AST 1922 - Direction, Imperial Physician, Miraculous Physician

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1922 - Direction, Imperial Physician, Miraculous Physician

“That’s hard to say. For all you know, I might truly join a certain sect one day.” Qing Shui smiled and said while looking at Lin Zhennan.

“That’s true. But Brother Qing, I know a thing or two about reading someone’s faces. If one day, you truly joined a certain group, I am sure that it will be something related to women. Not just any ordinary women, but your own women.” Lin Zhennan said in a mischievous way.

“Brother Lin, would you mind coming into the Imperial Cuisine Hall to enjoy some tea with me?” Qing Shui invited Lin Zhennan over, after seeing that he was quite optimistic. Certainly, it also wasn’t just because of this. Having one more friend would mean having another alternative route in the future, let alone he was a member of the Lin Clan. Since Qing Shui hadn’t planned on joining any sides for the time being, he should make sure that at least he didn’t make enemies with them.

When a person was in strong demand by many groups, by not making friends with them would mean in an alternate way, that he had actually become hostile towards them. Though it might seem like he didn’t intend to offend any of them, deep down, he had already disqualified them from the list of groups that he would join.

However, Qing Shui was aware that the situation this time was different. The thing that was mentioned before, it was only for the people who were sought by others but did not have the ability to protect themselves. In Qing Shui’s case, though he had yet to truly cross fist with the people around here, Qing Shui was very confident that he was strong enough to look after himself.

“I feel that I am able to get along quite well with Brother Qing. If it doesn’t bother you, I will be more than willing to join you for a teatime.” Lin Zhennan smiled and said.

“If you may.”

Lin Zhennan didn’t allow the others to enter the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Instead, he told them to return to the clan and walked into the hall alone. This action caused Qing Shui to look up to him even more. He was strong, but what Qing Shui admired even more about him was his optimistic mindset.

“I have always heard people saying that the Lin Clan make friends wherever they go. It seems this rumor still has some truths in it.” Qing Shui said while walking.

Lin Zhennan understood what Qing Shui meant and smiled, “Lin Clan is a very friendly clan. Truthfully speaking, though the Lin Clan may be the half mountain king, we are not interested in the slightest to attain the imperial power of the Great Confucian Empire. But occasionally, even if we remain silent, we would still be forced to the mouth of a stormy wave by others.”

“As long as you are standing upright, you won’t fear your shadow being slanted. Brother Lin, I believe what you said.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

It was not that Qing Shui had managed to see through anything. Despite how agile his Spiritual Sense might be, he still wouldn’t be able to sense things like this. Though it was said that one must be sincere during conversations with others, it was still necessary for them to say certain things to keep their image. Besides, one wouldn’t necessarily have to take responsibilities for saying such things. It was even inferior to an empty promise.

For long times, these words were meant to get the two people closer. It was to ensure that their conversation could flow even smoother.

“Thank you!”

Qing Shui invited Lin Zhennan to sit down. He, on the other hand, took out a few jars of wine and a number of dishes from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The ability of the realm in keeping the food fresh was unquestionable. Hence, the dishes looked as if they had just been made. The wine which Qing Shui took out was also the good quality wines. They were all purely brewed from the Green Bamboo Snake that had reached a certain age.

It was smooth and smelled great. Its fragrance even remained on his lips and teeth upon drinking it. The wine smoothly flowed through his throat into his stomach. This was a very exquisite feeling. It was an instantaneous feeling which resembled when a man reached his climax during sex with a woman.

Lin Zhennan stunned from just taking a sip of it. To think that such a good wine would exist in this world. The Lin Clan which he belonged to, was the half-mountain king of the Great Confucian Empire. Naturally, there would be countless good wines which he could find from his home. However, he had never once tasted such a splendid wine before. Inside the jade cup, the wine that was light green in color looked stunning.

What was even more beautiful about it, was the feeling upon drinking it. It was a kind of satisfaction which originated from one’s mind to all across the person’s body. It made him feel as if he was in a dream. The feeling was unbelievable. More importantly, he even felt as if his body was being cleansed.

The wine was brewed by Qing Shui with the top quality Green Bamboo Leaves. At the moment, there was already a verdant and lush area filled with Green Bamboos. There were also areas for Violet Bamboo and Red Bamboo respectively. Naturally, this would mean that Qing Shui also had the Red Bamboo Wine and Violet Bamboo Wine.

“How’s it?” Qing Shui smiled and asked when he saw Lin Zhennan’s expression.

“Splendid. This is the first time I ever tasted such a good quality wine. It completely toppled over the knowledge which I used to have about wine. Brother Qing, are you the one who brewed this wine?” After quite a while, Lin Zhennan came back to his senses and asked.

“I made them when I am free. Feel free to taste the food. You can’t find them anywhere else.” Qing Shui refilled Lin Zhennan’s wine cup as he spoke.

Lin Zhennan politely took up the chopsticks and proceeded to put the food, with names that even he wasn’t familiar of, into his mouth. Before this, merely the smell of it had already given him a strong urge to taste the food. He eventually learned some new things when he finally got to eat the food. In any case, Lin Zhennan was still considered to be just an ordinary man. Other than strength, the next thing which he pursued would be sex and food. Actually, considering that these were probably what 99% of men sought for, saying this was not really any much different than talking nonsense.

Though Lin Zhennan hadn’t necessarily tasted all the existing delicious food across the continent, he should still have tried out the food around the Great Confucian Empire or in areas a little further away from there. However, he only learned today that food of this caliber actually existed across the continent. Only the wine here was fit to be called true wine.

When it came to gathering information, Lin Zhennan could still be considered to be quite skillful at it. As of now, he not only knew that Qing Shui possessed formidable strength and medical expertise. He seemed to be very proficient even in cooking. Despite that, the skills mentioned before were already more than enough to make him a man above men.

Prior to this, he was still a bit suspicious of Qing Shui. After all, to him, Qing Shui was still very young. It could already be considered quite decent to be proficient in an aspect of things. But it was only now, did he learn that he was a bit arrogant before and that he had underestimated the genius in front of him.

“Brother Qing, is there anything which I can help you with?” Lin Zhennan asked Qing Shui. He knew that there definitely must be something for Qing Shui to invite him in,

After enjoying the dinner, Lin Zhennan’s impression towards Qing Shui completely changed. Deep down, he told himself that he must build a good relationship with this young man. A golden carp would never stay in a pond forever. The young man currently in front of him was precisely the golden carp he meant.

“Brother Lin, you are a smart man, so let me be straightforward. I am sure you have also managed to see through that I have been pushed down into the mess where I am in right now. My family and my friend’s lives have all been threatened. Hence, it is of utmost importance for me to solve the current issue, but as of now, I truly have no intention to side with any clans. Brother Lin, do you understand what I mean?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“I do, but Brother Qing, how do you hope for the problem to be solved?” Lin Zhennan asked. He seemed a bit distracted.

“Though I have only interacted once with the people from both the Little Prince and the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master respectively. By making comparisons based on those encounters, I feel that the people on the Little Prince’s side are more appropriate.”

Since Lin Zhennan dared to ask him such a question, it meant that he was quite confident with himself. It was likely that he only managed to get a grasp on what was going on in Qing Shui’s mind. Qing Shui had faith in Lin Clan’s strength, but he didn’t want to put too much hope on it. Actually, he only wanted some time to make sure that the people around him could get stronger or alternatively, he could get some people to look after them.

“To be honest, it is impossible to defeat the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master without any sacrifices. Unless you have a soft spot towards one of them, it will be easier to face off against him in a two against one fight. But this is also very risky. Other than that, it is also very dangerous to cut weeds without taking out its root. Once some of the expert warriors from the opposing side managed to escape, we won’t be able to live at peace. We might even end up having to pay a huge price for it.” At this moment, Lin Zhennan also seemed very serious.

Qing Shui understood what he meant. It was perfectly normal for such kind of thing to happen. Also because of this, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was only able to be under the care of the people from the Great Confucian Empire. Hence, for a moment, Qing Shui became silent.

After a moment of thought, Qing Shui smiled, “I understand now. Brother Lin, we are friends. In the future, it will be better if we interact more with each other. If you need any help, feel free to tell me about it.”

For the time being, Qing Shui wanted to gain benefits for himself. With his ability, there was really no need for him to take any sides. In a way, he could be described as a unique physician. Being in the world, who could possibly make sure that they would live their life without having to face any illnesses or catastrophic events? As long as they were aware of what he was capable of, they would have been more eager to make friends with him rather than offend him.

Certainly, it was also possible for physicians to offend someone. However, a powerful physician would rarely have to do anything to their enemies. There would be a lot of people willing to deal with them in his place.

At this moment, it seemed as though Qing Shui had managed to find a direction for himself.

An imperial physician, miraculous physician?

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