AST 1895 - Paragon Strike

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1895 - Paragon Strike

The woman did not provide an answer to the Grand State Master’s question but instead declared that she wanted to go back to the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. No one knew whether she was trying to use the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace to suppress him, or whether she was trying to remind this Grand State Master that she was a member of the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. In any case, whether this guy could actually be deterred by her words was unknown.

However, Qing Shui had a feeling that it would be difficult to reach that outcome. This man was already aware that she was a member of the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. If he still tried to poison her, it would naturally mean that he wasn’t intimidated by her background. From the looks of this situation, the Grand State Master’s position in the Five Poisons Immortal Palace was certainly quite important.

The Grand State Master frowned upon the woman’s words, “Did you think you can just join or quit the position of the State Master as you like? Just come back with me!”

“Grand State Master still hasn’t agreed to my previous conditions. I wonder if you will give your consent to them or not.” The woman was mentioning about telling the Grand State Master not involving others with her matters.

“How dare you! You don’t have the right to advise me on what I want to do. I will ask you one more time, are you going back or not?”

There was a hint of struggle in the woman’s eyes. She wanted to go back and not involve everyone in the Imperial Cuisine Hall, yet she knew that there would be no peace in this place even if she was willing to go back with him. As she was still hesitating on her decision, Qing Shui suddenly stood up and said, “She is the guest of my Imperial Cuisine Hall. You can discuss after she goes back on her own. I would like to ask you to leave now. You are not welcomed here.”

If the woman’s attitude a moment ago was able to invoke the Grand State Master’s fury, then Qing Shui’s words would be able to cause his emotions to erupt. The Grand State Master’s emotion had already reached its limit, yet Qing Shui’s words were the last straw that would break a camel’s back.

“Kid, I have been tolerating you for a long time. Such recklessness.”

The Grand State Master’s voice sounded evil and cold. He didn’t even open his mouth when he spoke. When he was done, he swiftly rushed toward Qing Shui, leaving a streak of long afterimage that was akin to a gigantic fly.

Qing Shui, who had already heightened his aura to its peak, revealed his Golden Battle Halberd in his hand in an instant. He quickly shifted his silhouette forward in response to the Grand State Master’s sudden assault. This situation would not allow him to retreat anymore. After all, his family was standing right behind him. 

Qing Shui’s current strength was still quite powerful, which was about 3,800,000 dao force. His defensive capability was even more terrifying. After all, with the presence of his Paragon Golden Armor as well as the Foolish Loyalty of his Hell Nightmare Beast, the strength of his defense was able to reach about forty million dao force, give or take a few numbers. Even though there was a slight fluctuation in the number, he could maintain the strength in a stable forty million dao force.

Which was why Qing Shui did not retreat but advanced forward instead. He still had confidence in his defensive abilities. Moreover, he wasn’t afraid of poison either.

Heart Destroyer Venomous Claw!

One of Grand State Master’s palm immediately turned pitch-black with a strong smell of unpleasant stench that could induce the urge to vomit. The pitch-black palm that was aimed at Qing Shui’s heart was sharp and imposing, causing Qing Shui to raise his guard against the impending assault. This attack was at a completely new level as the claw that was swept in a swift motion was able to lock onto Qing Shui’s Qi movements in an instant. Because of that, there was no way to avoid the inevitable. This was a type of attack that utilized Qi to resist poisons. Even though this type of energy was different than those of the spiritual attacks, as long as a physical body was detected, the attack would be unavoidable. Most importantly, not only was this attack energy-based, but it was poisonous as well.

This attack was clearly intended for Qing Shui to die in an instant. Even though Qing Shui knew that his opponent would use poison, it still felt a bit remarkable when that happened all at once.

Since his opponent wanted him dead, then he felt no need to show mercy toward this man anymore.

Saintly Hands!

Paragon Strike!

Qing Shui immediately used his strongest attack for his first strike. If he was able to stop his opponent with his first strike, then he would be able to cause him to develop scruples about the fight. If he could kill him on the first strike, it wouldn’t be bad too. 

The strong aura caused Qing Shui’s palm to appear almost invisible while emanating a light and pure halo as he quickly struck against Grand State Master’s black palm.


“No!” The woman wanted to stop Qing Shui, but it was already too late.

After the loud sound had passed, Qing Shui was staggering at his position while the Grand State Master had been sent flying by him instead. Based on his complexion, he seemed to have sustained a light injury. Even though it was the Grand State Master who had been lightly injured, Qing Shui’s heart, on the other hand, felt quite heavy.

Six times the attack power, which was twenty million dao force, was only able to inflict light wounds to his opponent. It didn’t affect his opponent’s combat effectiveness by the slightest. 

Under Qing Shui’s calculations, this man’s power should have at least six million dao force yet no more than seventeen million dao force. What made Qing Shui slightly relieved was that his opponent’s power could barely even harm him. Qing Shui wasn’t even worried about the man’s reliance on poison to harm him either.

The Yin-Yang Image rapidly circulated inside his Sea of Consciousness. The Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm in the Central Palace Blood Essence Pool seemed to be moving in a skittish manner since it hadn’t been used for a very long time. Qing Shui greatest trump card was this little thing. There weren’t many that could evade from a surprise situation like this.

Compared to Qing Shui, Grand State Master’s shock was still substantial. It was too shocking that he felt slightly at loss. The attack that should have absolutely killed his opponent in seconds did not succeed. Aside from that, his opponent was fine. Meanwhile, he had sustained a light injury from the result of the clash.

How was this possible…..

How old was this guy? Why was his power useless this time? The Grand State Master was utterly confused for a moment. Should he continue to fight or not? 

Qing Shui did not make another move after the first strike. Despite that, his whole body was tense. After all, he would need to give his all for the next strike. If his previous strike could not intimidate his opponent, then the next fight would not be an easy one. His trump card did not seem to yield any effectiveness at all.

The Grand State Master seemed to have finally regained his senses as he watched Qing Shui without moving a muscle. He even felt that he must have mistaken something in the previous clash. Even so, he was prepared to try again. Perhaps this young man had some sort of treasure on his body. If he could acquire it, wouldn’t that mean his power would become stronger than before…..

Instantaneously, the Grand State Master was able to find a reason that this man must have a powerful treasure with him, otherwise, his strength wouldn’t be this powerful to begin with. The greed of a man was endless, and it could make one do things that were considered crazy and foolish.

The Grand State Master lifted up his head to look at Qing Shui, who remained calm and stable. At that moment, a strong sense of jealousy began to brew inside his heart. This man had achieved what many could never have despite their lifetime of effort at such a young age.

The Grand State Master did not hold back in his strike the second time. After exchanging another blow with his opponent, he was able to discover that Qing Shui’s damage had significantly weakened. To be precise, it couldn’t be compared with his previous attack as Qing Shui was sent flying backward this time.

This scenario had left the Grand State Master in shock once more. How could this be? However, after looking at the young man who seemed unharmed, he finally understood something. This young man could only unleash that strike in a certain time frame. When he thought about that, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


The distinct sound of laughter was able to frighten birds of every species within ten li diameter.

“What are you laughing at?” Qing Shui had been sent flying several times but did not receive any injuries or wounds. Even so, he wasn’t sure whether his opponents had some other ace up his sleeves. If this man’s trump card was proven to be extremely powerful, he would still be in danger too. In spite of that, his Paragon Golden Armor could still withstand another attack. Besides, his formidable ability to endure incoming attacks was considered the most confident aspect of his power. 

“I laughed because I thought I was almost tricked by you to move to your side. Hand over the items that you think will make me not kill you and I will consider letting you go this time. What do you think?”

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