AST 1917 - The Powerful Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, Kill

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1917 - The Powerful Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, Kill

Qing Shui could vividly feel the more prominent strength of this Grand State Master Tai Zhai compared to the previous man. However, it was not a big threat to Qing Shui since he owned a treasure which would be greatly effective as his strength increased.

Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda!

Cancels the same amount of attack as own strength!

Qing Shui’s item could resist up to 25,000,000 Dao as of now. Previously, it might not be too useful when it could cancel off an attack of about 4,000,000 Dao. Now that it could cancel off 25 million Dao, it was quite intimidating. As his strength increased later on, it would become even more daunting.

Previously, it was not fully the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda’s credit when Qing Shui defeated the Grand State Master with ease. After all, Qing Shui’s resistance power was something to be ignored. Frankly speaking, it would not differ much without the Parry heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda. Still, its function was distinct and outstanding.

By canceling the damage, it could guarantee the shielding function of Qing Shui’s strong defensive power, especially against the opponent’s sneak attacks and weak point attacks. After all, there would be relatively weaker spots despite his high defensive power.

The Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda could completely cancel the damage, including the vital areas. Besides, it could be applied at any time without any consumption. Qing Shui had no idea how strong the old man’s attack was, but he knew that after canceling 25 million Dao worth of power, there would not be much left.

This explained why Qing Shui was not too overly concerned. After canceling 25 million Dao, the damage that he would sustain was negligible. Even the Sure Kill Heavenly Technique could not harm him since Qing Shui had 20,000 Dao resistance power.

The old man took out a long, white sword which was four inches wide and four feet long. It was carved with the pattern of four arts, very realistic and spiritual, giving out a profound righteous energy. At that moment, the hypocritical, old, and fat guy had a righteous aura.

Three Ability Steps!

The old man dashed towards Qing Shui, leaving behind a discontinuous trace of images. These images showed different movements, which then converged into an ample spiritual energy and filled the old man’s body.

At once, a formidable Nature Energy or something similar exploded from the Grand State Master Tai Zhai’s body. It was comparable to the few Masters of Great Confucian. The extent of their energy in a battle, however, remained unknown.

Sword of Justice!

A three feet long and white ray radiated from the sword in his hand, similar to white flame. It was crystal clear, bright and extremely sharp. Rumour had it that this ray could burn through everything, especially the evil forces. It was almost invulnerable.

The shining reflection of the sword slashed against Qing Shui like a silver lightning.

Soul Energy!

Qing Shui sensed a familiarity in this force. It was similar to but not as genuine as his Nine Yang Dragon Soul. Qing Shui despised this treacherous fatty. He instilled the Force of Dragon Soul into the Golden Battle Halberd at once.

Qing Shui learned this from Dongfang Zhiqiu. Without hesitation, he used the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique and River Breaking the Shackles.


As expected, the overbearing force combined with Nine Yang Dragon Soul clashed with the white sword of Grand State Master Tai Zhai.

It was not correct to say that Qing Shui’s attack had improved tremendously with the Nine Yang Dragon Soul. To be precise, he was aided by the Nine Yang Dragon Soul. For example, the passive effect of the Nine Yang Dragon soul could increase the strength by nine times. The biggest ability of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul was the collision with Force of Soul. It could destruct the forces of a similar type even if they were several times stronger.

The collision of Nine Yang Dragon Soul and the opponent’s Force of Soul was an attack of defense cancellation. The effect was not absolute but the damage was definitely extensive unless the opponent’s Force of Soul was several times stronger than Qing Shui.

Qing Shui stood still while the Grand State Master was thrown away in a loud explosion. However, he was not badly injured.

The Grand State Master Tai Zhai was only inviting troubles when he used a force as such against Qing Shui. It was hard to tell if Qing Shui could beat him if he did not use it.

Spiritual force attack could only resist the same kind of force. The rest depended on one’s existing resistance power. There was no other way out. This was how great it was. Once the Force of Soul and one’s existing strength were used in combination, the opponent could only confront it with endurance. The opponent’s body would be bombarded if he had no Force of Soul.

This was the reason why one who owned the Force of Soul could easily win over a same-leveled warrior without it.

There was no mercy in a battle. Qing Shui could attack with the least of his worries since he would never get hurt. On the other hand. the Grand State Master could only apply his greatest strength, which was to merge the spiritual attack with the Path of Great Confucian.

To nobody’s surprise, it got him thrown out again and again.

A cloud of smoke floated over the battlefield as Qing Shui attacked relentlessly like a Battle God and forced the Grand State Master Tai Zhai to retreat every time.


After countless attacks, the Golden Battle Halberd had finally broken the precious white sword before piercing through the Grand State Master Tai Zhai’s chest.


This strike gave a penetration effect under the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique. It happened several times before snapping the opponent’s sword. The broken tip stabbed in the Grand State Master Tai Zhai’s chest with a massive penetrating force.

The penetrating power was a defense-canceling attack. It was also a dreadful ability of the Golden Battle God who led the Battle Gods. Although it was not the sharpest attack, it could cancel off the defense and target the target’s inner body while also destroying their weapon. Penetrating the muscles and bones, the attack was almost a direct hit on the heart regardless of the opponent’s inner body strength.

Fresh blood spilt out of the Grand State Master Tai Zhai’s mouth. Qing Shui heaved a sigh as he confirmed that the strike was deadly and had burst his heart. Now, even the Daluo Golden Immortal could not save his life.

Qing Shui did not actually mean to mortally wound the opponent. This attack was out of his expectation as the penetration effect was unforeseen. It was hard to control the penetration effect when Qing Shui went all out. Perhaps the idea of refraining did not cross his mind at that moment.

The Grand State Master Tai Zhai stared at Qing Shui in disbelief during his last moments. He gazed at Qing Shui as if looking at a frightening existence. Pressing his chest with one hand and pointing at Qing Shui with another, he slowly collapsed without saying a word.

“Eldest brother, eldest brother……!”

“You have killed my eldest brother. The Great Confucian Empire will not go easy on you.” The previous Grand State Master glared at Qing Shui in resentment. He craved to chop Qing Shui into pieces. If looks could kill then he had already killed Qing Shui many times.

“Blood will have blood. A warrior must be prepared to die. Don’t take this as a child’s play and keep mentioning the Great Confucian Empire. Do you really think you are that important? The Great Confucian Empire might not even fight for you.” Qing Shui was annoyed when he looked at the two brothers. They did not behave like seniors despite their old ages. With their small eyes, they pretended to be treacherous and deep. Most of all, they carried the name of the Masters of Great Confucian.  

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