AST 1888 - She was Princess Dongfang...

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1888 - She was Princess Dongfang…...

Qing Shui was quite thoughtful when it came to treating the woman, also known as the State Master. Before this, the fact that the woman felt fine telling him about all those crucial things had shown that she was a kind-hearted person. Thinking up to this point, Qing Shui looked at the woman. As expected, she did have outstanding breasts. Not only were they plump, but they also stood upright on her chest, giving people the urge to strip her off to look at them.

This was certainly just a thought he had in mind. In fact, Qing Shui couldn’t exactly be considered filthy to think like that, it was perfectly normal and fine for men to harbor such kind of thoughts in their mind as long as they didn’t do something beyond the line. A man wasn’t considered an evil man when he had both the idea and the strength yet chose not to do anything about it.

This was how Qing Shui felt. However, he was also aware that he wasn’t anything good. The problem was that even if there was truly a good man like that, he would be considered as old-fashioned or not a man.

The woman wasn’t really talkative, nevertheless, she was still able to communicate well with Yiye Jiange and the others. Just as the saying went “A hero often cherished another hero”, such case also applied when it came to beautiful women. Just like how birds of a feather flock together, similar people would also be drawn towards each other. An expert would be surrounded by other experts, whereas a beautiful woman would be surrounded by other beautiful women. This argument was still true up to a certain extent.

“Dongfang? Why are you the State Master of Great Confucian Empire?” Luo Qingcheng asked curiously.

The woman had a two-character surname, Dongfang. However, she didn’t actually reveal what her true name was, hence, the girls would usually call her by her surname. Though Qing Shui also didn’t know what her true name was, he wanted to give her a name very badly, Bubai……

Dongfang Bubai, an extremely formidable expert in his previous incarnation whom also lived as a legend. He has also seen actresses played the role of her in movies to a very perfect extent. That was a kind of presence and appearance. Legend has it that Dongfang Bubai was an unusually beautiful woman who disguised herself as a man. She didn’t turn from a man to a bisexual by castrating herself.

Qing Shui didn’t think too much about it. The person who acted as Dongfang Bubai in his previous incarnation was a woman and since then, Qing Shui has always believed Dongfang Bubai to be more like a woman.

Actually, all these weren’t really related to the State Master. No matter how beautiful the actresses might look back in his previous incarnation, they couldn’t be compared to the woman in front of him. The reason why she reminded Qing Shui to Dongfang Bubai wasn’t only because she had the surname Dongfang, it was her very presence that reminded Qing Shui about it.

Out of all the women whom Qing Shui had met before, this woman had the most unusual presence. She had a very magnanimous and heroic spirit, but her magnanimity wasn’t the same as Canghai Mingyue’s. Qing Shui didn’t know how to describe her. She was very beautiful. She was the product of the two incompatible temperaments that perfectly combined with each other.

“You might not believe me if I say it. Actually, I only intended to stop by the Great Confucian Empire due to some emergency situations. During that time, they noticed that I possessed decent strength and hence, made me their State Master. Of course, I didn’t reject it and in the end, I made up my mind to stay there for a period of time.” The woman had an expression as if she also found it a bit absurd.

“Why wouldn’t we trust you? We believe what you said.” Luo Qingcheng said with a smile.

The woman was stunned and moved on to look at Luo Qingcheng and the other women. Eventually, she only settled her sight on Qing Shui, “Do you also believe what I said?”

“It doesn’t matter whether I believe it or not. In fact, who you are is also not important.” Qing Shui said.

He didn’t mean to hurt her with what he said. What Qing Shui intended to say was, it was not important who she was and it didn’t matter whether she lied to them or not. They were also not interested in it.

The woman’s nice-looking brows could be seen jumping a few times. It was a very small action. Considering that she was a smart woman, she was naturally able to interpret what Qing Shui meant. She thought back to the sincerity which Qing Shui mentioned back then before he left. How could she possibly treat the others sincerely, considering how unfamiliar she was with the things around here?

Since they were unfamiliar with each other, what obligation did he have to cure her illness?

The food was delicious. Without a doubt, this was the most delicious food which the woman has ever had. She remembered that the food was prepared by Qing Shui and was actually very shocked. Only very few men would cook, not to mention dishes as tasty as this.

The reason why Qing Shui cooked was because he didn’t want to let his women do it. Though the woman was a guest, he was quite reluctant to let them prepare food for other people.

The food in Imperial Cuisine Hall was all self-made. Logically speaking, they were supposed to have a chef working for them instead and that had actually been applied for a short period of time before. It eventually stopped because Qing Shui wasn’t used to it. Besides, the ingredients used to prepare the food also posed a problem. Though it was not to the extent that Qing Shui would add his own ingredients every day, they would still eat it at least twice every three days.

The woman stood up and bid them farewell not long after they finished their food.

From the beginning until the end, the woman had not once mentioned to get her illness treated. Qing Shui sent her off. He didn’t notice anything different about the woman. She seemed not to mind at all whether or not he would help her cure her illness.

“Alright, Brother Shui, you can stop here.” The woman turned around and calmly said to Qing Shui.

She knew Qing Shui’s name, but this was the first time she actually called him by his name. Qing Shui was a bit weirded out by it, but at the same time, he also felt a bit special. It was a seemingly reminiscent feeling that words couldn’t describe. Deep down, he always hoped for a person to call him that.

This wish came from a story in his previous incarnation. The story was made into a movie and Qing Shui really enjoyed it. The man and woman in the show might be enemies, but deep down, they loved each other. The ending turned out to be not that great. The woman would often call the man Brother Yin. It sounded great and felt unusually good as well.

Back then, Qing Shui really enjoyed the movie. The actors were also very professional. And now, the way the woman called him had left him a deep impression. In fact, he was also qualified to be called this way by now. It was even better than the movies back in his previous incarnation. The feeling of success made Qing Shui felt a bit moved.

“Brother Shui, what’s wrong?” The woman saw Qing Shui looking back at her without blinking his eyes. She trembled and called Qing Shui.

Qing Shui came back to his senses, then rubbed his nose and shook his head, “I didn’t promise you to help cure your illness. Have you ever thought of killing me?”

“A physician doesn’t have the obligation to help others cure their illness. Why would I blame you for it? Before this, I have even gotten to enjoy the most delicious meal of my life. In this sense, I can be considered to have one less regret in my life. I have to thank Brother Shui for this.”

The woman seemed to like calling him that way. She was also starting to sound more and more natural.

“You have even started to call me Brother Shui. If I still refuse to help you cure your illness, it will be a bit cruel on my side.” Qing Shui looked at the woman. She seemed to be smiling.

Actually, the woman wasn’t really younger than Qing Shui. Though Qing Shui could be considered as a middle-aged man in his previous incarnation, he was still a young man in this world. As to the woman calling him Brother Shui, it was just a way to address a friend.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have things which I can give you. As for my sincerity, I am even more clueless on how to give it to you.” The woman smiled and said.

“I have already sensed your sincerity. I can help to cure you without anything in return.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Really?” The woman looked at him in disbelief.

“Of course, there is no way I will lie to you. Let’s go to a clean place so I can help you cure your poison.” Qing Shui operated his Nine Continents Step.

This was a small island located at the Northern Ocean. It was surrounded by boundless ocean and had the size of about a few tens of square kilometers. The place was filled with mountains, rocks and waters and was covered in plants. Waves of sea breezes could be felt around here and even the air around was also filled with fragrance. This place had decent sceneries, once one climbed up the mountains, they would be able to see the sea.

There were numerous small islands on the Northern Ocean. Qing Shui’s island wasn’t close to the seaside, hence, not many people actually lived here. Qing Shui and the woman were both at the peak of the mountain. Under their feet were stones which looked as smooth as mirrors. They were washed up by sea wind and seawater.

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