AST 1901 - Poison Dragon King, Sticky Problem

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1901 - Poison Dragon King, Sticky Problem

Boom boom boom!

The Nine Continents Mountain went smashing over with an overwhelming force. Its speed was even more terrifying than Qing Shui's as it was several times faster than him. Therefore, even the Grand State Master was unable to dodge it. 

From the beginning, after getting his hands on this small amazing mountain, Qing Shui knew that it would be a small divine artifact. And after the Nine Continents Mountain's realm was increased, its prowess was really amazing. Most importantly, it was connected to the owner's abilities.

There was a connection between the Nine Continents Mountain and Qing Shui's ordinary attacks. If it was used together with Qing Shui's strongest attack, then the power increment of several folds from the Paragon Strike would be able to insta-kill the Grand State Master. Even now, the Grand State Master was already feeling despair.

Speed was power and as the Nine Continents Mountain first attacked with a strength of 10 million Dao Force and a speed that was multiple folds faster than the Grand State Master, plus that amazing Shield Attack. The Nine Continents Mountain managed to get the upper hand.

The Grand State Master was also waiting for an opportunity. His judgment was that the duration which Qing Shui could control the Nine Continents Mountain was definitely not too long and his Wind Trace Protection could still last for slightly over 15 minutes. For Qing Shui to be controlling that treasure with such a high frequency, he should be getting weak soon.

If he knew Qing Shui, then he would regret thinking this. Even if Qing Shui were to continue sending the Nine Continents Mountain smashing like this, a mere 30 minute won't cause his power to weaken.

The more Qing Shui fought, the more delighted he felt. And as the Nine Continents Mountain continued to attack, he would strike the Nine Continents Mountain to increase its prowess or to attack the Grand State Master directly.

The Grand State Master now had a physique that was as strong as diamond. Qing Shui had a powerful foundation with his Basic Sword Techniques and even if he were to fight with the Golden Battle Halberd, he would be able to do it with great mastery. Each time he attacked, he would be as unpredictable as a venomous snake.

Covered in diamond all over, but the exposed eyes was definitely a weakness. Therefore, Qing Shui's attacks could force the other party back to be on the defense.


After 30 minutes, the Grand State Master realized that Qing Shui didn't seem to be tired at all. He knew that he mustn't drag this on any longer. Qing Shui's rustic mountain was extremely strange and he mustn't drag on the fight. Otherwise, he would really be a goner.

Right now, the Grand State Master no longer felt as relaxed as how he was in the beginning. He found a chance and called out his demonic beast.

A deafening roar rang out and a huge black demonic beast appeared.


It was a huge, pitch-black dragon that had a length of over 1,200 meters and a thickness of over ten meters. The black scales on its body glimmered with a cold light, and each of them was about the size of three adult men. A chilly aura instantly spread out in the area.

Poison Dragon King!

Qing Shui was taken by surprise. He stopped his movements and assessed the big creature before him.

Real dragons were a terrifying and powerful existence in this world. He himself had a golden dragon and Muyun Qingge's White Jade Dragon were also real dragons.

However, although he had seen real dragons before, they were distinguished by various grades and ranks. Primarily based on the concentration of the real dragon's blood they had in their body. Those fake dragons or demonic beasts which had some dragon traits on them only had a little bit of real dragon's blood in them. The more real dragon's blood a dragon had, the more powerful they would be. They would also have greater aptitude and progress.

The Poison Dragon King was naturally the king of all Poison Dragons. Poison Dragons were real dragons and the kings were the cream of the crop. Those that could become the kings would naturally have the power that the other Poison Dragons could only dream of.

Becoming the king relied not only on their prowess. Their blood lineage—the concentration of their real dragon's blood—was the most important. Without the powerful real dragon's blood, it would be hard to reach the level of a king. Therefore, kings were inseparable from blood lineage.

This was a matured Poison Dragon King. Qing Shui had no idea how strong it was as he couldn't sense it. Most importantly, it was a Poison Dragon King. Amongst all of the dragon kings, the Poison Dragon Kings were definitely ranked on the very top.

Even though Qing Shui had always thought that he had a body which no venom could erode, he had the feeling that he couldn't take this Poison Dragon King's poison.

Qing Shui had initially thought that the results of the battle were clear, but now, a new uncertain variable had been added in. Thinking about it, Qing Shui didn't find this strange. After all, it would be strange for experts who had reached the level of Grand State Master to have no aces up their sleeves. However, this trump card that the Grand State Master had seemed to be too powerful.


The Poison Dragon King once again let out a powerful roar and then lashed out its huge tail toward the Nine Continents Mountain!


The sound of crumbling mountains rang out as the Nine Continents Mountain was sent flying. Qing Shui was shocked. This power was too strong and even Qing Shui was a little apprehensive about it. However, Qing Shui had no idea what he could use to fend off the Poison Dragon King's attacks. 

Qing Shui wasn't sure if his body could receive the attacks. If it was the attack from earlier, there shouldn't be any problems, but if there were more powerful techniques, would he still be able to withstand them? Although the Poison Dragon King had powerful techniques, Qing Shui had powerful techniques as well. The Paragon Golden Armor could fend off one lethal attack.

The woman's countenance was a little pale as she saw the gigantic Poison Dragon King.

She called out her Five-Colored Luan Phoenix. Although the Five-Colored Luan Phoenix's gap from the Poison Dragon King was huge, there was no other way now that things had come down to this. She looked at Qing Shui with a complicated expression. She had gotten him involved. She was the cause behind this event.

She wasn't afraid to die, but she just felt bad. She looked toward the man next to her who was now frowning as he looked at that Poison Dragon King, as if he was trying to think of a solution.

"I'm sorry, this is all because of me. I know that an apology isn't enough, but there's no more chance now. If I knew that this would happen, I would never have come to look for you." The woman said softly, her tone apologetic.

Qing Shui waited for her to finish her words before he turned to look at her, "Why, are you going to wait for death just like this? Look back and see. There are my women and children there. No matter what, I won't let anyone hurt them." Qing Shui exuded a fierce aura that seemed to materialize. It gave people the feeling of wanting to place their trust in him.

The lady was in admiration of Qing Shui's unbending aura. However, if there weren't any miracles, the result would not change.

"There's no need for struggle. Do you think that you can go up against a Poison Dragon King." The Grand State Master smirked as he said proudly.

"That may not be the case!" Qing Shui still wore a faint smile.

"Young man, to be honest, you have my admiration. I don't admire a lot of people, but I admire both your abilities and mentality. You're really a great talent. However, the Heavens tend to be jealous of great talents and you're unlucky to have encountered me. You should just be an ordinary person when you reincarnate into your next life. Beauties are also treasures and an innocent man tends to get into trouble because of his wealth. There are some things which aren't yours to enjoy." The Grand State Master appeared very calm now while revealing great arrogance. Earlier on, he had been very depressed. Therefore, even if he were to kill Qing Shui, he must give him a good talking before Qing Shui's death. It felt very good to do so.

Qing Shui was aware of this feeling. It was like in sex, women may say some lewd kinds of stuff and men would be willing for them to say those. It would spice things up. For example, the women may say that the men are very strong or that they are feeling very good. They may even say some vivid things, such as talking about the men's part below. These would bring about some auditory impact.

The reason the Grand State Master just said had a similar effect. Therefore, he must say it. Otherwise, how could he reveal the joy and pride he was feeling now?

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