AST 1947 - True Dragon Royal Ring, Emperorking Physique, Yiye Jiange

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1947 - True Dragon Royal Ring, Emperorking Physique, Yiye Jiange

A deep and violent glow appeared on the Thirteenth Prince's body in an instant. It was a brilliant color and the Thirteenth Prince's power grew tremendously at a rate that could be seen even by the naked eye as the violet Qi grew. It was hard to believe.

"This is..." The body of Xia Clan's Old Ancestor was trembling.

Qing Shui was surprised as well. Although he knew that the Thirteenth Prince had a Emperorking Physique like the Barbarian Emperor, his strength was completely out of Qing Shui’s expectation. The True Dragon Royal Ring had completely awakened the Thirteenth Prince's physique and the power of his blood lineage was one of the most important factors. For example, dragons were dragons and pigs were pigs. They were different from the moment they were born. All these were attributed to their blood lineage. If there were dragon's blood discovered in a pig’s body, then it would be a dragon pig. The creature would be very powerful.

Therefore, a powerful blood lineage determined the extent of one's power.

If Xia Clan's Old Ancestor knew that the Thirteenth Prince would undergo such a change, he would have given the True Dragon Royal Ring to him a long time ago. This would allow the Thirteenth Prince to stand firm in his place with the ten years that the Old Ancestor had. However, this was even better. Xia Clan's Old Ancestor could tell that Qing Shui was extraordinary. He knew that this young man wouldn't harbor any ill thoughts regarding the Great Confucian Empire. To speak the truth, the old man already knew that Qing Shui would not care for the Great Confucian Empire.

If Qing Shui were to find out the old man's thoughts, he would be speechless. It wasn't a problem whether Qing Shui would care for the Great Confucian Empire or not. Qing Shui had never thought to become the ruler of an Empire. In comparison, he was willing to become the leader of a sect. He didn't like the feeling given to him by being a royalty.

The people under the stage were all top notch people of the generation and thus could tell as well. Some of them even had the thought of stepping out to kill the Thirteenth Prince. After all, a person with the Emperorking Physique would pose the greatest threat in the future. However, every time they saw Qing Shui, they would feel as if someone had doused cold water over them.

An existence that could instantly kill Old Demon Starry wasn't one which they could afford to offend. Therefore, they could only watch while secretly plotting their next moves.

After about the time for an incense to burn out, the violet Qi dissipated. Right now, the Thirteenth Prince's power had increased tremendously and should be at about 100 million Dao force. This was a very dangerous amount. Although the Thirteenth Prince's foundation wasn't very stable right now, he also possessed the Emperorking Bloodline. There wasn't a need for him to be worried about this.

With this change, in addition to Qing Shui's existence, the Thirteenth Prince managed to step up to the position of Great Emperor. This news quickly spread throughout the world and great amnesty was granted everywhere.

Qing Shui noticed that regardless if it was in the ancient times or modern times of his previous life, or even in this world, many principles were the same. The means of doing things remained the same as well. In the ancient times of Qing Shui's previous world, great amnesty would be granted across the world and even murderers would be acquitted of their charges.

This was a mean for rulers to make a show of conciliation in order to bring their territories under control. It was also a proclamation.

Qing Shui, Xia Clan's Old Ancestor, and the Thirteenth Prince then returned to the Inner City.

"We have Qing Shui to thank for today. The Thirteenth Prince has a good Master and even if I were to pass away, I won't have any regrets." Xia Clan's Old Ancestor said happily.

"Sir, you can't just wash your hands off things. Though the Thirteenth Prince might be my disciple, just as we had said this back then, it's impossible for me to always be by his side." Qing Shui smiled and said. If the Thirteenth Prince was only his disciple, it would be easy to make arrangements for him, be it leaving him at the Imperial Cuisine Hall or keeping him by his side.

However, the Thirteenth Prince was now a ruler of an Empire. The Great Confucian Empire's Great Emperor, in fact. Even though he wanted to become the Great Emperor, Qing Shui couldn't possibly stay to support him in his position.

"I know. Although the Thirteen has become slightly stronger, he still has some problems just from trying to protect himself. However, the Great Confucian Empire does have its resources. His safety isn’t an issue." The old man said confidently.

"That's fine then. To tell you the truth, I'll probably have to leave not long later." Qing Shui didn't keep it a secret since he still had to get the old man to help and take care of the Imperial Cuisine Hall after his departure.

"I know that this place won't be able to keep you here. You belong to a greater world. Go on. You're a young man who values relationships. I know what you're worried about. The Imperial Cuisine Hall will be fine, unless Thirteen and I both were to die." The old man declared.

Qing Shui felt very happy. Regardless of the reason, the old man going through all these troubles was something that was hard to come by.

"Other than the Imperial Cuisine Hall, there's also the Sunset Sea King Palace and the Dragonwolf Palace. I don't feel assured by the others. The Thirteen's current power is still insufficient. I'll help him strengthen his foundation before I leave. It should bring him quite a lot of benefits. Sir, you're the pillar of the Great Confucian Empire. I still hope that you can still be around to suppress the rascals around." Qing Shui requested of the old man.

"I only have less than five years to my lifespan. There isn't anyone who won't die. However, do not worry. I'll get Wen Jian to take care of this." The old man assured Qing Shui.

"I have a proposal. As you know, I am a physician. I can increase your lifespan. I can't guarantee much, but 50 years won't be an issue. If the effect is good, it's not impossible to get up to 100 years. Ask Old Master Wen Jian as well. I hope that the two of you, who have a great amount of experience, can be around. If it's convenient, do help me to give my friend guidance." Qing Shui suggested.

At this moment, Wen Jian walked in and said, surprised. "Old Master and I are already very old. It'll probably be very hard for our lifespan to be increased any further."

"People eat grains and cultivate Qi of the five elements. These can unknowingly bring damage to the human body, including the internal organs, meridian channels, blood, and other aspects. It's unavoidable. Therefore, I can heal the damaged existences, returning a part of them to what they had been before. These can then be turned into lifespan. They are a part of a lifespan."

Of course, Qing Shui wasn't able to fully convert them completely at the moment, especially for cases like Xia Clan's Old Ancestor, who had reached the stage where he wasn't left with much lifespan. If he had met Qing Shui 100 years earlier, his lifespan would have been increased by 300 years.

However, despite so, the two old men were still in disbelief. Although they had gotten to such old age, regardless of whether they were accepting of death or not wanting to die, they would be happy, knowing that they could live on. Moreover, the old man also wanted to see how far the Xia Clan could go in the Thirteen's hands.

Qing Shui brought out the Plum Blossom Wine and drank some together with the two old men and the Thirteen. Qing Shui only left after dinner. He promised to start helping the Thirteen stabilize his foundation on the following day and also helped the two old men increase their lifespan.

After returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, Qing Shui noticed that the ladies and the others were all around. He then said to everyone, "Don't head out over the next few days. I'll help you increase your power."

After refining the Immortal Dao Divine Origin, Qing Shui could now help them again. It wouldn't be through channeling power but by using his powerful Force of Rebirth and Nine Yang force to stimulate the body's potential to attain a breakthrough. This method couldn't be used often and it would be considered to be good, being able to use it once every ten years. People with good physiques can do it once every five years. With the inclusion of good medicinal items and treasures, the time could be shortened even further. However, it would still be dependent on the situation.

Qing Shui's women would get it even better as their bodies had accumulated a lot of pure power through the Duo Cultivation with Qing Shui. Although it wasn't as much during their first attempt at Duo Cultivation, Qing Shui had been around for the past few years. Therefore, they had quite a lot of pure power accumulated.

"Jiange, you'll go first today!" Qing Shui showed a smile before taking Yiye Jiange's hand and walking out. They then appeared in that mountain valley where he had headed to with Tantai Lingyan previously.

This place could be considered to be Qing Shui's backyard by now. He arrived here by his Nine Continents Steps and thus there were no other people here. Just in case, Qing Shui checked out the surroundings to confirm that there were no people nor large-scale demonic beasts in the vicinity. There were only some wild beasts and bird-typed creatures.

Qing Shui didn't take action immediately but only continued holding Yiye Jiange's hand and walking slowly, as if taking a stroll. He looked at the lady who still appeared to have an air of transcendence with admiration. He felt very satisfied. He was very quiet next to her. She was like a fairy and Qing Shui had the feeling that she was like a safe harbor.

She had been his Master, as well as his Master's elder sister, in the past. They were now husband and wife. Sometimes, he would tease her to get her to call him Elder Brother.

Thinking of these, Qing Shui felt delighted inside.

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