AST 1965 - Zheng Clan’s arch enemy is here!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1965 - Zheng Clan’s arch enemy is here!

This time, the marriage between Qing Bei and Zheng Xuan had finally been established. Furthermore, the time when they would get married was set to be this month. There was still half a month to go. Both Qing Bei and Zheng Xuan were not young anymore, it was about time to get married to each other. Other than that, it was also because Qing Shui was home. He was one of the factors which shouldn’t be looked over.

Qing Clan had been quiet all along around here, yet they were even more powerful than the Zheng Clan. Especially after Qing Shui came back, even now, Qing Clan’s strength was enough to be compared to an Immortal Palace. However, it could only be compared to the immortal palaces at the lowest level.

With the help from the Heavenly Fate Vicious Treasure Pagoda, Qing Shui also became even more powerful. However, with his current strength, he was yet to reach the late stage of the seventh level of Divinity. Or alternatively, due to the Nine Continents Mountain, he could barely be considered as a warrior at the late stage of the seventh level of Divinity.

Yehuang Guwu and the girls also possessed fearsome strength. With the help from the mysterious Portraits of Beauty as well as Qing Shui, they all now had strength enough to conquer the areas around them. Qing Shui couldn’t help but start to think that if it wasn’t for the women who had been around him all these time, he also wouldn’t have been able to leave so easily without any worries. For now, no one in the Qing Clan had stepped into the False God Realm. Furthermore, unless they came across some sort of miraculous encounters, there would be no hope for them to tap into the False God Realm.

However, Qing Shui’s children was a different story. They all possessed decent innate talents and were bound to achieve great things in the future.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Qing Shui was living a god-like existence in the Qing Clan. His women were back, even Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan were present.

Today was the day when Qing Bei and Zheng Xuan would get married. The Zheng Clan was an aristocratic clan, so was the Qing Clan. Hence, the wedding party was very lively and The people of both clans got along really well. The youngsters from both clans also communicated with each other. After all, they were already relatives with each other.

The wedding party was going on very well. Qing Shui was very free and hence, he started drinking his wine and observed his surroundings. Deep down, he was at peace.

Today, almost all of the people from the Qing Clan were in the Zheng Clan’s residence. After all, Qing Clan belonged to the bride’s side of the wedding.

The people on Qing Shui’s table were all the people of the Qing Clan. It was a huge table. Furthermore, it was one of the priority seats.

When it was almost noon, the wedding party was halfway done. The wedding ceremony had basically finished. After a while, the people who attended the banquet would begin to leave one after another. But the party would definitely last until the evening. After all, among these people, there were some people who shared close relationships with each other. The closer they were, the longer they would stay.

Qing Shui was enjoying his wine. But suddenly, he knitted his brows and looked behind him. A group of black dots was flying towards them from a distance away. Furthermore, they possessed an enormous aura.

“Hahaha, Zheng Clan, who would have expected you guys to hide your head here? What’s more? There even seems to be a wedding going on around here. Who is the bride? Let me have a look and see if she is beautiful.” A vulgar voice came through. However, it bore a unique aura.

Qing Shui was the priority guest here. However, the people of the Zheng Clan including the old man was also present.

Qing Shui saw Old Man Zheng’s changed expression. The old man had a very strong mind and thick face. Yet now, his expression was very unsightly and he also seemed panicked.

“Father, what shall we do? Old Demon Ou is here.” Zheng Shichang’s expression looked a bit ugly.

Old Man Zheng stood up. Before he was able to speak, about ten people already dropped down from the sky. All these people were wearing gorgeous garments. However, all of their clothes were ridiculously colorful, making it looked unusually weird.

The person leading the group was a man; he seemed very strange. Qing Shui was unable to tell his exact age. In fact, he seemed very young, but Qing Shui could tell that he was definitely not a youngster. Qing Shui had the feeling that he might be on the same generation as Old Man Zheng.

His face looked a bit wicked. His eyes were also very sharp. When his eyeballs rolled, it could send the chill down a person’s spine, instilling fear in one’s heart.

“Old Demon Zheng, your face today seemed a bit unsightly. Where do you think you can run to after killing my people? I will not let you go even if you run to the corner of the world.” The creepy man chuckled and said. His voice sounded a bit sharp and weird.

“Old Demon Ou, I am the one who killed that person. His death was well-deserved.” Zheng Babai said with an unsightly expression.

“Hahaha, it’s just a woman! Who is the one getting married today? I will steal his wife and take her to my bridal room today. Let me see if there is anyone who can stop me!” The man moved his eyes around and chuckled.

“Old Demon Ou, don’t cross the line. If not, I will let you suffer an unsightly death.” Zheng Xuan stood out and glared at the enemies.

“Oh, so it is you who is getting married. Zheng Clan has put all of their faith on you. Since that’s the case, I will not only cripple you today, but also let you see myself entering the bridal room with your wife! Hahaha!” Old Demon Ou let out a laughing noise which resembled an owl. It sounded really bad and sharp.

Qing Shui could feel the opponent’s strength, he was very powerful. Initially, he didn’t plan to reveal himself so soon, but this man seemed to be too shameless, let alone the bride was Qing Bei. Qing Shui didn’t want Qing Bei to be embarrassed on her wedding day.

At this moment, Old Demon Ou spotted Qing Bei. The noise of him clicking his tongue could be heard, “The bride looks quite decent. It seems today, I will get to have some fun.”

While speaking, Old Demon Ou immediately thrust out his hand.

Zheng Xuan had a very ugly expression as he extended his hand to defend against Old Demon Ou’s hand.

“You are digging your own grave!”

Not only did Old Demon Ou’s aura not decrease, on the contrary, it also increased sharply. He then thrust out his palm imprint abruptly.

At that instant, Zheng Xuan’s hair turned white. With both of his hands, he quickly formed a seal and thrust it out towards Old Demon Ou with all of his might.


Zheng Xuan’s body got blown backward. He spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“You are like a praying mantis that’s trying to block a car! Don’t overestimate yourself!” Old Demon Ou moved his sight towards the Zheng Clan and said in a disdainful tone.

“Old Demon Ou, you better know your limit, otherwise, I will put my life at stake just to kill you.” At this moment, Old Man Zheng came out. His face looked so gloomy, it looked like water was going to drop out from it.

“Hahaha, put your life at stake? Old Man Zheng, what do you have that make you think you can kill me? Killing you is like blinking to me.” Old Demon Ou had an even more disdainful look than before.

Qing Shui was now right beside Zheng Xuan. He extended his hand and patted his back to arrange the organs across his body back to its rightful positions, “So, they are the ones who forced you guys to the Dancing Phoenix Continent.”

“Yes, I am sorry Brother Shui, I never thought that they would be able to find us so soon. I am sorry for dragging you into this.” Zheng Xuan said in a very guilty tone.

“Tell me about this person!” Qing Shui didn’t say anything. Similarly, his face also didn’t look that well. As the saying went “know yourself and also know your enemy”. For now, knowing his enemy was of utmost importance.

“Ou Clan is an aristocratic clan. However, the martial technique which they cultivate is very evil. It requires them to absorb the Yin Qi, in other words, the essence from women. Initially, everything was fine. Both the Zheng Clan and the Ou Clan were from the same area, but we were quite a distance away from each other. All along, we have always minded our own business. But one day, a person from the Ou Clan met my cousin sister. Not only did he tarnish her, but he also absorbed her essence and killed her. Hence, driven by anger, I killed that person. That person is the youngest son of this Old Demon Ou.” Zheng Xuan tried to make a long story short and briefly went through the story with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui could tell that the Ou Clan was a clan where only men cultivated. By absorbing the essence, the martial techniques which they cultivated were very evil. The speed at which their strength improved was also very fast. This was one of the most convenient ways to improve in strength. However, it also had its pros and cons. Normally, the bigger the advantage, the bigger its drawback would also be.

One of its biggest drawbacks was an unstable foundation.

By now, Old Man Zheng had already begun fighting against the opponents. Old Man Zheng was a powerful warrior, but now, he was being pushed back and attacked by Old Man Ou. He was superior to Old Man Zheng in terms of both his speed and his offensive prowess.

Old Demon Ou’s attacks didn’t have any tricks. However, he was very fast and all of his attacks were sharp. When he was attacking with his palm, there seemed to be a three feet long greenish aura emitting from it. It was just like a greenish flame and felt incomparably freaky.

Half-moon Hammer!

Suddenly, the hammer in Old Man Zheng’s hand rotated in a very strange way. It was like a huge mountain as it attacked Old Demon Ou!

“Hmph, insignificant trick!”

Old Demon Ou snorted coldly. Instead of retreating, he welcomed the attack head-on. His speed at that instant was raised so much, he seemed to have teleported. After that, he appeared right next to Old Man Zheng and landed his punch on Old Man Zheng’s left rib.



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