AST 1953 - Another Secret to the Portraits of Beauty? Qing Bei

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1953 - Another Secret to the Portraits of Beauty? Qing Bei

Qing Shui didn't feel that his heart was very complicated. For example, in the current case, Qing Shui was actually looking forward to only have one woman. Even if he were to head somewhere far away, he would only return to a single person's embrace, belonging to only one woman. This was his heartfelt feelings, but yet, men were very complicated creatures. Their hearts yearned for the love of more women.

Qing Shui liked to be inseparable with the woman he liked, and for them to be together even after they had children.

He also believed that love was selfish, but men must be responsible. The stronger one was, the greater the responsibility. In this case, these women were his great fortune. Thus, he must treasure and love them.

It was a pity that he couldn't stop. Therefore, he wanted to get increasingly stronger, and at the same time made them grow stronger as well. This was his only option so that they wouldn't be too far apart in the future.

Another thing was that each of his women was very independent, but they each had things they had to take care of. Yiye Jiange, Qing Hanye, Tantai Lingyan, and the others should stay at the Sunset Sea King Palace. Although Qing Hanye was from the Dragonwolf Palace and Tantai Lingyan the Demon Lord Palace, this wasn't important. The two forces were as good as merged already.

Tantai Lingyan had the plans to move the Demon Lord Palace over. It might not be long before the three forces were completely merged together.

In the hall, Qing Shui was surrounded by the younger children. The older children would take a seat at the side. Tantai Xuan, Yu Ruyan, and the Qing Sha sisters were all at the Putuo Mountain and wouldn't be able to rush back in time today.

"Chen`er, how's the Lotus Sect?" Qing Shui remembered that the Lotus Sect's sect lord wasn't allowed to get married, let alone allowed to have children.

It was true that Di Chen was strong, but she wasn't a match for Yehuang Guwu. However, the women on the Portraits of Beauty seemed to have some kinds of mystery. Qing Shui had no idea what kind of encounters they had, but he realized that over the past few years, they had gotten significantly stronger. Despite that, there were still some differences between them.

Di Chen and Di Qing were at the fifth level of Divinity, although Di Chen was indeed a little bit weaker than Di Qing. Canghai Mingyue had reached the sixth level of Divinity and Hai Dongqing was about the same level as Di Qing.

Huoyun Liu-Li and Yun Duan were a lot weaker. They should be around Peak False God.

For Qing Yi, Qing Shui currently didn't have any other means to make her stronger, but there was still time. Putting cultivation level aside, Qing Shui was going to let his mother enjoy a happy long life...

Wenren Wu-shuang and Di Qing were also at the same level of strength. Qing Shui felt that their power seemed to be a little related to himself. It should be due to the indescribable relationship he had with the Portraits of Beauty. Could it be that if he were to attain a breakthrough in his cultivation, they would also get stronger?

Qing Shui wasn't sure, but he felt that this should be the case. In the past, there was only some progress in their cultivation, but in the recent years, their progress had been terrifying. Qing Shui had asked them, but they weren't too sure either. They only felt extremely smooth-sailing in their cultivation and it didn't seem to hard to attain breakthroughs either. They even managed to pass through the tribulations easily.

"I really don't care if I'm the Lotus Sect's sect lord or not, and the people in the sect are also aware that I have a child. However, they insist for me to stay. Since then, even the sect's rules have been changed. Members of the Lotus Sect can get married without having to leave the Lotus Sect."

Qing Shui looked at her beautiful teeth as well as her deep and clear eyes. She had an air of transcendence but yet remained poised and dignified. She wasn't as cold and indifferent to everything else like she had been in the past. Back then, she was the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, the Heavenly Palace's Misty Hall Palace Mistress.

Yiye Jiange's gaze was transcendent, Canghai Mingyue's gaze was majestic with a beauty that could cause the fall of countries and Shi Qingzhuang's was cold. Di Chen's gaze was like a combination of all that, perfectly integrating all these traits. Just her pair of eyes alone could charm all life in the world.

"That isn't bad. It's a necessity for a sect to have rules, but some rules are too much and are simply inhumane." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Alright, let's not talk about these. How long will you be back this time around? All of us misses you a lot." Yehuang Guwu chuckled.

"Then I'll stay for a bit longer." Qing Shui smiled and replied.

However, Qing Shui knew that he couldn't stay for too long. It was because he still had the Starry Immortal Palace to deal with. before he left, he needed to settle this matter.

However, Qing Shui still wasn't too worried. He had specially asked the Xia Clan's Old Ancestor and got to know that the Starry Immortal Palace was about the same level as the Great Confucian Empire and the Moonwolf Empire. Xia Clan's Old Ancestor told him to be assured that he would help Qing Shui settle this matter. He would definitely not allow them to create trouble for Qing Shui's friends and women.

Qing Shui still trusted Xia Clan's Old Ancestor. Otherwise, he wouldn't have returned home.

"Brother Shui!" Qing Bei smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Right now, Qing Bei was very strong as well. If it wasn't for Qing Shui, Qing Bei would be the strongest in the Qing Clan. Qing Bei wasn't considered young either and was in her 50s. However, in this world, she was definitely still young.

Qing Bei was now a False God expert, at the fifth level of False God. Qing Shui had put in a lot of effort for her to be able to reach this level. She was Qing Clan's little princess and even now, Qing Shui still doted on her a lot.

"Lass, come and give me a hug!" Qing Shui knew that there wasn't a place for Qing Bei now. It wasn't literally like no place for her, but it was like what Yuan Su had said before, Qing Bei didn't wish to fight with the children. In the past, when Qing Shui came back, Qing Bei would hang onto Qing Shui like a koala bear. Now that she was older, it really seemed as if there were no place for her anymore. Qing Shui had his women... and children...

Qing Bei hugged Qing Shui happily, "Brother Shui don't dote on me anymore. I feel that you've become very distant now."

They meet once after several years, and each time, it wouldn't be long. Qing Bei worked hard on her cultivation and made use of the resources Qing Shui had given her, in addition to some martial techniques. Everytime Qing Shui came back, he would help to clear her acupuncture points and perform impurities cleansing...

"Lass, you're the little princess of our Qing Clan. Your Brother Shui will always dote on you, all the way till you've gotten married." Qing Clan smiled and said.

"Even after I've gotten married, you'll still be my Brother Shui."

"Alright then, do you have a young man that you fancy?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

This question caused Qing Bei to blush.

Something was up. Qing Shui knew that the lass had fallen in love. The others in the family had mostly gotten married on the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Most of them were the young ladies of some great clans and those weren't political marriages. The Qing Clan didn't need to have political marriages with others here.

"It's the young man from the Zheng Clan." Just then, Qing Hai said.

"Zheng Clan? Fourth Uncle, I haven't heard of them before. It seems that I'd have to find time to go and check them out. I shall see if that young man is a good match for our Little Bei."

"The lass likes him a lot. The Zheng Clan isn't as simple as they appear on the surface. I feel that they are a concealed aristocratic clan. That young man has already reached the second level of Divinity at such a young age." said Qing Hai. Although Qing Shui's uncles weren't strong, they had gained a lot of experience. This was a clear sign that would appear after a clan had gotten strong. 

"Oh? Then all the more reason I have to go and check them out." Qing Shui's interest was piqued.

"Brother Shui, Zheng Xuan also wanted to meet you too. He admires you a lot." Qing Bei said happily.

"When are you guys planning to get married?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"We've only gotten to know each other for half a year. We'll talk about this in the future." Qing Bei blushed and said.

"Then I'll help you to do a thorough check." Qing Shui smiled.

It was normal for there to be concealed great clans in the Dancing Phoenix Continent. However, Qing Shui hoped that the Zheng Clan was an upright clan. He mustn't allow any harm to come to Qing Bei. Qing Shui knew that the men in great clans had plenty of bad habits. If the female's family was inferior to the man's, that lady won't have any status in the future. Of course, if her man were to love her a lot and the man enjoyed a high status in the clan, then things would be different.

Note: The Dao Force measurements in the previous chapters are wrong. The previous inflated numbers when measuring strength in dao force, were too overly exaggerated. We will be going back to our older chapters to fix them. The author uses the term 万万 which literally means ten thousand upon ten thousand, and it's extremely confusing. In any case, just note that 五十四万万道 = 5.4 billion dao for reference. 

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