AST 1932 - A role model, do good to others.

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1932 - A Role Model, Do Good to Others.

The old man was very straightforward. He left as soon as he said so. He seemed not so worried that Qing Shui wouldn’t get things done after taking advantages from him.

Actually, Qing Shui was aware that the old man’s eyes were very poisonous. He must have known that Qing Shui wasn’t that kind of a person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have acted like this. Certainly, he also knew the reason behind the old man’s action. However, there was one main thing which the old man wasn’t aware of. That was, the identity which was related to the Thirteenth Prince himself.

Not only was he born with the life of an emperor. Most importantly, he was also a Battle God Inheritor.

“Thirteenth Prince!” Qing Shui smiled and looked at the man.

“Master, is there anything you would like me to do?” The Thirteenth Prince asked in a serious tone.

“Since you are older than me, it will be better if we address each other as brothers instead.” Qing Shui said while looking at him. He could feel that he was an honest man, a bit similar to the Barbarian Emperor.

“It doesn’t matter when a person starts learning, the one who discovers the truth earns the right to be the master. Before this, I have already called you my master, and I won’t go back on my words. There are a lot of people in this world who are younger but stronger than me and I am able to accept it. Master, please don’t worry about it.” The Thirteenth Prince said in a serious tone.

Qing Shui was speechless. Actually, it was because he was a Battle God Inheritor, Qing Shui felt that it would be better if they called each other brothers in the future, like how he did with Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong. Secondly, he feared that the Thirteenth Prince might not be able to accept it. But now, it seemed like this man was quite persistent. Or rather, was he just a stubborn man?

Actually, the Thirteenth Prince wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, he was a very smart person. Naturally, he was able to understand the reasons behind the things which the Patriarch emphasized again and again. Hence, there were no more excuses for Qing Shui not to be his master. The Patriarch was willing to give him such a precious gift, just so that the Thirteenth Prince could become his disciple.

Though that thing might be useless in other people’s hands, it was undeniably still a valuable treasure. Hence, Qing Shui would definitely not waste this gift.

“Since you already said that, I will leave it for you to decide. I can feel that you are a Battle God Inheritor, have you managed to feel it as well?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

In a while, the Thirteenth Prince looked at Qing Shui with a surprised look. After that, he moved on to look at Lan Lingfeng, Yin Tong, Muyun Qingge and Qin Qing before he said in shock, “Oh, so you are all Battle God Inheritors as well. This is great!”

This was the first time Qing Shui saw such an energetic look from the Thirteenth Prince’s eyes. He smiled and said, “How do you feel? We are all Battle God Inheritors and we address each other as brothers. Would you like to follow us along and do the same?”

The Thirteenth Prince smiled and said, “These two things are irrelevant. You are my master, I will make sure I distinguish them well. I will recognize the others as brothers, but as for your wives, I will still respect them as my master mistresses.”

Qing Shui was a bit helpless. He could only let him do as he pleased.

Regardless of what’s said and done, today was a good day. Now, he was already the master of the Thirteenth Prince, and in the future, the Thirteenth Prince was bound to take over the throne as the Great Emperor of the Great Confucian Empire. This made him the master of a Great Emperor.

The Thirteenth Prince settled down in the Imperial Cuisine Hall and became Qing Shui’s disciple. Actually, it was not that Qing Shui didn’t have any disciples, for instance, Little Fattie, Qing Sha and more. But strictly speaking, the Thirteenth Prince was the first official disciple who Qing Shui had.

With the realm Qing Shui was currently at, being a master shouldn’t pose any problem to him.

After enjoying their meal, both Qing Shui and the Thirteenth Prince sat down at the backyard.

“Thirteenth Prince, since you insisted to become my disciple, I will try my best to entrust the things I know to you. You are an intelligent man and there are many things which you know more than me. I won’t force you to do anything regarding this matter, but since you are already under my wing, there are some rules which you will have to comply at all cost.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

There were slight wind breezes at the backyard. The air was filled with the faint fragrance of flowers and grass. As soon as it entered one’s nose, it would make them feel relaxed and carefree. Though the sky was a bit gloomy, it was different from the type of gloomy from his previous incarnation. To put roughly, it was still quite bright.

“Master, please tell me about it. I will make sure I remember it and comply with it.”

“Be good to others.” Qing Shui only muttered out these four words.

The Thirteenth Prince stunned. Nevertheless, he still nodded, “Alright, I understand now.”

Qing Shui didn’t mention anything about not bullying the weak and fearing the strong, nor did he mention anything about siding with the evils and killing the innocents. Those four words had already taken account all of the above scenarios. The Thirteenth Prince was also aware of it. Let alone this was his true nature.

“I know quite a few things. This includes martial arts, the skill of medics and the skill of cooking. I can consider myself to have attained high level for all of those mentioned above. Though you may possess decent innate talent, I hope that you can decide for yourself which one do you want. Learning more than one of them may cause side-effects. It will be better off if you only focus on one of them.”

Qing Shui knew that the Thirteenth Prince wouldn’t choose the path of cooking. As for the medical field, there was a fair chance that he wouldn’t choose it as well. If there were no surprises, he should settle down with martial arts as his choice.

“I choose the path of martial arts, master!” The Thirteenth Prince responded without even thinking about it.

“Alright, if I am not mistaken, you should be the Vicious Bear Battle God Inheritor.” Qing Shui observed the slender body of the Thirteenth Prince.

“Yes!” The Thirteenth Prince seemed a bit surprised.

“I think it hasn’t been a long time since you received your inheritance. Or maybe because you haven’t managed to cultivate it to its optimum point. The path which the vicious bear took was more towards the strength. It should be very stable, possess a strong might and unstoppable. Let me show you some of the bear gestures today. Come to look for me again when your body has become two times stronger than it is now.” Qing Shui stood up as he spoke.

The Thirteenth Prince quickly stood up.

Qing Shui passed on the Bear Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique to the Thirteenth Prince. This was to build his basics. The Vicious Bear Inheritors could bring upon significant benefits to him.

Following on, Qing Shui performed a number of Bear Gestures and went through the essentials of each of the respective gestures with him. Other than that, he didn’t say anything more.

After teaching him all of these, Qing Shui left him alone for a while. Halfway through the morning, the Barbarian Emperor came. Just like usual, he was a carefree man. Qing Shui really admired people like him who were strong but at the same time carefree.

“Little brother!” The Barbarian Emperor was just like usual.

“Brother, it seems that you have made quite a recovery. Judging by how things are looking now, within a few days, I will be able to help you completely remove the arch off your brain.” Qing Shui and the Barbarian Emperor happily walked towards the main hall specifically made for the guests.

“The Patriarch has come to see you before.” The Barbarian Emperor smiled and said.


“The Thirteenth Prince is quite a nice brat. Actually, I share quite a good relationship with him. Though his father had done me wrong before, this has nothing to do with him.” The Barbarian Emperor said in a helpless tone.

Qing Shui didn’t ask him any further. He only smiled and looked at the Barbarian Emperor, Qing Shui knew that if he wanted to tell him about it, he wouldn’t have needed to ask.

“There are many things which I have been keeping to myself. For some reason, at first sight, I can already find some familiarity with you. Just treat this as me nagging.”

“Sure!” Qing Shui helped him fill up his teacup.

“Actually, the Thirteenth Prince’s father is my brother. It’s just that I possess a very low status. My mother is someone that’s not from the empire, which is why my status is very low. To say it in a way that’s pleasant to hear, I can be considered as a prince. Considering that the empire doesn’t consist of a thing called family love, someone like me who is born with an inappropriate origin will naturally be hated by many.”

While enjoying his cup of tea, the Barbarian Emperor revealed a bitter smile and continued on to say, “However, it seems that I also possess decent innate talents, which was why I got invited into the palace. It’s also because of this issue that I caused a threat to the people’s positions and ended up like this. Though you may see me as the Great Emperor at the moment, it is also just temporary. For most of the time, I am just muddleheaded. The person who drugged me was none other than my own brother, the previous Great Emperor……”

Qing Shui let out a sigh. From the history books which he had read before, he knew that things like this had the tendency to happen. A lot of people relied on killing their own father and brothers to climb their way up to the throne. Greed could drive a man crazy. It would make them no longer themselves and become very vicious and evil.

“It feels more comfortable to say it out rather than keeping it to myself. I really hope that dear brother, you will be willing to listen to me and help me relieve my boredom.” The Barbarian Emperor smiled.

“Understood. Rest assured brother, we are friends. I am not that kind of guy who is unreserved with his mouth, nor do I like spreading other people’s secrets.” Qing Shui knew what the Barbarian Emperor meant.

“I have faith in you, little brother.”

After the treatment, it was already approaching noon. However, the Barbarian Emperor didn’t stay behind for lunch and left.

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