AST 1936 - It Was Bad for The Body To Hold Back...

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1936 - It Was Bad for The Body To Hold Back...

Mystic Ice Seal!

Qing Shui felt a chill all over his body. He was surrounded by a thick layer of ice and was stuck within it. This ice was no joke, it was condensed from the Cold Icy Qi instead of the normal water.

Tantai Lingyan hesitated and looked at Qing Shui who was stuck in the ice. She waved the Angelic Sword in her hand!


The ice cube exploded with three times of the usual damage. The technique would not exceed five times which was the upper limit.

As the ice cube shattered, Qing Shui’s body was thrown away and fell at a distant place.

“Qing Shui!”

Tantai Lingyan’s heart skipped a beat. She only delivered 3 million Dao Force, but what if the maximum exploding damage of five folds had occurred? This Mystic Ice Seal’s exploding power was three to five times her normal strength and was somehow related to the mastery of skills. Strangely, Luck seemed to be a factor too.

If it was five times the damage, then the damage would be 15 million Dao Force. Could Qing Shui stand the attack? At once, Tantai Lingyan’s mind was tangled and her beautiful face turned pale. She rushed to Qing Shui and shook his upper body immediately.

“Wake up, don’t frighten me……” Tantai Lingyan yelled incessantly while looking at Qing Shui’s pale face.

Qing Shui opened his eyes slowly and felt uneasy after seeing her red eyes, “I’m fine, I don’t know how I fainted. Now I can see that you care about me so much.” said Qing Shui while smiling.

Looking at Qing Shui’s smiling face, Tantai Lingyan thought deeply and found out that he was pretending just now. Out of anger, she pinched hard on his cheek.

Qing Shui leaned on Tantai Lingyan’s chest, feeling the amazing elasticity beneath his head. He leaned between the mountains and was surrounded by softness. At the same time, a sweet and strong fragrance could be smelled, it was exceptionally pleasant.

“Who cared about you, bad thing. Don’t frighten people like this anymore,” Tantai Lingyan calmed down and noticed that this guy was taking advantage of her. Yet, she did not push him away. In fact, they were already very intimate, just yet to cross the final line. Regardless, she already acknowledged herself as his woman and it would not change in her entire life.

Qing Shui turned over and hugged Tantai Lingyan in his arms, making her sit on his laps. There was a big tree behind; Just by leaning against it while sitting on the lawn, he already felt very contented.

In a scream, Tantai Lingyan realized that she was sitting in his embrace. She looked at him with her blushed face.

“Don’t look at me this way, I’d be shy,” Qing Shui could hardly hold himself back under her stare.

“Nonsense,” Tantai Lingyan was annoyed and amused at the same time.

Qing Shui lowered his head and kissed her lips. These days, they would kiss after every sword practice. This was the reason for her blushed face earlier on, when she asked Qing Shui to practice together.

Soon after, Qing Shui’s hands started to move around disobediently. Sinking his hands in between the firm mountains, he massaged the snowballs that made his blood racing. Tantai Lingyan’s breasts were not enormous but very perky. Like juicy peaches, they were elastic, smooth, wonderfully shaped, and untainted. Qing Shui saw them before and never forgot them since.

Qing Shui played with them greedily and repeatedly, but he didn’t dare to progress. Previously, he had attempted it, but Tantai Lingyan pushed him away. He could not even continue kissing and touching her.

Hence, Qing Shui only kissed her and stopped once in a while, to look at her beautifully disastrous face. It was absolutely enticing and alluring after shedding her coldness. At that moment, she gazed at Qing Shui with her eyes half-open while Qing Shui’s hands rubbed her chest constantly.

Qing Shui felt her soft body trembling and her reflex on the tips. He was not surprised. Tantai Lingyan was a normal woman too, it was common to have reflex but she refrained from it.

“Little girl, it is bad for your body to hold back.”

“Little girl, that thing is very pleasurable, in ecstasy……”

Qing Shui sounded like an uncle tempting a little girl with a lollipop……

“You’re just a bastard, stop talking,” Tantai Lingyan realized that Qing Shui was getting bolder with his words.

“You moaned with a lot of pleasure last time,” Qing Shui tapped his forefinger on the tip of her mountain while talking; another hand moved to her back and tapped on a joint at the end of her spine.

Along with the Soul Charming Bone Corrosion, Qing Shui could easily bring a woman to ecstasy with his Acupuncture knowledge and force. Thus, Tantai Lingyan trembled vigorously and pressed on Qing Shui’s hands. She closed her lips tight to prevent any noises from escaping.

Her slightly shaking body and her facial expression in that split second almost captured Qing Shui’s soul.

It was not Qing Shui’s first time stimulating the girl’s acupoints, but he seldom did it. After some time, Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui in embarrassment. She was dying to beat this bastard at the moment, yet that feeling a while ago was really delighting. She couldn’t hold her desire now, that was an unspoken pleasure.

However, she certainly felt discomfort down there after experiencing the pleasure. Hence, she hurried back to have a shower and went back with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, it was a joyful thing to give her pleasure...

When he returned, the little guy was awake. Qing Xiu was almost four years old now and still as pretty as a little girl. His scattered long hair made him appear so beautiful that it was beyond description. He ran towards Qing Shui happily upon meeting him, while running, he yelled.


Qing Shui carried him at once and said, “Xiu Xiu woke up early today.”

Qing Shui thought the name ‘Xiu Xiu’ sounded more like a girl’s name, but since the women also called him this way, Qing Shui subconsciously followed.

Qing Xiu enjoyed being with Qing Shui a lot, they had been staying together over these years.

“I want to train my body.”

“Good, our Xiu Xiu has grown up. Come, daddy will teach you martial-art squats……”

In the Main Continents, many three-year-old kids already started to train. The training was mostly very simple during this period. However, due to the spiritual sense of this world, some of the training in Qing Shui’s past life could be surpassed. For example, a very young kid could start lifting weights without worrying about the stunted growth in height.

Though Qing Xiu was young, he was very unbending. His tiny legs were shaking while doing the martial-art squat. After a while, he fell and sat on the ground.

Nevertheless, he stood back up instantly and continued. Sweat was all over his little face.

Out of nowhere, Yiye Jiange appeared beside Qing Shui and watched her son. Despite feeling sorry, she did not stop them.

“Feeling sorry?” Qing Shui held Yiye Jiange’s hand and watched his stubborn son.

“Yes!” Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Xiu’s little face, feeling really sorry. This made Qing Shui jealous, how did this little guy get more attention from Yiye Jiange than himself?

“He can only be a great man in the future by bearing the hardships now,” Qing Shui said with a smile. He felt sorry too, but it was alright. It was fine for a son to undergo hardships, Qing Shui would feel even worse if it was a little girl.

“Mm, let’s begin now. He should start training too, you can be his primary instructor then,” said Yiye Jiange happily. There was no one else better than Qing Shui in this task.

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