it couldn’t hurt him, so she tried with a Soul attack. This white knight was used to test Qing Shui, to see whether it had a stronger effect on him.

She didn’t plan on killing him, all in all, she still needed him to heal her.

When the white knight was shattered, the woman was stunned momentarily. It must be known that Divine Martial artists are very strong, but Soul attack wasn’t an attack that anyone could learn. The strongest attack power of the Divine realm was Soul based.

This attack couldn’t be avoided, only sustained or blocked. Only his own Soul based attack could be used to fight against it. If that couldn’t be done then he could only use his body, this way his body would be thoroughly trashed.

The woman didn’t think that Qing Shui knew Soul Based attacks, so her own attack wasn’t very strong and could be rescinded if she wanted to. But when she saw Qing Shui’s use of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, she knew she was wrong, though it didn’t matter that much.

In that moment she also felt the fierceness and power of Qing Shui’s attack. That type of destructive power made her a little scared, but quickly her eyes lit up as though she has found a treasure. Then a long sword appeared in her hand.

This was a snow-white long sword, but quickly, the sword was covered with Soul Force that released from a snow white jade dragon. It looked at Qing Shui.

At Qing Shui’s silent command, the Golden Battle Halberd appeared in his hand. A golden light of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul appeared at the tip of the Golden Battle Halberd. There’s a slight difference, it was not winding like the woman’s. Qing Shui appeared to be very awkward, anyone could see that he was trying to imitate the woman.


Watching Qing Shui’s moves, the woman laughed out loud. She sounded charming and magnetic. This woman’s aura had an unspeakable goading effect, not like the one of nakedness, but it was one the came from the inside.

Qing Shui raised his head and glared at the woman. Then he tried again, this time it was different from before, but this time it scattered immediately, this type of combination seemed to be harder than he thought, and Qing Shui furrowed his brow.

“You don’t need to force it in on purpose, it should just flow naturally,” the woman said this time.

Qing Shui also didn’t think more. He tried again according to what the woman said. First he relaxed. He was already the master of the Golden Battle Halberd, so their blood was intertwined. Then Qing Shui released it slowly, after that, the Golden Battle Halberd and his hand seemed to disappear. It wasn’t disappearing, but combining, as though it had become his arm.

Qing Shui seemed to be able to find a way, although it was recommended by the woman. This was like a piece of window paper. After understanding it a bit, it became clear. If it couldn’t be understood, then it would have been just like a concrete wall.

Qing Shui now seemed to understand it now. Actually, even if the woman didn’t say anything he would have understood but it would have taken longer.

When Qing Shui successfully combined the Golden Battle Halberd with the golden Dragon Soul, he raised his head toward the woman. It didn’t take a long time, but it wasn’t short either. Nevertheless, the woman did wait silently and she also said something that benefited him for no reason.

It also must be understood that the woman’s message was very cryptic, if Qing Shui didn’t understand, then what she said wouldn’t have helped.

“Do you need to practice a bit before we fight again,” the woman saw that Qing Shui already got the hang of it and she was impressed by his wits.

“No need, just come. I can only tell you that my Force of Soul is stronger than normal people,” Qing Shui said.

He was courteous, the Nine Yang Dragon Soul’s power could deal damage multiple times stronger to any Soul type attacks.

“ I already knew about it, but you also can’t be careless. Perhaps your power won’t fare as well against me,” the woman already knew the power of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul.

“Then I hope you’re ready!”

Now Qing Shui also wanted to see whether this newly obtained power was stronger than before. All in all, the Nine Yang Dragon Soul and the Golden Battle Halberd had combined, so the increase in power was definite. The only unknown part would be how much stronger was it?

Dragon Rising from the Depths!

Qing Shui attacked first. He was rushing towards the woman with a long cruel shadow. The Golden Battle Halberd in his hand stretched out with the Nine Yang Dragon Soul. Now all that could be seen of the Golden Battle Halberd was the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, the two seemed to be combined.

A large Golden Dragon rushed toward the woman in a shower of light.

The woman didn’t dare to be careless. She was shooting the sword in her hand forward, then a large White Jade Dragon appeared rushing toward the large Golden Dragon.

Hong Hong...

There was a large rush of power, but it was all controlled to be within a hundred meters. Within those hundred meters, however, there was almost no trace of light, simply indescribable.

Qing Shui was surprised to find that even like this, he was barely keeping up with the woman. This was with the power of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, but against the woman’s White Jade Dragon it seemed to not have its advantages. It was stronger only by onefold. This proved that the woman’s Force of Soul was stronger than his own by one fold or more...

Fortunately, Qing Shui’s defense against Force of Soul was also strong, so it should be better than the woman’s.

The woman also couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had attacked with the strongest attack of her own, but found that it wasn’t enough to subdue him. Now it seemed that her own stamina was faltering and the young man in front of her was like a giant beast that didn’t know when to quit. He was fighting without any fancy moves and intercepting the hits, as though he never knew fatigue.

Qing Shui was a little shaky at the start, but the woman didn’t use her full strength. This was perfect for Qing Shui, as it allowed him to get used to it quickly. As the fight progressed, the woman used more and more strength, and Qing Shui became more and more accustomed to his newfound power.

All in all, what Qing Shui has learned, was to practice many, many times. There was no reason for him to fear combinations. He could cope up with it very quickly and was also a genius in a fight.

Dragon Battle in the Starry Wilds!

Dragon Swimming Through the Sea!

Qing Shui and the woman each used their moves against each other. There were loud sounds of fighting, pushing them each back a few kilometers. Qing Shui’s body was strong and even he felt a little dizzy, but he quickly recovered and wasn’t even hurt.

But when Qing Shui saw that at the corner of the woman’s mouth was a line of blood. He thought of her body. He was thinking that he had taken advantage of her, “I forgot that you were sick, how are you feeling?”

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