AST 1967 - Killing Old Demon Ou, Killing a Person With Continuous Combos

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1967 - Killing Old Demon Ou, Killing a Person With Continuous Combos

The seventh wave of Golden Buddha Imprint had also arrived!

At the moment, Old Demon Ou had a very unsightly look on his face. As of now, it was unknown whether or not the seventh Golden Buddha imprint had managed to wound him, but one thing for sure, he didn’t have an easy time avoiding it.

Old Demon Ou formed a seal with both of his hands and thrust it out towards the seventh wave of Golden Buddha Imprint.


The Golden Buddha Imprint shattered into pieces. Old Demon Ou’s figure was once again pushed backward. After that, He also managed to avoid the remaining two waves of Golden Buddha Imprint.

Qing Shui’s face was very natural. He didn’t expect to annihilate his opponent by merely relying on the Great Golden Buddha Imprint. However, by testing his opponent with this technique, he could roughly estimate how powerful his opponent was. It seemed like dealing against Old Demon Ou would not be too hard of a task for him.

“Little bastard, it seems you’re not half bad. But today, there is no way you will escape death.” Old Demon Ou looked a bit beaten up after being pushed by Qing Shui to a corner. He seemed a bit angered by it.

“Hey, your face already looks pathetic enough. Please stop giving me that unsightly look. You look no different from a pile of shit like that.” Qing Shui was very unrestrained with his words when it came to Old Demon Ou. He wouldn’t miss any chance to insult him. To him, he was no different from a beast.


Old Demon Ou was so furious that he shouted loudly. Following the scream, his body lengthened. The initially small and fragile figure was now extended to ten feet tall. Both of his arms were also longer, about two meters long. Both of his legs were thick like two huge pillars.

His upper body resembled that of a monkey whereas his lower body looked like that of an elephant.


After that, he immediately charged towards Qing Shui. Both of his arms were like two snakes as they strangled its way towards Qing Shui. It looked as if the entire sky was covered up with multiple arms.

To think that his strength would increase by such a huge amount!

Qing Shui went forward to face it head on, only to be blown backward. A depressing noise came through. However, thanks to his fearsome defensive prowess, Qing Shui managed to withstand it. Even if he was hit directly by it, it was likely that he wouldn’t suffer any major injuries. Let alone this time, he was only clashing against the opponent.

Qing Shui could tell that the opponent had a very stable lower body and an agile upper body like snakes and monkeys.

Though agile, he still managed to retain his power. His body was shining with brown light. The moment Qing Shui’s attack landed on the top of it, a depressing noise came through. It sounded as if he was hitting the ground itself.

Qing Shui tightened his fists. It seemed that he had run into a decent opponent today. Putting other thoughts aside, to Qing Shui, testing his own strength came first whenever he came across an opponent who might pose a good challenge to him. Hence, Qing Shui decided not to use the Emperor’s Qi, Paragon Strike, and Nine Continents Mountains for the time being.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui’s figure was shuttling back and forth the area like a phantom demon. From time to time, he would appear near Old Demon Ou. Every time he got near to him, he would land his punches on the opponent.

It was undeniable that the current Old Demon Ou was still very powerful. Not only did he have a steady lower body, but when it came to his upper body, he even had those two long arms to support him. Most importantly, he was able to defend himself completely. He had decent strength, at the same time, he also seemed to possess the sense of smell of a Spiritual Snake as he was able to sense Qing Shui’s attacks in the first moment.

Qing Shui realized that Old Demon Ou was really able to counter all of his offenses, but this wasn’t out of his expectations, if he wasn’t capable, he wouldn’t dare to act so arrogant.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Qing Shui stomped the ground with his leg. He then charged in once again.


Qing Shui thrust his palms out.

At the moment when Qing Shui approached Old Demon Ou, the palms dropped down gradually with overwhelming force.


A loud rumbling noise came through. After that, Qing Shui’s figure moved like a rotating gyroscope and appeared on the other side of Old Demon Ou. He immediately unleashed his Single Whip!

Fast, very fast!


A loud and clear noise came through.

This time, Qing Shui’s attack didn’t really contain as much power, yet it managed to shake the steady body of Old Demon Ou a little. Though the movement was almost unnoticeable, it really did shake.

To solve a major problem with an insignificant force!

This was what it truly meant! This was also something which Qing Shui managed to grasp after he understood the true essence of Taichi. It was a very convenient power. If Qing Shui was able to grasp it up to a certain extent, he would have been able to totally whip Old Demon Ou away with just this one strike.

Old Demon Ou’s body could be seen shaking slightly. Though the movement might be small, to Qing Shui, it was already enough.


Qing Shui didn’t back off. Instead, he charged in and clashed against Old Demon Ou by unleashing the Tyrant Cauldron.


A loud noise came through! This time, Old Demon Ou once again took a few steps backward. Qing Shui knew that the key to defeating Old Demon Ou was on his lower torso. Once it became unstable, his strength would drop down significantly. Other people might also have seen through this, but for warriors at the same level as himself, there would be no hope for them to even make him move a step.

Shadow Tracking Wind!

Qing Shui’s figure was like a shadow as he moved towards the opponent.

Finger Fist!

Qing Shui landed his Finger Fist on Old Demon Ou’s Shanzhong Acupoint which was located on his chest.

It was yet another depressing noise. Old Demon Ou finally changed his expression. The aura across his body seemed to have scattered a little. Once again, he moved a few steps backward. This time, once Qing Shui unleashed his attacks, he never came to a stop. Furthermore, each time he attacked, he unleashed his killer-moves.

Tianguan, Langtu, Juque…..

Qing Shui’s palms, fingers, fists, and elbows were constantly landing on Old Demon Ou’s body.

Old Demon Ou’s body was like a weeping willow being blown by the wind. Qing Shui’s attacks were very quick, as quick as winds. The interval between each of his punches was very small and consecutive. At this moment, as Old Demon Ou backed off, he was also spurting out fresh blood.

Fists after fists, Qing Shui continued to attack. Every punches, every finger strikes, they all landed precisely on Old Demon Ou. At the end of the day, Inch Forces were the best when it came to hitting a cow through a mountain. His attacks were directed right towards Old Demon Ou’s organs.


Eventually, Qing Shui snapped Old Demon Ou’s neck with his kick. By the time Old Demon Ou dropped down, his entire body had already become very soft. Prior to this, Qing Shui had witnessed everything when Old Demon Ou injured Old Man Zheng’s inner organs and broke a few of his rib bones. Now, it could be considered as he was giving the opponent a taste of his own medicine.

The entire surroundings entered a moment of silence. Qing Shui managed to beat Old Demon Ou to death with merely his fists… Not only so, but the opponent also didn’t even have a chance to counter against him…...

The main reason Qing Shui killed Old Demon Ou wasn’t that he injured Old Man Zheng. It was merely because he thought that people like him should die. Not only so, but it would be best if they died a meaningless death. Also, he wouldn’t be able to feel at ease if he ever let people like him escaped. Though for the time being, it was no problem for even Yehuang Guwu to kill him, Qing Shui felt that he must die here and now.

Even the people of the Zheng Clan were in shock… That was it? Old Demon Ou who managed to force the Zheng Clan to no retreating route… He was killed so easily… How powerful was Qing Shui? He was unarmed… And yet he managed to hit Old Demon Ou again and again.

There were many people from the Zheng Clan with good eyesight. Even Zheng Xuan had noticed a pathway from Qing Shui’s attacks. This was the legendary technique ‘Continuous Combo’. A killer move unleashed by suppressing one’s qi. Everyone had heard about it before but hadn’t truly seen it. Also, many people had attempted it, but this kind of martial techniques had high requirements. It was not a technique which could be learned so easily.

The one this time was Qing Shui’s true Continuous Combo. He struck both Old Demon Ou’s acupoints and meridians. He also snapped his qi. During the process, if he had the opportunity, he could fatally kill his opponent with one strike. For example, if he managed to strike the opponent’s vital point.

However, the opponent’s strength and cultivation also played a factor in it. Other than that, it was also every warrior’s basic instinct to guard the weakest spot across their bodies. Luckily, Qing Shui specialized the most in meridians and acupoints.

Actually, certain “obvious” weak spots might not be that obvious. For example, the lower torso. Prior to this, every time Qing Shui landed his attacks on Old Demon Ou, whenever he had the opportunity, he would try to attack his lower genital. However, such technique was a bit wicked. Also, even if he managed to hit it, it wouldn’t necessarily be fatal. Nevertheless, this kind of attack could cause the greatest damages to the opponent, mentally in particular, it could immediately drive the opponents mad.

After a brief silence, a few people from the Ou Clan moved forward. One of the gloomy middle-aged men said, “Kill them, stomp this area flat and make sure that no one leaves here alive.”

The people from the Ou Clan who came today were all decent warriors. Quite a few of them were even warriors that were not in the slightest inferior to Old Man Zheng. The change in situations immediately caused the people of the Zheng Clan to once again turn pale. Nevertheless, all of them still got ready to fight.

“With just you clay chickens and pottery dogs around here, do you guys seriously think that you can eliminate me here?” Qing Shui lifted his head up and shot a cold glance at the people who were speaking previously.

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