AST 1951 - Lingyan’s Seventh Divine Grade, the Boost from the Azuregold Snake (1)

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1951 - Lingyan’s Seventh Divine Grade, the Boost from the Azuregold Snake (1)

Qing Shui was very surprised. He had never expected for the cold but beautiful woman to say something like this. At the moment, Qing Shui’s blood was boiling. It was a very unique feeling. His entire essence, qi, and spirit felt as if they were gushing up to his brain. 

“That time?” Qing Shui whispered to her ear.

Tantai Liingyan remained silent. Qing Shui knew that he mustn’t go beyond the line. If he were to make her too embarrassed, he would only end up spoiling the mood. Following on, he whispered once again, “Like this?”

Qing Shui triggered the Soul Charming Bone Corrosion Fist on one of his hand and put it on her collarbone. 

This was a fairly sensitive spot for Tantai Lingyan. Qing Shui knew how fearsome the Soul Charming Bone Corrosion First could be. It was so great that he believed that with only one hand, he could surpass the legendary Tian Boguang from his previous incarnation to become the Erotic Saint. 

Tantai Lingyan’s body trembled. She couldn’t help but let off a soft moan. Qing Shui made her lay down as he began touching and feeling her body.

Tantai Lingyan was blushing. She covered her chest with both her arms because at the moment, she was completely naked. 

Qing Shui’s hands were placed on her arm and waist. He constantly made them travel between both of her legs, causing Tantai Lingyan to constantly shiver. Meanwhile, he was also saying stuff which would make her feel very embarrassed.

“Be a good girl and open your eyes.”

Qing Shui’s hands traveled up and down her body as he tried to maintain her at the state where she was approaching yet was unable to reach her happiest moment. He wanted to leave a cliffhanger for her, which was something Qing Shui was able to pull off.

Though both of Tantai Lingyan’s hands might be covering her chest, her upright breasts were unable to be completely hidden using her arms alone. Qing Shui’s hands traveled just past the curve at the edge of her upright breasts. By now, Tantai Lingyan was already very comfortable. Her eyes were filled with ecstasy.

Her beautiful body was also constantly twitching, seemingly saying that she was demanding for more.

This was a kind of instinct. The reason was Qing Shui knew that at the moment, she wanted to reach her climax very badly.

Qing Shui slowly took control of both Tantai Lingyan’s arms. As he did so, both of her breasts immediately sprung out. They were extremely beautiful that Qing Shui was taken breathless. Her snow-white and jade-like skin… It was so smooth and exquisite that no flaws could be found from it. It was very well-proportioned and were very substantial and upright in an arrogant way. Both her breasts maintained their shapes even as she laid down. 

For ordinary women, no matter how upright their chest may be, once they laid down on their bed, it wouldn’t be as the same as when they were standing up or leaning forward.

That pink spot sticking out of the top of her chest… When attached to her snow-white skin, it seemed all the more tender and beautiful. 

Qing Shui slowly lowered his head and kissed the most beautiful spot.

Tantai Lingyan’s excitement was already about to erupt from that. However, Qing Shui didn’t feel the same. He was only satisfied mentally. Let alone during this time, he had been with Yiye Jiange and Qing Hanye. Hence, he wasn’t like before when he didn’t get to indulge in any body for a year which was perfectly normal.

Following on, Qing Shui began helping her to cast acupunctures with his Gold Needles. He didn’t expect it to be so effective. Out of his expectations, the blood within her body was still in a flourishing state.

At the moment, Tantai Lingyan was completely naked. Actually, by now, Qing Shui could cast his acupunctures with Tantai Lingyan’s clothes on. However, when it came to this woman, Qing Shui would never want to give up any of his opportunities to be intimate with this woman. This way, at least he could leave himself a place within her heart.

The only thing which Tantai Lingyan was currently feeling was embarrassment. However, she still had her eyes slightly opened.

Qing Shui, on the other hand, was holding off his desire while enjoying the alluring body. Qing Shui didn’t at all try to hide his intentions and had his eyes fixed on the two snow-white long legs.

Continue casting the needles!

However, the future was long. Qing Shui wouldn’t force her to do it. Deep down in his heart, he knew that she was already his woman. Qing Shui was sure that she would definitely not look for other men. She loved him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let him did all these.

Eventually, as he expected, he triggered the tribulations for Seventh Divine Grade. Like usual, Tantai Lingyan made it through it without much effort. She successfully achieved the mid-stage of Seventh Divine Grade and surpassed the strength of 10000 Dao Force.

She was looking very radiant. While standing between heaven and earth, this woman looked very brilliant.

Qing Shui walked up to her and carried her up. Tantai Lingyan was able to clearly feel the deep passion Qing Shui had within his heart.

“Yan`Er, thinking back to how we used to be in the past, everything felt like a dream.” Qing Shui was very emotional. He felt that everything which happened between him and Tantai Lingyan was a wonderful dream.

“This must be some sort of destiny. Only you will be capable of opening the Crystal Coffin.” A lot of things were crossing Tantai Lingyan’s mind. If the person to open the coffin had been someone else, what would the situation become? She was now also made aware of her body physique. Only this man would be able to...

“I want to see you as a mother very greatly.” Qing Shui imagined the scene and said.

Tantai Lingyan’s body slightly shivered as she lifted her head to look at Qing Shui. There was a faint blush on her face. Following on, she seemed a bit excited when she revealed a bright smile and looked at Qing Shui, “It will definitely happen.”

This had once again surprised Qing Shui. If it had been in the past, or rather, from Qing Shui’s perspective, she would have definitely said something like not willing to let him see it or something like ‘in your dreams’.

“Which one do you think will be better? A naughty brat or a girl that looks as beautiful as Yan`Er?” Qing Shui wasn’t actually trying to tease her. He just really wanted Tantai Lingyan to bear his child. After all, she was very lonely. 

“I like both ideas!”

“How about a twin?”

Tantai Lingyan, “......”


Qing Shui released an Azuregold Snake. He had already created his next plan. In the future, both himself and Tantai Lingyan would definitely head off to the Five Tigers Immortal Sect. Hence, she must become more powerful and have a more stable strength. Remembering that she already had the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, he was quite happy. By now, her strength was already worth around Ten Thousand Dao Force. With the further boost provided by the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, her resistance toward attack was now worth about twenty thousand Dao Force. As her own strength increased, the ability of the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda would also become more powerful.

The Azuregold Snake looked really great. Furthermore, unlike those from his past generation, the women across the continents weren’t put off by snakes. Furthermore, Tantai Lingyan was also a formidable warrior with no fear.

The Azuregold Snake was about three feet long and was only the thickness of a pinky finger. It looked dazzlingly beautiful. Even its small eyes looked very agile and didn’t give people the slightest feeling of gloominess, which looked quite great.

The Azuregold Snake must have a formidable expert to support it for it to be capable of unleashing its true power. Though it was still fearsome on its own, its true potential could only be drawn out with the cooperation of a powerful expert. For example, it could bind itself around the arm of an expert. Considering that it had already possessed the Azuregold Body, it was almost considered to be invulnerable. When formidable experts unleash their attacks, they would win by a surprise move. The faster the expert was, the more fearsome the Azuregold Snake would become.

After recognizing its owner, Qing Shui took out things like the Ancient Demonic Fruit and Fortune Golden Pellet to strengthen the Azuregold Snake.

This little thing was a spoiled brat from heaven. It walked the same path as the Dragon Slaying Beast. The Dragon Slaying Beast was incomparably sharp. Though the Azuregold Snake was also sharp, it couldn’t really compare to the Dragon Slaying Beast. However, what made it powerful was its Azuregold Poison. The Dragon Slaying Beast was capable of suppressing 20% of the strength of those which possessed the Dragon Tribe Bloodlines. There were many formidable demonic beasts which happened to possess exactly the same bloodline.

The body of the Azuregold Snake was very tough. This was also why it was able to withstand the “torture” brought forth from consuming formidable medicinal pills. If it had been other demonic beasts, it was very likely that they would have died as a result of their body exploding. 

It took a huge pile of medicinal pills. By now, the Azuregold Snake was roughly about four meters long. However, its body was quite thin. It was about the thickness of a child’s arm only, which, across the continent, could only be regarded as a fairly small demonic beast. However, Qing Shui was able to tell how formidable the current Azuregold Snake was.

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