AST 1915 - Who Do You Think You Are To Consider Yourself As My Senior?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1915 - Who Do You Think You Are To Consider Yourself As My Senior?

Qing Shui naturally wouldn’t care about that old man’s last remarks. Despite those words sounding a bit savage, the other party was just an old man, so it didn’t seem too much coming from him. However, the reason Qing Shui came to this conclusion was because of the other party’s expression and look on his face. Qing Shui’s spiritual sense would not lie to him. This speaking old man was not a good person.

The old man was clearly shocked upon hearing Qing Shui’s words as he never had anyone talked to him like that before. Indeed, he had never heard of such things before, yet he was aware of his smile of treachery and whatnot some of the old men spoke of. However, none would dare say it in front of him, much less a junior like Qing Shui.

To be ridiculed by a junior in front of so many people, the old man was still furious despite his self-proclaimed virtue of patience. Moreover, those words were quite lethal to his heart. One would not take notice to an ant no matter how much it tried to demonstrate its prowess, but Qing Shui was no ant. No matter how many times the old man tried to look down on him, he could not ignore him.

Because of that, he was enraged!

“You little swine. You seem like you lack some manners. Don’t you know how to respect your elders? Since it has come to this, I will represent your senior and teach you a good lesson.” The old man said in a cold tone with a terrible expression on his face.

“Who do you think you are to consider yourself as my senior?” Qing Shui asked, smilingly.

Even though a smile was plastered on Qing Shui’s face, it was a disdain smile. He disliked looking at people who became self-conceited because of their seniority the most. “Do I even have a relationship with you?” thought Qing Shui. Besides, the other party was not worth Qing Shui’s respect. This type of people did not have the rights to clamor in front of him.

If it were those three Masters of Great Confucian, Qing Shui might not have felt disgusted or found them resentful. Those two sinister old fools with murderous intent behind their smiles, on the other hand, were never worth his attention.

Qing Shui also took notice of the expression on the three Masters of Great Confucian while he was speaking. There wasn’t a change in their expression as they continued to observe Qing Shui. Because of that, Qing Shui’s previous speculation was affirmed to be true. These three old men were definitely in bad terms with these two sinister-looking fellows.

Qing Shui’s words upset this old man even more.


The expression on the angry yet laughing old man was now livid. The eyes that were originally narrow became even smaller, exuding a cold light akin to that of a ferocious poisonous snake. A person from his past life would most certainly lose half of their soul should they gaze upon such an expression.

There were such vicious people in his past life too. Others could turn pale from fright upon gazing at their expression. Some would say that eyes were the window to their souls. Through the eyes could one directly tamper with the soul. For example, one would feel extremely uncomfortable upon looking at such terrifying expression in their eyes.

“A young man requires a capital in order to be arrogant. Without capital, you would be a fool to become arrogant.” The old man was truly upset as he cursed without restraint. 

If Qing Shui were to scold other old men, they might not lose their temper easily. Most importantly, Qing Shui had mentioned in the beginning that the old man’s thoughts and behavior did not match together—there was treachery beneath his mask of friendliness. One should know that this trait was his weakness. He was very superstitious of it. On top of that, he became more livid because of Qing Shui’s last remarks. If Qing Shui were to say those words at the beginning of the meeting, the old man would not have been enraged like he was now.

“I am still young and there’s still a chance to amend my mistakes. Even if I become a fool just once, it wouldn’t even matter. But you are different. You are already this old and if you continue to be ignorant and blind to a lot of things, it will be inevitable for you to become an old bastard.” Qing Shui coldly said as he retracted his smile.

The meanings behind these words were too obvious. The old man twitched his expression once again and said, “You’re dead!”

This time, the old man blurted out two words before rushing toward Qing Shui with his palms facing him.

Hands of Sage!

Two giant, jade-white handprints that were struck from the palms emitted a pure halo light, which was incomparably dignified. Even though the light wasn’t massive, the density of the light was high. There was a kind of aura that would propel others to worship within that light, as well as a sense of unconcealable murderous intent exuding from within.

Qing Shui shook his head, “If a person’s heart is evil, then that person is questionable. Your Hands of Sage will never achieve its great success.”

Taichi Single Whip!

Qing Shui’s palms also became white jade in color, as if they were crystals. The palms emitted an intense saintly energy as well. But as he struck against the gigantic palms of his opponent, his strength seemed powerless and feeble in contrast.


Even though Qing Shui was slightly knocked a few steps backward, his step technique was not disturbed. It was more like his silhouette backing away instead. This was also considered as a way to generate power through the assault. Next, Qing Shui began to move again, his silhouette shifting smoothly like floating clouds and flowing water.



The angle in which Qing Shui chose to strike was crafty, as was his step techniques. The timing he used to strike his opponent was during the moment his enemy had exhausted his power and before his strength had been reinvigorated. It was quite ingenious for Qing Shui to strike at that precise moment. 

This time, Qing Shui did not back away. Instead, the old man was knocked backward by a step.

From then onward, this stance persisted.

Qing Shui’s silhouette moved continuously under the effect of the Nine Palace Steps. Even though his movement seemed unhurried, his pace was undisturbed without ever ceasing. 

Qing Shui main focus was the cultivation of his fists, which caused his power to greatly surge. His Taichi cultivation had entered a completely new realm too. An actual battle would be the best way to consolidate a realm, which was why Qing Shui planned to use the old man as a way to consolidate and upgrade his cultivation realm.

From the beginning, the old man had already underestimated his opponent, which led to his complete loss on the first strike. Moreover, the old man did not place Qing Shui in the same and correct level as him. His subconsciousness assumed that Qing Shui would be able to compete against him in the first place.

Because of this mentality, his aura was disrupted after being knocked back by Qing Shui again. Once the disruption occurred, Qing Shui was able to suppress the old man completely with his own aura. Just like strangling someone’s neck, it felt extremely uncomfortable. Should Qing Shui decided to use additional force, the old man would be deprived of his physical strength.

Cloudhand, Taichi Single Whip, Hammer Explosion Technique! 

Qing Shui continued to use his Taichi techniques with grace and vigor. The technique that seemed powerless at first was actually quite potent. Each time the opponent was at the brink of exhaustion or retreating, he would always strike at the point of weakness without fail.

Not only that, Qing Shui had Inch Force within his power. Moreover, the Inch Force could unleash three consecutive strikes, which were also considered a type of instant attack that deals direct damage, resulting in inner injuries.

The old man continued to move backwards.


Within the time for an incense to burn, the old man was quickly knocked away as he was in the midst of retreating. Qing Shui did not approach him any further this time. However, he continued to watch while feeling immensely satisfied, as the old man was being blasted away.

An actual combat had a miraculous effect on the balance of one’s cultivation realm, as well as being the only path toward raising the experience of battle. Without an actual combat, one would not be able to unleash the might of a technique no matter how strong they were. If a person were to discover the might of his or her own technique, then that person would be able to boost the prowess of this particular unmenacing technique and in turn, the technique would allow that person to possibly achieve a swift kill toward his or her enemies.

A martial cultivator once said that there was no such thing as useless techniques, only incompetent people. The same technique would reflect a tremendous difference of prowess on different types of people.

Qing Shui didn’t think he could defeat someone with the power of a Grand State Master with his recently boosted Taichi without the use of any weakening skills on him. He didn’t use Nine Continents Mountain on him either. Of course, there was also the fact that the Grand State Master did not actually unleash his full potential of power, not even beyond 70%.

This prompted Qing Shui to realize the importance of Qi dynamic, morale, and psychology. As they said, one must do their utmost even when dealing with a minor problem, which was to say that one could never underestimate their opponent. Otherwise, the situation of a rabbit killing an eagle would arise. There wouldn’t be a chance to feel remorse by then.

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