AST 1910 - Brother Shui, Tantai Lingyan’s Loss of Self Control

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1910 - Brother Shui, Tantai Lingyan’s Loss of Self Control

“Little Ye is so beautiful today!” Luo Qingcheng laughed a little, and looked at Qing Shui as she said this.

Qinghan Ye was a little embarrassed by that, when she came out and saw how she was dressed and groomed she found many changes with herself. Perhaps she had finally because a woman? She originally didn’t want to come down, but she couldn’t hide anymore.

At that time Qing Shui praised her for having the smell of a woman, no matter what that was still the case. So Qinghan Ye came out proudly, the people there being people she knew anyways, except for the State teacher.

Once Luo Qingcheng mentioned that everyone else laughed about it a little, all in all they knew what had happened. Lan Lingfeng extended her thumb at Qing Shui covertly, making him unable to speak.

“Brother Shui, your strength has increased quite a lot,” she said with a smile

The woman who had a strong atmosphere made Qing Shui have a special feeling whenever she spoke. He enjoyed this type of feeling. In a previous life he saw someone like that on television, just that she was called Yin Xiong

The woman could feel the change in Qing Shui’s strength, but she didn’t know how much her own changed. Still, she could feel that it had.

What she said made all the other people a little surprised, all in all they were very happy that Qing Shui’s strength increased, and were happily looking at him when she said something else.

“Miss Qing’s strength has also increased a lot, besides, they both have a similar aura,” she said curiously.

After saying this she didn’t feel as though it was sufficient, and continued: “Brother Shui also has the aura on Miss Qing, how weird.”

Qing Shui was a little embarrassed, but not as much as Qinghan Ye, the woman seemed to be heartless, but once they thought about it a little they knew what was going on. Qing Shui rubbed his nose before changing the topic to food.

Qing Shui didn’t have much to say, he wasn’t sure whether this woman really didn’t know, or was doing it on purpose. But Qing Shui thought that she seemed to be more on the clueless side. Besides there was really no reason she would be like this, and she wasn’t the type to do so either.

But there was a point. This woman cared more about strength than most people, or else she wouldn’t have been so boastful.

Qinghan Ye’s strength was comparable to this woman’s, it was only with Qing Shui’s help that this woman was able to pass 10000000 Dao. Without it she was about the same as Qinghan Ye.

This was also a surprising thing about the woman. Over the course of the night, Qing Shui improved a lot, and she felt that he had greatly surpassed herself. Even if Qinghan Ye’s strength was comparable to her, it was only about half before.

Seeing the atmosphere, she seemed to understand what had happened. After catching sight of Qinghan Ye, who was a little embarrassed, but also a little peculiar, she suddenly understood, and her face grew red. She then said apologetically to Qinghan Ye: “It wasn’t on purpose.”

“Miss Dongfang, everyone here is family, there’s no need to be so courteous. As long as you’re alright with it, I’ll call you Sister Dongfang.”

“I’m very happy about that, Sister Ye,” the woman said happily.

Qing Shui felt that this woman didn’t have many friends, well, she didn’t have many true friends. And coming here she found out that no one cared about her rank, but was also welcoming, which made her feel more genuine.

The conversation between Qinghan Ye and the woman was actually representative of everyone. Since she was sisters with the rest of them, and she called her Sister Dongfang, it naturally meant that she was also a part of the family, and friends.

Qinghan Ye did this knowing that the woman wasn’t like others, at least it seemed to be. The Great Confucian Empire seemed to turn the other way to her, even making steps against her, and she was in good standing with the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Qing Shui had already closed off the formation during the daytime, it was also a hazy day, which was normal weather for Linhai City, as well as what occurred the most. But even though it was hazy it was still very fresh, full of spiritual energy, much stronger than the enchanting scenery of the previous age.

The carefree Qing Shui was killing time at the Imperial Cuisine Hall, which was very quiet without business. But Qing Shui also didn’t really feel anything, everything was temporary now, and the Imperial Cuisine Hall would start business again, this time even stronger than before.

Turning around he saw Tantai Lingyan walking over with a sword in her hand after practising. She looked at Qing Shui with a smile on her face, and didn’t say anything.

This cold woman smiled a lot more now, but even her smile was the distant type, as though she were a lone snow lotus.

Qing Shui smiled and held the hand without a sword in it: “Little Yan Yan, come walk with me.”

As he said that he already started pulling her with him.

Tantai Lingyan went with it grudgingly, she was already numb to Qing Shui’s call, although she was a little embarrassed, there was nothing she could do, if she resisted she thought that he would do something else, but it was only this man that could make her feel unable to do anything, and only he would dare do this.

Tantai Lingyan followed the man holding her around the Imperial Cuisine Palace.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was pretty big, having expanded from its original land many times, so trying to walk around slowly did take some time, this place also had a long small tree-lined path, the heavy trees with the same width as a grown person, straight and plenty, on each side were also many bamboos, and a little river through it, and the weeping willow-like trees were on each side of the river, which had an arch bridge further up. Along the river was a long pathway.

The water rushed, but with a clear surface that many small fish swam under. Every now and then there’d be a three foot long fish. Qing Shui felt at peace, his heart was serene, and turning his head he looked at the beautiful woman beside him.

“Is there something up?” Tantai Lingyan ended up asking.

“Nothing much, as a matter of fact I feel really good today.”

“It must be because of last night then!” Tantai Lingyan stunned herself with what she said. She became a little embarrassed as well as uneasy.

Qing Shui was stunned, what could have happened? This woman was jealous! Even she could get jealous!

Qing Shui couldn’t believe that she would say something like this. She then jerked a little as though she was trying to leave, but Qing Shui wouldn’t let her do that, grasping her hair he said: “Little Yan Yan, I am really happy, even you know how to say such things.”

“What do you mean, don’t think like that,” Tantai Lingyan stopped trying to escape.

“I’m very happy right now, turns out even my cold beauty thinks of me,” Qing Shui joked around with a smile, but what he said was true.

“Alright, don’t think too much about that, isn’t dealing with the Great Confucian Empire enough of a bother? If we wait a few more days, I’m thinking that the Five Poison Immortal Palace would come too,” Tantai Lingyan said urgently.

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