AST 1979 - A Vicious Tiger Would Never Hurt Its Cub, Says Who?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1979 - A Vicious Tiger Would Never Hurt Its Cub, Says Who?

Qing Shui pondered about his problems. Essentially, he was unfamiliar with this place. To makes things worse, he knew no ones here. Luckily, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was not open yet, so it should be fine as the time passed by. Perhaps, he should really consider recruiting students and organizing his own forces now.

“Is this a clinic?” A soft voice was heard suddenly.

Qing Shui raised his head and saw a woman with a child. The woman was apparently younger than thirty years old, she was quite beautiful in a tranquil sense. It was only strange that Qing Shui could not find the slightest trace of cultivation on her.

Her attire was extremely plain, however, her clothes were untainted by even a speck of dust. Her temperament was absolutely wonderful, enough to make people neglect her simple appearance. Even her voice was soft and graceful, so pleasant to the ears that it was beyond description.

A boy around five years old stood beside her. He looked a bit pale but his eyes were shining brightly. Standing beside the woman, she stared at Qing Shui curiously.

Qing Shui smiled and stood up, “We’re not even open yet. How would you know that it’s a clinic here?”

“I saw some herbs here and this place looks like a clinic,” The woman said gently with a smile.

Qing Shui did not know the reason, but he felt comfortable and happy as he first saw this woman. He smiled, “I’m about to open tomorrow and you are my first customer. I wonder how may I help you? Everything is free of charge today, the herbs would also be free if required.”

Qing Shui noted that the woman was not well-off financially, that was why he gave her such privileges. Since he was really happy, it came from the bottom of his heart.

“Thank you, can you take a look at my son? He faints quite frequently, sometimes he is fit and healthy and sometimes he isn’t,” The woman led the boy to Qing Shui’s side.

Qing Shui was experienced and could certainly see the woman’s difficulty. She should have already brought her son to see many doctors, but they couldn’t find any solutions. His illness could be either incurable or just temporarily untreatable due to their financial limitation.

Qing Shui smiled and nodded, “How was his previous treatment?”

“I took him to many doctors but they couldn’t come to a diagnosis. From there on, I want to bring him to better doctors and alchemists, but we couldn’t find the way,” As she said that, there was an unhidden fatigue in her beautiful eyes.

“No worries, he will be cured here,” Qing Shui said calmly.

“Thank you!” The woman regained her peaceful look. However, this appreciation was only a kind of formality, Qing Shui knew about it but he said nothing. She just needed to wait until he cured her son, she would believe him then.

Qing Shui approached the little guy and examined him in detail. After that, he asked the woman some questions.

While talking, Qing Shui observed the little boy. After seeing the boy’s condition using the Heavenly Vision Technique, he was stunned. Then, he looked at the woman. She was just an ordinary woman without cultivation, only her aura was extraordinary.

Qing Shui already knew about the boy’s condition and it was neither illness nor poison. Somebody used a unique technique to seal his meridians. Under normal circumstances, it would be hard for him to reach the age of nine. Qing Shui wondered who would be so vicious? It was obvious that the one who did this, had seal this child’s meridians when he was extremely young. It was surely an act that hindered the child to grow on purpose.

“Is it difficult to treat?” The woman knew that it was tough once she saw Qing Shui’s frowning expression. She came to try her luck today and she was already numb to the repeated disappointments. Thus, it was no surprise to her when she saw his expression.

“Let’s be frank, I can cure him, but this isn’t an illness. There was someone who doesn’t want this child to live long,” Qing Shui left the little boy aside to play as he said this.

The woman trembled. Qing Shui reckoned that she knew the mastermind behind this act. She looked at her son blankly; her face turned pale by the time. It seemed that she was absorbed in her thoughts for a while, therefore, Qing Shui did not distract her from it. Though he had no idea about her problems, he was also reluctant to find the truth out.

Looking at the woman, she was exceptionally pitiful now. Unfortunately, there were so many people like her throughout the world. Qing Shui knew he was not a saint and would never be one.

“Sir, please save him, he is young and still has a very long journey ahead!” The woman bit her lips and hesitated before talking.

Qing Shui nodded, he respected her choice. After all, he gave her a promise previously; the first customer could receive free treatment.

It was easy for Qing Shui to treat the boy by unlocking the seal to his meridians. Soon after, he used the Five Elements Divine Needle on the boy’s body. It only took him an hour or so until he unlocked the meridians entirely. Suddenly, Qing Shui had a strange feeling.

This feeling was an unspoken connection, it was as if the mastermind knew that the seal was unlocked at that moment.

“Alright, I have to remind you. The man who did this to him, has already sensed the child’s recovery,” Qing Shui spoke gently, he knew that she understood this well.

“Thank you, doctor!” The woman was trembling. She turned around, leaving a shadow of despair.

“Wait a moment!” said Qing Shui quickly.

Qing Shui knew that she was a woman with stories. She reminded him of Qing Qing. Albeit not a saint, he should just do whatever he could since he already encountered this problem. This woman had a special aura like Yu Niang back then. It was comforting and Qing Shui did not want to lose the good feeling.

The woman turned around at Qing Shui while looking so surprised, “Sir!”

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, “Feel free to share your stories if it’s convenient, I might be able to help.”

The woman shook her head, “You’re my savior, I can’t trouble you.”

“I’m no ordinary person. Don’t you worry about your own child? Don’t you wanna watch him grow?” Qing Shui knew about what she cared the most.

As expected, the woman stopped and stared at Qing Shui, “That person is scary. I think that you’re not a match for him, he will kill you.”

“It was too late for that. Your child was given a seal in his meridians, as I unlocked the seal, I’ve already offended him. Therefore, since I’m already in trouble, it makes no difference,” Qing Shui said casually.

The woman sighed, “I’m really sorry!”

“It is fine, really. As I said previously, I’m not an ordinary man. Explain the problem to me. I am quite certain that I can help you, or at least ensure your safety along with your child,” Qing Shui said confidently, he had high confidence in his ability.

The woman’s eyes brightened. At that moment, there was a shining halo in her eyes which was amazingly beautiful. However, it was brief and came back to peace soon after.

“The mastermind behind this act is from the Lang Clan, he should be the head of the Lang Clan by now. The Lang Clan has an equal standing with the Shang Clan in this Great Shang City. When I met him, he was not yet the head of the Lang Clan. If I should describe him, he is a genius but also a bastard. He will do anything for his own profit, no matter how wicked and merciless the means are. Unluckily, I used to be his woman and this child is our son. He wanted to kill his own son because he intended to marry a woman from the Shang Clan, all in order to stabilize his position in the Great Shang City. He also chased us out to please that woman. Moreover, he even got rid of my cultivation and did something evil to his own son. Even a vicious tiger would never hurt its cub, but he is not even comparable to a beast.”

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