AST 1981 - A Quiet Opening, Only One Customer

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1981 - A Quiet Opening, Only One Customer

Qing Shui noticed Lang Ci’s difficulty, but a man had to make his choices. One had to offer something to gain rewards and must be responsible for his own choices. Qing Shui smiled at Lang Ci, he would never act against Lang Ci regardless of his choice unless Lang Ci acted against him first.

Seeing Qing Shui’s confident smile, he had a strange feeling that there was nothing this man could not do. It was as if the Shang Clan and the Lang Clan could not stop Qing Shui. He had the feeling that if he followed Qing Shui, he would have a brighter future.

He didn’t know what to do. He would be beaten to death if he did not choose between the Shang Clan and Lang Clan. Yet, if he chose one and went against the man before him, he would also die. In that case, he would just bet on it. There would be no change in the Shang Clan, but it might be different if he followed this man.

As the saying went, ‘only a fierce dragon would travel through the storms.’ Since he was here and not terrified by the Shang Clan and the Lang Clan, he was obviously the dragon.

The woman nodded to Lang Ci and then began wiping the counter and racks. Qing Shui did not stop her.

“I will definitely try my best to help you in any way, sir,” Lang Ci said seriously.

Qing Shui nodded.

Qing Shui knew Lang Ci’s thought.

It was already late in the morning. The sun was rising high up the sky. Along with it, the mist was cleared and the beam of sunlight brightened up the whole world. At this time, Qing Shui’s Imperial Cuisine Hall had its signboard on display.


Lang Ci hung up a long firecracker on the door.

The cracking sound of firecrackers attracted some audience. After all, it was the Yushang Street here, it would definitely attract a lot of attention. Soon, everyone knew that there was a new clinic here, the news did not bring a chaos, but the woman did.

“Have you heard that? Lady Lang, Lady Lang is in the clinic.”

“Yes, Lady Lang is the ex-wife of the current head of Lang Clan. The owner of the clinic is really daring.”

“Indeed, although she is no longer the head’s woman, everyone knows it very well. Nobody dares to take a share of this woman.”

“Frankly speaking, this woman is really beautiful. Look at her aura, she is much better than the Shang Clan woman whom the head married. Losing a watermelon for a sesame seed, what a waste.”

“You know nothing, the Lang Clan is not stable now. The current head is still rather young and can’t stabilize his position without marrying one of the Shang Clan. There is no other choice, I heard he will bring this woman back once he stands firm.”

“The head of the Lang Clan is so ruthless, he even chased his own woman and child away.”

“Ruthlessness is the mark of a great man, only the small man settle for gentleness. A successful man will not mind this small matters.”

“I don’t have such ruthlessness, it seems like I can’t have a great success anymore.”

“With your strength, it is pointless to be ruthless. You will only die faster.”



Qing Shui heard the discussions vividly and he knew the news would spread very quickly. Once his Imperial Cuisine Hall gained popularity, the troubles would come soon. His grand opening today would not be so smooth.

Many people would come and congratulate on the grand opening of others, on the other hand, no one came to the grand opening of Qing Shui’s Imperial Cuisine Hall. Only two persons came to help.

Even the grand opening of a small shop would not be as quiet as this, as any ordinary man would have a few friends who came to give some supports. Yet, Qing Shui’s shop on this Yushang Street was almost deserted to an extreme state.

As the firecrackers were finished, the Imperial Cuisine Hall began its operation.

Lang Ci giggled awkwardly and looked at Qing Shui. There was no congratulatory atmosphere around. These bystanders would never step into the shop with the presence of Lady Lang inside. It would be like inviting troubles. Once the Lang Clan knew about it, they would have to bear all the consequences.

“Mr. Qing, why didn’t you invite me for your grand opening,” A soft and beautiful voice was heard. It was melodious and very enjoyable to hear.

The owner of Jade Fragrant Restaurant walked over in a dark green dress. Her figure was lean and curvy without the slightest flaw. The most prominent spot was her voluptuous chest and bottom, those two weapons made her waist slimmer visually.

She gave out an outstanding grace when she approached the clinic. Her aura was gentle, charming, and arrogant with a little feeble and lethargic sense.

There was no one who did not recognize the owner of Jade Fragrant Restaurant. This woman was very popular. Upon seeing her, the crowd immediately became minions and greeted her in a flattering way.

The woman nodded to the people around without a word, looking neutral.

“Hello, welcome!” Qing Shui smiled as he said it, but he was actually speechless. They were not even friends for the moment as he had not talked much to this woman when they had a meal in the Jade Fragrant Restaurant yesterday.

The woman brought two ladies along who held over an emerald pine tree to Qing Shui. After that, Lang Ci placed it by the doorstep.

Qing Shui invited the woman into the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Since Qing Shui knew that there would not be many customers, he only had very few tables and chairs.

“Mr. Qing, your Imperial Cuisine Hall doesn’t sound just like a clinic,” The woman asked with a smile.

As she smiled, she looked even more charming and flirtatious. In fact, her arrogance was also more prominent this way, it was lofty instead of snobbish. Therefore, it was not irritating, just like a kind of charisma.

“Besides treating illness, I also make some herbal dishes,” Qing Shui did not try to hide. It was unnecessary. Qing Shui was certain that she came to test the water instead of just congratulating him for the grand opening of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“Oh, there are herbal dishes, I wonder what else do you have, do I have the fortune to taste them?” The woman said happily.

Qing Shui nodded, “We have also steamed stuffed buns and long-live noodles. You are the guest today, I would satisfy all your needs.”

Qing Shui already prepared some foods beforehand. He stored some of them in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal since they would not spoiled there. Thus, Qing Shui took them out from the realm and served several hot foods from the inner room. Three crystal clear, jade steamed buns were placed in a white jade dish. There were a small bowl of long-live noodles and a tiger bone broth. The bowls and cutleries were made of superior bamboos.

The aroma from the Imperial Cuisine Hall made the people outside want to rush into the room. Yet, they held their steps once thinking of the Lang Clan.

“This aroma smells better than the Jade Fragrant Restaurant!”

“I don’t think so!”

“I guess it does, no, I can’t hold back anymore.”

“You have to hold back no matter what, think about the Lang Clan’s tricks!”



The woman was dumbfounded, she never expected that steamed stuffed buns could achieve this level of deliciousness. It was state-of-the-art, there was a fresh fragrance came from the steamy vapor. The woman knew that her Jade Fragrant Restaurant had lost in term of cooking just from its aromatic scent.

The woman held an emerald bun and had some small bites. She finished it very soon, then, she took another one…

Long-live noodles, tiger bone broth, they were all gone in a short while. She ate gracefully, but she was not slow by all means.

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