AST 1971 - Dazang City, Qiao Clan, Northern Underworld Immortal Palace?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1971 - Dazang City, Qiao Clan, Northern Underworld Immortal Palace?

Vampiric Empress achieved the later stage of Seventh Layer Divinities under Qing Shui’s assistance. This was a surprising outcome. Her battle power was now among the top three in the Qing Clan.

It was a joyful week. Qing Shui spent his time with Vampiric Empress and his daughter Qing Xuan every day. They watched heavy-heartedly as Qing Shui left.

Nine Continents Steps!

Five Elements Divine Flag!

Qing Shui used the Five Elements Divine Flag to the point he fixed at last, which was the distant part of the Haohan Continent. Comparing to the Sacred Mountain, it was undoubtedly the deepest part of Haohan Continent. Perhaps, it was only the border of the actual deepest part.

Qing Shui appeared high up in the sky as he landed slowly and instantly arrived at a wide street. It was not surprising for someone to abruptly appear on this busy and bustling street. It was hardly noticed by anybody.

The street was very wide, much wider than anywhere Qing Shui had ever seen. Moreover, it was more classy here. The Spiritual Qi in the air was comparable to the Sacred Ocean. It was a more bustling place than Linhai City with taller buildings and wider lands. Instead of normal buildings, they were more like grand halls.

The street was covered with a hard layer of stone which ordinary swords and knives could hardly damage. Beast vehicles raced rapidly on the street.

The street was busy but not crowded. Various shops were aligned closely to one another by the street. People of all shapes and sizes walked by Qing Shui, who took a glance and realized that most of them were capable. The folkways here was tougher, but largely, they had yet to achieved Xiantian.

The majority were ordinary men in this world.

Qing Shui felt at ease upon his arrival at this unfamiliar place, so he followed the crowd while pondering.

“Ladies, do you think you can just simply walk away after hitting the Young Master Qiao’s men?” A giddy voice rang out.

Qing Shui frowned for a second. The voice came from somewhere ahead of him. However, Qing Shui was really reluctant in getting involved since he was new here. Though he was currently very powerful, incidents like this were such an everyday occurrence that he could not be bothered much.

“How dare you. If you touch us, the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace won’t let you go.” A sharp and clear voice came out.

“Haha, how dare me? I, the Young Master Qiao, am indeed fearless. Do you think that I am clueless as to who you are? You are from the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. Others might be afraid, but we, the Qiao Clan, ain’t scared. I am going to touch you and see what the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace could do!” The giddy voice laughed frantically.

Qing Shui overheard the phrase ‘Northern Underworld Immortal Palace’. Wasn’t that the Immortal Palace that Luan Luan belonged to? Could it be such a coincidence?

Thinking of such possibility, Qing Shui came forward and saw two women being surrounded by a bunch of men.

Both of them were very young, wearing green jade gowns and holding swords. They had nice looks and bodies which were qualified as beauties. However, they were staring at the young man on the opposite side with unsightly faces.

Qing Shui saw this young man who was wearing a long, white robe while holding a hand fan. He had red lips and bright teeth. He looked pretty, but there was slight giddiness and lewd in his eyes.

‘Such a pretty boy.’ That was Qing Shui’s thought on this young man.

Though he was frivolous, there was no doubt he was good-looking. Besides, he was capable as well. He already had one foot in the Martial Emperor level.

“Come on. Grab these two women who insulted the Qiao Clan.” The giddy young man waved.

Several tens of men beside him dashed toward the two ladies while waving their weapons.

Qing Shui did not step in immediately. The two ladies appeared upset. Holding their swords, they rushed toward the men in return.

The two ladies were definitely a lot weaker than the young man. However, the people who came forward were also much weaker than him. The two ladies managed to kill several men but there were too many and they got drained out eventually.

“Step back, you bitches. Not only did you hit my men, you even killed some of them. You clearly don’t know your limits.” The young man sprinted toward the ladies as he finished his line. He closed the hand fan and tapped it on one of the ladies.

Acupoint Clearing!

Qing Shui’s eyes brightened up. This giddy young man seemed to have mastered the technique of Acupoint Clearing. It could either be inherited or self-practiced. He could not underestimate this world.


One of the ladies staggered and made a few steps back after only one move. She fell and sat on the floor, unable to exert any strength.

The other lady was stunned, her sword trembled and drew a triangular shape, pointing at the young man’s head and chest.

“Too weak. You can’t be making troubles in Qiao Clan with such strength. Get lost!”

While talking, the young man used his fan to directly hit the lady.

Qing Shui knew the lady couldn’t stand it anymore. If he were to stand still, these two ladies would probably be taken away by the young man. He knew that it would be tragic from the young man’s eyes.

Qing Shui shook his head. In a flash, he appeared beside the lady and grabbed the fan. The fan was as slow as a snail and not powerful at all in Qing Shui’s eyes.

The young man was startled to see a strong warrior had suddenly appeared. He attempted to pull it back but failed and gave up. He then looked at Qing Shui without releasing his hand, “How do I address you, friend? Why are you picking fights with the Qiao Clan.”

“It wouldn’t be difficult if I wanted to kill you. Both of the ladies are my friends, and I just so happen to not want to kill today. Go away.” Qing Shui gripped the fan and turned it into ashes.

The young man’s face turned pale. He knew he had met someone superior and was very much stronger. No one else knew about his fan better than he did. Only a Divine warrior could crush it into ashes. The man standing before him was surprisingly a Divine warrior despite looking young.

“Come, let’s go!” The young man retreated and left. After a few steps, he turned around and asked Qing Shui, “What’s your name, friend? I don’t remember anyone as powerful as you are in the Dazang City.”

Qing Shui smiled and shook his head, “How could you meet any powerful warriors when you haven’t even achieved the Martial Emperor?”

Next, Qing Shui tapped twice on the lady’s body which brought a huge change in the young man’s expression. His Qiao Clan became the strongest force of Dazang City for the magical Acupoint Clearing and skills of Meridians Tapping. However, the man in front of him knew it as well. Moreover, he seemed to be even more proficient than the elderlies of his clan.

“Thanks for saving us!”

Qing Shui one-sidedly said, “Go. Leave the talking to later.”

The two ladies left the area with Qing Shui without any hesitation. Qing Shui was not afraid of getting trailed. He knew the Young Master Qiao would inform the Qiao Clan of the incident. His sudden presence in the Dazang City would certainly grab some attention.

“You’re from the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace?” Qing Shui and the two ladies walked into a restaurant and sat by the window.

“Yes, sir. You know about the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace?” The lady who spoke looked curvier, especially her busts which her clothes could barely contain. Everyone’s gaze would go to her breasts first, not because they were lecherous, but because her breasts were too huge and obvious to not be noticed.

“I don’t know initially, but as I came here, my daughter told me she was the Vice Palace Lord of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. Hmm, the youngest one.” Qing Shui thought and said.

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