AST 1956 - The Demon King's Blood Isn't Scary

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AST 1956 - The Demon King's Blood Isn't Scary

Qing Shui's words exploded next to his ear, just like an explosion. He was the Zheng Clan's pride, someone who had achieved great things. When he first got the White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritance, he had a faint feeling about this. It was because he had looked into some information regarding the Demon King Inheritance.

This disorientation would be losing one's character. It wasn't just a groggy state but was a change of one's nature. When that was to happen, he would feel that it was very normal to kill the innocent and to deploy vicious means. It was because that would be his nature, his character. This was also how dominating the Demon King Inheritance was like. It wasn't moving another soul into the body, but to let the inheritor's character be slowly demonized.

There was both kindness and evil in human nature. Just a single thought could make one commit either an act of kindness or an act of evil.

The saying said that humans were kind by nature. In fact, humans should be evil by nature, just like wild beasts and demonic beasts. It was only after the development of culture; only after learning more things and having more intelligent that the rules were set out. Thus, there was the saying that humans were kind by nature.

His clan was also a righteous clan. If he was to become a Demon King in the future, then he would be the sinner and the humiliation of the entire clan. He might even bring endless disasters to his clan.

He had always been telling himself to secure and protect his true nature. One day, if he felt that he wouldn't be able to keep himself sane, he would end his own life.

Zheng Xuan fell silent. It was after a long while that he raised his head, "Brother Qing Shui, I know what I should do. I won't disturb Little Bei anymore. I'm unable to bring her happiness. Even if you were to kill me, I won't blame you. If you don't kill me today, I'll also end my life someday in the future if I end up being unable to control myself."

Zheng Xuan's words were very firm, and his gaze was very decisive.

Qing Shui was also a little surprised. It seemed that the Zheng Clan should be a righteous clan. Qing Shui was relieved. However, he still needed to understand them. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to make a trip to the Zheng Clan to see if there were any other Demon King Inheritors who had the Demon King's Blood in them.

"How about this, you go back and let the seniors in your clan know that I'll pay a visit tomorrow." Qing Shui smiled and said.

Zheng Xuan was stunned. After all, it was a surprise that Qing Shui didn’t kill him after knowing his real identity. After all, the Battle God Inheritors and the Demon King Inheritors were on opposing ends. This was their duty. But by the looks of it, not only was Qing Shui not going to kill him, but they could even be friends...

"Mmm, alright. Brother Qing Shui, you're a Battle God Inheritor. Have you met other Demon King Inheritors before?" Zheng Xuan asked curiously.

Zheng Xuan wasn't as calm as he had been earlier. He trusted in his own instincts and that this man was like what Qing Bei had said--unfathomable. Qing Shui might just be able to change his destiny. Otherwise, he wouldn't have suggested making a trip to the Zheng Clan.

He didn't think that Qing Shui wanted to head to the Zheng Clan to do anything bad. It was because he understood the Battle God Inheritance. It was like they said, ‘one's enemies understood them more than their friends did’.

Therefore, he wasn't worried!

"Of course. I've even killed a number of them. One of my wives is also a Demon King Inheritor." Qing Shui smiled and answered.

This statement alone was enough to make Zheng Xuan astonished. Qing Shui wanted him to know that he had the means to stop the Demon King Inheritors. However, he wouldn't just help anyone, unless the person was someone on his side.

"Brother Qing Shui, you're able to control your wife's demonic nature?" Zheng Xuan asked, trembling.

Qing Shui smiled without replying!

It would be daydreaming to keep his current cultivation and ability to improve rapidly, yet not be affected by the demonic nature. However, this dream now seemed a little more realistic. How could he possibly not feel agitated? If what Qing Shui said was the truth, then he must grasp this opportunity. With this chance presented to him, he must grab it no matter what.

He was already at the fifth level of the Divine Grade and had experienced some strange situations. For example, his temperament would occasionally become very violent and he would feel like killing someone. If he were to encounter some guys he had bad blood with, at that moment, he would definitely kill them. There would also be times where his blood started to boil and he felt that his power was out of control. During times like this, he would want to look for someone to spar with.

If this were to go on, he knew that his nature would change drastically. Not only would he keep on killing, but he might also get himself killed during the process. He could also lose himself completely.

Ridiculously, he didn't know that the Zheng Clan's heart arts had a powerful calming ability. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to suppress the demonic nature for so long. 

He was a bright man and knew that even if Qing Shui could control his demonic nature, he wouldn't help him for nothing. It was because Qing Shui didn't have the duty to do so. Although he was in a relationship with Qing Bei, this reason wouldn't suffice. On the contrary, he might even get himself in trouble due to this reason.

He didn't speak up to get Qing Shui's help. Right now, he was also a mature man and knew that this wasn't the right opportunity to bring this up.

"Zheng Xuan, Little Bei is the youngest girl of our generation. All of us treats her as the apple of our eyes. I won't allow anyone to harm her. No one is allowed to do that." Qing Shui smiled and said.

Zheng Xuan could sense the sharpness behind Qing Shui's smile. He had no doubt that if someone was to lay his hands on someone around Qing Shui, he would end up in a horrible plight.

"I understand!"

"What I won't allow isn't just direct harm, but also indirect forms such as toying with her feelings or getting her to become very involved despite knowing that they couldn't be together in the end." Qing Shui said softly but with a severe tone. He picked up the teacup and slowly sipped on the tea.

Zheng Xuan's body trembled slightly. He could sense the killing intent coming from Qing Shui that was locked onto him. Despite being at the fifth level of the Divine Grade, he had no means of resisting.

Zheng Xuan didn't put up any resistance. His face was a little pale, but he neither said anything nor tried to hide. It seemed that he wasn't scared at all.

"I understand, but I like Little Bei. I can't control my feelings for her. I thought that I'd be able to keep the Demon King's Blood under control, so I had never thought that it would create any trouble for me in this area." Zheng Xuan said softly, his tone filled with helplessly.

Qing Shui knew that what he said was true. After all, Zheng Xuan didn't know of his identity nor would he ask for any benefits from Qing Shui. Furthermore, after what he had said, Qing Shui was certain that Zheng Xuan wasn't lying. Qing Shui's spiritual sense was extremely sensitive and he was confident that it wouldn't be wrong.

This was also why Qing Shui let Zheng Xuan know that he could control the Demon King's Blood. It was also why he brought up Little Bei instead of killing him directly or getting him to cut off all ties with Little Bei.

Zheng Xuan understood this as well and felt extremely grateful to Qing Shui.

They then chat about more casual things and Qing Shui learned a lot about the Zheng Clan. They were a concealed clan and were comparable to Immortal Palaces. Zheng Xuan was the son born by a legal wife in the family and was also had a leading role amongst his generation. He had good talent to begin with and the clan had always held him in high regard, placing great focus in nurturing him.

20 years ago, when he went out to get experience, he obtained the White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritance. This threw every one of his age far behind him within a short period of time.

From the three years ago, he started feeling strange things happening to his body, mostly to his emotions and blood. Therefore, he had been looking into some information concerning the White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritance. He knew that it was due to the Demon King's Blood. There were also some means to restrict these factors in the inheritance, but they wouldn't be able to solve the problem from the root. Sometimes, they wouldn't be effective either.

Therefore, he didn't feel as happy as he had been at the start. The Demon King's Blood could allow his abilities to advance at a terrifying rate. However, there were side effects as well. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a balance. After Qing Shui helped Tantai Lingyan to remove the violent aspects of the Demon King's Blood, the rate of her progress had slowed down.

After two hours, Zheng Xuan went to look for Qing Bei while Qing Shui remained in the backyard. He wasn't too worried about the matter with Zheng Xuan. This person had a good character and that was what's important.

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