AST 1903 - Instant Kill?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1903 - Instant Kill?

Hell Nightmare Beast!

Gold Dragon!

Dragon Slaying Beast!

Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant!


Qing Shui instantly summoned out all the demonic beasts that could be put to battle, especially the Dragon Slaying Beast. The moment it appeared, Qing Shui noticed that the Poison Dragon King trembled a little and he couldn't help but smile.

The relationship between Dragon Slaying Beasts and dragons were like cats and mice. No matter how big the mice were, even if they could hit cats, they would still feel afraid. This was what it means to be natural enemies, just like how people would feel if they were to see a ghost. The terror was beyond control. They wouldn't want to encounter any and if they did, they would want to run...

The lady had only called out her Five-Colored Luan Phoenix and hadn't expected that Qing Shui would have so many powerful demonic beasts. Although they were slightly inferior to her Five-Colored Luan Phoenix, she knew that if these few demonic beasts were to join forces, they would probably be able to kill her Five-Colored Luan Phoenix very quickly.

Qing Shui also called out his Thunderous Beast. The growth this demonic beast had gone through over the years was unrivaled. This was also why Qing Shui would dare to call it out in this situation. The primary reason was that other than the Hell Nightmare Beast, the Dragon Slaying Beast, and his Nine Continents Mountain, he still had the Thunderous Beast and his own battle techniques.

The Gold Dragon had yet to mature. Otherwise, with its precious blood lineage, it would definitely be very strong. The Thunderous Beast was a control-type demonic beast and as long as it could stand its ground and that there was sufficient time, the opponent would be given a tough beating no matter how powerful they were.

The time for the Grand State Master's Wind Trace Protection was almost up and the Dragon Slaying Beast took the lead to charge out toward the Poison Dragon King. Before the Poison Dragon King, the Dragon Slaying Beast was like an ant before an elephant. Right now, although the Dragon Slaying Beast was a lot bigger than its initial size, it was still about the size of an elephant now. However, when compared to the 1,000 meter Poison Dragon King, it was still too small.

Despite it being such a small existence, the Poison Dragon King didn't dare to let down its guard. It opened its mouth and spewed out dragon's breath.

A thick black fog was thrown out.

The Dragon Slaying Beast only had to meet the Poison Dragon King to weaken its power by 20%. Moreover, its attacks had an enhanced impact on dragons. Even dragons' powerful scales wouldn't be able to withstand the Dragon Slaying Beast's tearing.

The Dragon Slaying Beast could destroy through everything in its path, wasn't afraid of poison, water, or fire. This was only the theory. For example, although Qing Shui could be said to have a body which no poison could penetrate, if the venom had high enough level of toxicity, his body won't be able to take it.


The Dragon Slaying Beast let out a fierce roar and a space that was like a passageway was created through the black dragon's breath. The Dragon Slaying Beasts body was like an arrow that was released from a bow, pouncing toward the Poison Dragon King.

As expected of the Poison Dragon King's natural foe. Before the powerful Poison Dragon King, the Dragon Slaying Beast was still as it always was. However, he knew that the Dragon Slaying Beast wouldn't be able to harm the Poison Dragon King. At this moment, Qing Shui let the Thunderous Beast work together with the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Violet Lightning Strike!

The Thunderous Beast's used its absolute control battle technique to let its target feel dizziness. However, the duration of the dizziness was unknown.

Pa pa!

There was no way that the Violet Lightning Strike could be dodged, and the number of times it could be used in a day was limited. Qing Shui let the Thunderous Beast used it consecutively.


The Poison Dragon King stretched out a powerful dragon claw and slapped it fiercely onto the Dragon Slaying Beast.

The Dragon Slaying Beast, which appeared very tiny before the Poison Dragon King, was sent flying.

Qing Shui knew that the Thunderous Beast's Violet Lightning Strike would only be able to cast a moment of dizziness onto the Poison Dragon King. That was less than the time taken for the blink of an eye. After all, their abilities were extremely vast and even if there was control, there was no way for it to be heaven-defying. If it was a fight between two demonic beasts of the same level, the Thunderous Beast would definitely be a heaven-defying existence.


With no other way out, Qing Shui let the Thunderous Beast used Thunderbolt and attack the Poison Dragon King from afar while the Dragon Slaying Beast would move around and hold back the Poison Dragon King. The Gold Dragon, Hell Nightmare Beast, the Five-Colored Luan Phoenix, and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant joined in as well. At this moment, it no longer mattered that their opponent was the Poison Dragon King.

The Poison Dragon King seemed to know that the Thunderous Beast's attacks would slowly cause its movements to slow down. However, it would still require a very long period of time and thus it wasn't especially anxious. Right now, what it feared was the Dragon Slaying Beast. Although this creature wasn't big in size, if the Poison Dragon King wasn't careful, it would be a lethal situation if its vital parts were to be attacked.

The Poison Dragon King was feeling very unhappy. It would only be able to send the Dragon Slaying Beast flying with its abilities and won't be able to kill it. If the Dragon Slaying Beast could be confined and soaked in the Poison Dragon King's blood for a few months, there might be a chance to kill it.

The black-colored golden armor of the Grand State Master kept on flashing. After it attacked a few times and sent the Golden Dragon and Dragon Slaying Beast flying twice, it returned to its original state.

Qing Shui knew that it was now his chance, his chance to kill the Grand State Master.

The Hell Nightmare Beast advanced fiercely and its body that was like a small mountain stood between the Grand State Master and the Poison Dragon King.

The Dragon Slaying Beast continued to move around in the sky, staring at the Poison Dragon King dangerously. It seemed as if it had a chance, it would pierce through the great creature's body.

With a wave of his hand, several tens of Coldsteel Needles floated before Qing Shui. These extremely toxic needles were in no way weaker than the Poison Dragon Daggers which Qing Shui and the lady had.

"Sister Dongfang, you attack him from the left later. Bring out your strongest attack, but there's no need to risk your life. Just use your most powerful attack. He won't clash with you." Qing Shui said, not even turning his head.

The lady was speechless. Sister Dongfang...

However, she still nodded and answered.

The several tens of Coldsteel Needles seemed as if they had a spiritual intelligence, glimmering with a brilliant and demonic glow. A glow like this made them appear extremely toxic. They formed a conical shape, in which there was one needle at the very front, and a circle that slowly expanded toward the end. This was a cone formed by the Coldsteel Needles.

Seal of Xuantian!

"Sister Dongfang, do it!"

The Seal of Xuantian appeared above the Grand State Master. This was an elusive ability of the Seal of Xuantian. Its intense glow encompassed the Grand State Master, causing his speed to slow down a little.

Violet Lightning Strike!

Several consecutive Violet Lightning Strikes struck onto the Grand State Master.

Nine Continents Mountain!

At this moment, the lady made her move as well. A glamorous sword shadow pierced out toward the Grand State Master. 

Qing Shui was also taken by surprise by this sword attack. Not only was it beautiful, but its prowess was also very strong. However, by the look of it, her mastery of it was still lacking. Despite so, its prowess was already very strong.

Initially, Qing Shui didn't have high expectations of what the lady could do. However, he now knew that this sword attack might be enough.

The lady's sword attack had the same direction as Qing Shui's poison needles. At this moment, the Nine Continents Mountain had already gone smashing down, sealing up the Grand State Master's road of retreat. However, the Seal of Xuantian, the lady, and the poison needles had surrounded the Grand State Master. Therefore, if the Grand State Master didn't wish to face the poison needles or the lady, the only direction it could face was the Nine Continents Mountain.

The Grand State Master had already understood the Nine Continents Mountain's prowess from before, but he could first send the Nine Continents Mountain flying before dodging the lethal attacks coming toward him. By then, it would be easier to deal with them. He believed that Qing Shui and the lady wouldn't be able to keep up with such attacks for that many times.

Everything happened in just an instant. The Grand State Master decisively chose to send the Nine Continents Mountain flying. His figure and that dominating duo blade dance formed into something like a spinning tornado, slashing out toward the Nine Continents Mountain.

Qing Shui smiled a little coldly, "You've lost the gamble. You don't have another chance now!"


The Nine Continents Mountain's dominating attack--Absolute Shield Attack. Moreover, right now, it was stronger than even the Grand State Master with a strength of about 20 million Dao Force. After its grade increased, the Nine Continents Mountains, sent the Grand State Master flying back with its Absolute Shield Attack.

Getting injured was for sure, but it was probably not considered a serious injury. However, after the Shield Attack, the moment of dizziness was lethal. The Grand State Master spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood, feeling a little better after doing so. If he didn't, he would probably suffer from greater injuries.

His body flew backwards uncontrollably and he felt a little dizzy. A hint of pain spread out from his neck and then a sword was thrust into his body.

His body was considered strong, but at the moment he felt dizzy, his body's functions had been lowered by a lot. Moreover, he sensed that the sword had a mysterious poison that could break through the body he was so proud of.

Very soon, his body showed signs of getting paralyzed and he was overwhelmed with fear.

Poison... He had been using poison for his entire life. Was he still going to die in the hands of poison at the very end...?

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